POTTER, Lily Luna.
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POTTER, Lily Luna. Li9olo10

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POTTER, Lily Luna.

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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by Lily L. Potter Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:12 am

POTTER, Lily Luna. Tumblr_m3u06zvcW51ro9rd0



    FULL NAME: Lily Luna Potter


    AGE: 17, based on James' posts. May 19th.

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter’s Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor

    CLASSES: DADA and internship, hopefully as an Auror.

    WAND: Aspen, keplie hair, 10 and 1/4 inches, swishy, good for offensive spells

    PLAY BY: Janet Devlin



    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5’4

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Lily is about average height, and thin. She is not weak, as she has leg and arm muscles from Quidditch, as well as a tight stomach, but her muscles are not necessarily defined. She is pale and has some freckles that dapple over her face and arms. She likes to stay very clean and cannot go a day without her daily shower.

    She has hair of a medium-to-long length. Her hair is typically curly and bushy, but she does straighten it and devoluminze it on occasion. Her hair is always shining red, but over the summer, it lightens due to sun exposure. During the winter months, the red returns richer and stronger than ever. She has shocking blue eyes, which started off green like her fathers and slowly changed to blue- apparently, a trait she inherited from her great-grandfather on her father's side. She has gentle features- a slightly pointed chin, smooth skin, and arched eyebrows.

    Her closet is mostly black. She does not like attention in her dress. She can usually be found wearing a tunic, leggings, and boots. She likes to put heavy eyeliner on and paint her nails black. At school, during down times, she is dressed in all black, in darker outfits. At home, she makes a conscious effort to dress much sunnier for appearance's sake.


    01. Deceptive.
    02. Hard-headed.
    03. Studious.
    04. Clever.
    05. Brash.
    06. Stubborn.
    07. One-sided.
    08. Insecure.
    09. Lonely.
    10. Isolated.
    11. Family-orientated.
    12. Loyal.
    13. Relatively fearless.
    14. Cold.
    15. Ambitious.
    16. Bold.
    17. Cautious.
    18. Musical.
    19. Dark.
    20. Efficient
    21. Defiant.
    22. Fighter.
    23. Mischevious.
    24. Dissatisfied.
    25. Hard-working.
    26. Independent.
    27. Mature.
    28. Guarded.
    29. Insomiac.
    30. Tense.

    01. DADA.
    02. Magical plants.
    03. Her family.
    04. Firewhiskey.
    05. Music.
    06. Anonymity.
    07. Duelling.
    08. The Light.
    09. Animals.
    10. Acoustic guitar.
    11. Isolation.
    12. Horses.
    13. Singing.
    14. Success.
    15. Christmas.

    01. Her surname.
    02. Her father’s fame.
    03. Most of her peers.
    04. Charms.
    05. Death Eaters.
    06. Slytherins.
    07. Questions.
    08. Nosy people.
    09. Tinny sounding words.
    10. Summer.
    11. Holes in her socks.
    12. Not wearing makeup.
    13. Flip flops.
    14. Her elbows- elbows freak her out.
    15. Watermelon.

    01. Graduate.
    02. Figure out what the hell she’s doing with her life.
    03. Continue to convince her brothers that she’s alright.
    04. Get married ASAP so as to change her surname.
    05. Become an Auror and kick ass.

    01. Elbows give her the creeps. If you stick your elbow in her face, she’ll freak out.
    02. She carries pictures of potential tattoos in her purse.
    03. She grabs her bottom lip and pulls it downward when she’s confused or stressed.
    04. She always has a muggle firemen calander.
    05. She knows all the stats of the Quidditch teams- thanks to her brothers.

    BOGGART: Becoming the defective Potter child- ugly, unathletic, unloved, unemployed, etcetera.

    PATRONUS: Lipizzaner horse – Ginny noticed her fixation with horses when she was young. When she turned seven, Ginny purchased her a little, old haflinger pony that stayed at a muggle ranch that held horses. She soon outgrew the little pony, but that day will never be forgotten.

    DEMENTOR: The death of her mother. Must it be explained more?

    VERITASERUM: The debacle with Thomas Gavin that took her virginity and confidence.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To move away, anywhere, and become completely anonymous.

    PERSONALITY: Lily is really talented at projecting the personality her brothers want her to have. At home, she is all smiles, constantly joking, participating in pranks, and being as helpful as possible. She can talk a mile a minute and is constantly begging for time at the stables with her horse. She and her brothers talk Quidditch and go to games; they go shopping together; they spend a lot of time visiting the other family. With Albus, Lily used to be much more comfortable. He had kept her company while James was in school, and had protected her when James graduated. Since he's graduated, he doesn't spend much time at home, bringing her closer to James, though they speak far less often about emotions. She often excuses herself to study, or simply discusses world events.

    At school, Lily is very different. She limits her interactions that are not necessary to be only with family members. She pretty much ignores and disregards the existence of everyone around her. She seems to have the pride she was accused of that got her into her current mess. However, she is very nervous around others. She is constantly certain that she is being judged. She prefers to appear professional and above the hub-bub of the school life. She keeps her head up and looks unphased. She works hard in classes and studies a lot. She tries her best to appear calm and pragmatic.

    Generally, though, she is loyal and protective of her family. She likes to joke when she can, but she usually weighs her options. She likes to think thoroughly before making decisions. Unfortunately, her stubborn, hot-headed nature does flare on occasion, and reason loses to impulse. She has an opinion on everything and, if you ask, she will state it without shame.


    FATHER: Harry Potter, deceased.

    MOTHER: Ginny Potter, nee Weasley, deceased.

    SIBLING(S): James S. Potter, 22
    Albus Severus Potter, 20.

    GRANDPARENTS: Arthur Weasley , grandfather
    Molly Weasley, nee Prewett , grandmother
    James Potter, deceased.
    Lily Potter, nee Evans, deceased.

    AUNTS AND UNCLES: Ronald Weasley.
    Hermione Weasley, nee Granger.
    George Weasley.
    Angelina Weasley, nee Johnson.
    Percy Weasley.
    Audrey Weasley, nee Stallone.
    Charlie Weasley, uncle.
    Melissa Weasley, nee Hains.
    Bill Weasley.
    Fleur Weasley, nee Delacour.

    COUSINS Rose Weasley.
    Hugo Weasley.
    Fred Weasley.
    Roxanne Weasley.
    Molly Weasley.
    Lucy Weasley.
    Sawyer Weasley.
    Casey Weasley.
    Victoria Weasley.
    Dominique Weasley.
    Louis Weasley.

    OTHER: Ted “Teddy” Remus Lupin, like a brother to her.
    Luna Scamander nee Lovegood and Rolf Scamader, godparents.
    Kreacher, Potter family’s house-elf

    BLOOD STATUS: halfblood

    RACE: human

    SOCIAL STATUS: wealthy

    Old haflinger pony named Toker, called Toe by everyone.
    A three year old Lipizanner named Capriccio, which goes by Cap.




    Early Years: Lily Luna Potter was born to a very loving, but very stressed household. She came at a bad time, for tensions in the wizarding world were growing stronger. Both of her parents were heavily involved and, as she had done many times before, Luna Lovegood came to Harry Potter's side to help. As Ginny was preparing for the pregnancy, Luna offered her services to assist Ginny while Harry battled evil. For this reason, Luna was made godmother and Lily inherited her godmother's name.

    Lily never had a strong relationship with her father, because he died when she was a year old- he was probably the only family member she had that could have comforted her by relation in this aspect, but he was the victim. (As a result, Teddy developed a fondness for Lily, as they both had lost a parent as infants.) Unfortunately, Lily's first word had been "Daddy" so for the few months surrounding Harry's death, the small sounds of "daddy" could be heard around the home.

    Lily grew up without a father figure because, even though they had an abundance of uncles, Ginny always insisted she was fine without help. Lily and Ginny were the only women in the house, and the boys were still too young to be the men of the house, though they tried. Lily grew close to her brothers, and began fostering a protective, jealous care for them that still lasts today. Lily hates to see her brothers having social lives extending beyond her.

    She had always expressed an interest in horses, and Uncle Charlie was the one who had suggested Ginny do something for her youngest during the period that her brothers were beginning to transition over to living and experiencing Hogwarts. With Charlie's help, Ginny purchased Lily a small haflinger pony, that was to be kept at some local stables where Lily could visit, groom, and ride her horse. She was seven.

    Soon, her brothers were off to Hogwarts, leaving Lily and Ginny alone. Lily did have school, but her mother was often forgetful, and Lily caught Ginny many times grieving over her husband. Lily spent less and less time at home, often wandering off on her own and spending hours upon hours at the stables that housed her pony. It was one of these times that she decided not to go home. At ten, she snuck into the stables and slept in Toe's stall. Her mother, frantic, called a search for her daughter. It was Luna who found her- she had a suspicion that Lily would stay with the pony she always yammered on about.

    At home, Ginny and Lily had a terrible row. Lily accused her mother of being weak, a liar, and a fake. Ginny, in her fit, accidentally shouted something to the affect of "How would you like losing your husband and winding up with a daughter who can't stand you?" Lily took this as "I'd rather you had died than your father." At ten years old, she wasn't very rational. Lily asked her godmother if she could stay at her home. This lasted about three days before Ginny convinced her to return. The two had a tearful discussion, and all seemed mended. Still, Ginny was guilty enough to allot money into her will for Lily to purchase a real horse when she was old enough.

    Her eleventh birthday came and all of the preparations were made. Lily was relieved to get out of her home environment and explore Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: Lily was hoping for Ravenclaw. She knew her namesake was very intelligent, as well as her godmother, and she hoped to emulate them. She had always been a bit over rational- she loved correcting her sibling's grammar and inserting facts into conversation. She was a bit dismayed, for the Sorting Hat barely touched her head before it shouted "GRYFFINDOR!" And Lily did something very unprecedented.

    "Excuse me, could you try again? It's hard to believe it could make such an important decision so quickly."

    Albus, at the very least, was mortified. The stunned professor did lower the Hat over her ears again, and she and the hat argued. She pointed to her intelligence, and he insisted that the display she had just performed before the whole school proved he was correct. He then added "Besides. Your father was a Gryffindor."

    She became a Gryffindor. Unfortunately, her little act before the whole school did have some consequences. As a first year, she was not accepted fully by her House, even as the daughter of THE Harry Potter. They assumed she was a spoiled brat who liked to be on show, and they either ignored her, or looked down on her. The other houses took it as a big joke, and she was often called The Girl Who Objected.

    It was in her second year that she was told of the death of her mother. Obviously, it rocked her to her core, especially considering that the past few years had been marked by trouble between the mother and daughter. This now left her as an orphan- which, again, strengthened the bond between herself and Teddy Lupin. Luna offered for Lily to live with her, but James was intent on keeping the family together. Luna was gracious, and she often sent care packages to the family- holding everything from food to toothpaste to Nargle repellent.

    Sympathy was gained from people who had been bullying her the year before. Lily rejected and spurned it all, causing more suspicions of her being a fame-obsessed spoiled girl who liked the attention she was getting- attention which she only wished would disappear. The harder she tried to get it away from her, the stronger it returned.

    In her third year she tried out as Chaser on the Quidditch Team but was not taken on. Some said she had done well and the Captain had been biased, others said she had done terribly. Either way, she shamed the Potter name. Neither of her parents, nor her brothers, had ever failed to get on the team. She joined the Wizarding Chess Club and ended up getting third in the tournament at the end of the year- impressive, for a third year.

    In fourth year, she made the team and made a friend named Thomas Gavin, who also played Chaser, but as a Slytherin. Tommy was kind to her, in a way no one besides her own family had been since she had joined Hogwarts. He soon transitioned from friend to boyfriend, and it then became clear what one thing he was after. Naive and insecure, Lily gave it to him. He broke up with her afterwards, and rumors circled amongst the Quidditch crowd. James was out of school, but Albus was still around. He may or may have not broken Tommy's nose (he did) but only for spreading rumors about his sister. He assumed them to be false.

    The taunts were cruel. Not only were the usual synonyms for 'whore' used, but girls called her fat, ugly, etcetera. At fourteen years old, close to fifteen, Lily became bulimic. It didn't last long. In the summer leading up to her fifth year, her confidante Teddy found her in the act. He told no one but made her swear against doing it. He also convinced James to use the money Ginny had allotted for a horse for Lily right then. A grand Lipizzaner named Capriccio was purchased, and Lily began taking lessons for riding the trick horse. She was a natural.

    She toughened up in fifth year. She was stronger now, and she only admitted family into her close circle of friends. She focused on her studies and became a great force to be reckoned with. She proved why she had been fit to be a Ravenclaw as she had wanted. She was soon top of her class.

    Her OWL scores read:

    Transfiguration - O
    Herbology - O
    Defence Against the Dark Arts - O
    Study of Ancient Runes - O
    Charms - A
    Potions - O
    Care of Magical Creatures - O
    Arithmancy - O
    History of Magic - E
    Muggle Studies - O

    It was a sudden upswing of grades, and they continued to improve from there. Focusing on her studies enabled Lily to put her bulimic urges behind her, as well as distract herself from any stray bullies. Especially after Albus left, leaving her the last Potter standing.

    As a seventh year, her eyes are looking forward- to graduation, to escape. She anticipates the day she can get out and do something in the world.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles.

    RP EXPERIENCE: DIS MANY! -holds up pinkies-

    HOW YOU FOUND US: You were in a cardboard box.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack, Sawyer Milo, Sofie, Naomi, Ellie, Franki, and Teddy. Wilbur is on hold.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To expand the Potter empire, add to Potter's Army ranks.


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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by James S. Potter Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:34 pm

How can you hate watermelon?! Ah, my sister is finicky. Laughing

Can't wait!
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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by Lily L. Potter Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:20 pm

Watermelon and I have always have a love/hate relationship. I gave Lily the hate part. XD

She is completed!
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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by James S. Potter Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:08 pm

Was it coincidence that her pony has the same name as my owl? or was that an accident? Cause if that wasn't planned....we really are brain twins.
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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:24 am

We must be brain twins. or I just got that in my head after reading James' app 379953136843 times to help with hers. i'll edit it later.
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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by James S. Potter Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:29 am

lmao, you don't need to edit it. It just surprised me. I thought that maybe you had read the Animorphs series as well, and Tobias was your favorite character. That's where I got the name from.
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James S. Potter

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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by Lily L. Potter Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:07 am

It's okay. Let's get more names to remember. xD I haven't read those unfortunately.
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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by Darren Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:14 am

Wow! A Potter and a student. I feel so happy.
I should probably bring Albus back.. or I could let someone more active do that :/

Anyway, accepted.

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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by Lily L. Potter Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:15 am

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POTTER, Lily Luna. Empty Re: POTTER, Lily Luna.

Post by James S. Potter Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:17 am

Definitely! I wish I would have known that someone owned Albus, though, cause we were NPCing him in our thread. Sorry!! I didn't know, cause his name wasn't crossed out in the canon thread! D:
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