CRAWFORD-ROSS, Malmuira Beitris
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CRAWFORD-ROSS, Malmuira Beitris

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CRAWFORD-ROSS, Malmuira Beitris Empty CRAWFORD-ROSS, Malmuira Beitris

Post by Malmuira "Moira" Crawford Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:33 am

CRAWFORD-ROSS, Malmuira Beitris Isla%20Fisher



    FULL NAME: Malmuira Beitris Crawford-Ross

    NICKNAMES: Moira

    AGE: Thirty

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

  • James Blood
  • The Blood Pack
  • The Crawford Family
  • The Ross Family

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: --

    WAND: 11 ¾ inch, Blackwood, basilisk fang core, rigid.


    HAIR COLOUR: Fiery Red

    EYE COLOUR: Green-Blue


    BODY BUILD: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Malmuira is a slender woman with a lot of curves. She has a thin waist and wide hips giving her an hourglass figure that she is rightfully proud of. Her hair is a fiery red that makes her stand out in a crowd. She is a rather seductive woman, knowing how to use her body and looks to her advantage to get whatever she wants. Malmuira tends to wear clothing that exposes a bit too much around her chest and legs, but no one really seems to mind it. She likes to wear dark colors and almost never has her hair tied up, she likes to leave it flowing over her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes are a green-blue color that depending on the light she is in, also seem to change to a blood red color.

    PLAY BY: Isla Fisher


    001. Seductive
    002. Cunning
    003. Manipulative
    004. Loyal
    005. Intelligent
    006. Fast
    007. Lying
    008. Charismatic
    009. Stamina
    010. Intimidating

    011. Antisocial
    012. Claustrophobic
    013. Cannot transform properly when it is not a full moon
    014. Over calculates
    015. Impatient
    016. Little tolerance
    017. Nasty temper
    018. Sharp tongue
    019. Merciless
    020. Too loyal to James Blood - She could seem rather foolish in her complete loyalty to James, and would most likely be lost without him for a while.

    001. Blood
    002. Raw or rare meat
    003. Winning
    004. Being alone
    005. James Blood
    006. Werewolves
    007. Seeing fear in humans
    008. Night
    009. The moon
    010. Chases - chasing down a victim who is running from her

    011. Losing
    012. Morning sunshine
    013. Vampires
    014. Humans
    015. Letting victims escape
    016. Muggles
    017. Anyone who gets in her way
    018. Those against the pack
    019. Bright lights
    020. Small spaces

    001. Eliminate all those who oppose her, James and the pack
    002. Turn as many people as she can for the pack
    003. Kill all inferior human beings

    001. Often files/sharpens nails
    002. Scratches head when nervous
    003. Cracks neck and knuckles for no reason

    BOGGART: Losing James’ trust

    PATRONUS: The day she was turned into a Werewolf
    - She finally saw how useful being something other than a human was. How much stronger a Werewolf was and how much smarter they were. She also realized how stupid and inferior humans were compared to them.

    DEMENTOR: The day she found out her best friend was in a coma in St. Mungo’s

    001. She hates and feels stupid that she was so afraid of being turned into a wolf.
    002. Since she was turned she’s taken an extra particular liking to James but she refuses to say anything about it.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Dominating the Wizarding World alongside James.

    PERSONALITY: Malmuira has a type of personality that would cause her to clash with a lot of people. She hates losing and hates when people get in her way. She can be very stubborn and determined when it comes to getting what she wants, meaning she isn’t afraid to do whatever she needs to in order to get whatever it is that she wants. In many ways her personality would clash with that of James, but her loyalty to him causes her to be like a domesticated puppy around him. She is willing to do whatever he says whenever he says it. He is the only person she will ever be like that with.

    The woman is normally cold and commanding toward anyone else, especially anyone who tries to make themselves cozy with James. She is his right-hand man, or woman in her case, and she gets very defensive about that position when someone else tries to get close to him. There have been a few other females who have tried to take her place but she fights with everything she has to defend it and has managed to keep it for a long time.

    She wasn’t like this until she lost her best friend though. Before that she was a happy and bubbly person who didn’t exactly understand the dangers of the outside world, even if she was of age at seventeen. She was too gullible for her own good.


    FATHER: Theodore Alan Crawford | Fifty-Two | Pureblood | Ravenclaw Graduate | Death Eater

    MOTHER: Esther Nicole Crawford [nee Ross] | Fifty-Five | Halfblood | Durmstrang Graduate | Death Eater sympathizer

    SIBLING/S: Melissa Janice Anderson [nee Crawford-Ross] | Twenty-Three | Younger sister | Married | Neutral

    OTHER: James Blood | Werewolf | Forty-Two | Creator
    Gwendolyn Natalie Lackter | Deceased | Would be Thirty | Best Friend | Ex-Slytherin

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

    RACE: Werewolf

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper Middle Class




    Early Years: Malmuira Beitris Crawford-Ross was born to Theodore and Esther Crawford on October 4, 1995. She was a healthy and happy baby since the day she was born and she was raised with a lot of love and care. Maybe a little bit too much. She was the Crawford couple’s first born child and therefore she was a great joy to her parents who had been trying for a few years to become parents. She was a spoiled child and usually got anything she wanted, unless it was out of her parent’s budget which it hardly ever was.

    The girl had a rather happy and laid back childhood. It seemed like she was going to be the only child of the Crawford couple until she found out her mother was pregnant again when she was eight years old. The girl felt an odd mixture of emotions toward her new sibling that was growing within her mother. She felt like when the baby was born she could take away attention from her and she would be practically forgotten. Her parents assured her that would not be the case.

    Nine months later, when Melissa Janice was born, Moira couldn’t help but feel excited that she was no longer an only child. She was still scared, of course, that she might take all the attention for herself but she couldn’t help the feeling she was experiencing. Like her parents assured her, no attention was taken away from her, she merely shared the attention with her sister. Moira looked out for her sister for the remainder of the three years she was still at home before she received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Hogwarts Years: At Hogwarts the girl felt a bit out of place at first. She felt as though she would be deemed non-magical and would be made to leave the school’s grounds. Her nervousness wasn’t soothed at all when the Sorting Hat couldn’t decide on where to place her. She had qualities of a Ravenclaw but she also had qualities of a Slytherin. Gryffindor was also a bit iffy for her, but it was certain that she did not belong in Hufflepuff. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting for the hat to make a decision, it finally called out Ravenclaw to become her new home for the next seven years. When she arrived with the rest of the Ravenclaws, she immediately felt like the hat had made a mistake in where it sorted her. She didn’t feel like a Ravenclaw, those who were supposed to be the smartest of the smart. She thought she would have fit in more in Slytherin, they seemed to have more in common with her than any of her housemates did. However, as the year passed, she gradually became accustomed to life as a Ravenclaw though she didn’t hang around them much. Most of her friends were Slytherins.

    During her second year, not much happened. Moira became close to a girl by the name of Gwendolyn Lackter, whom she called Gwenny affectionately. Gwen was the oddest Slytherin she had ever met. The girl seemed too timid to be a Slytherin, but that was only when you didn’t know her. Once she showed who she really was, it became clear why she was a Slytherin. The girl was ambitious and loved tradition. Malmuira instantly liked the girl when she found out how she was in reality under that timid, scared facade she always played. The two became best friends, partners in crime, quickly and they spent most of their time together.

    In her third year, Moira continued to mostly hang out with Gwen and around that time the two girls began to take interest in boys. Gwen was the one boys mostly went for because she seemed innocent, shy and timid. That didn’t mean Moira didn’t get any boys after her though. Even at thirteen she was starting to show some development in her chest area and it seemed that was what the boys liked. Moira and Gwen liked to mess around with the boys and tease them, though they didn’t exactly understand what it was they were doing, but they never took any of them seriously, since they didn’t want boyfriends.

    In her fourth year, Moira got her first crush and things got a bit out of hand between her and Gwen. They had been assigned a potions project and one of them had each been given a part to do. Gwen did the practical part, creating the potion, since she was better at it and Moira did the essay part since she was better at those. Everything seemed to be going well, the two girls appeared to be going their work. Then on the day of their presentation, it turned out Gwen had not finished her part of the project. Instead she had been hanging out with a boy - the same one who Malmuira had a secret crush on, that Gwen knew about. She refused to speak to her for a few months before they made up just before the end of school.

    Fifth year, the two were best friends again and they were finally invested in getting boyfriends. The two of them had matured quite a bit during the summer and they began to understand how to use their bodies to get boys. It didn’t work out most of the time, especially for Gwen who even though she had matured, she hadn’t matured as much as Moira. That year was busy for them. Between the getting boyfriends bit, that was a second priority, they also had their O.W.L’s coming and they needed to study for that. As the exams approached, Moira decided to leave the boy hunting for another time so she could get passing grades on the exams - which she did. Malmuira received mostly Outstandings and Exceeds Expectations, among a few Acceptables.

    During her sixth year, Moira finally got her first boyfriend. She was integrated into his group of friends and seemed to start to forget about Gwen, who started feeling abandoned by her best friend. She tried to make new friends but no one else was the same as Moira. Near the end of the year, Moira began to wonder what had happened to Gwen, when she finally realized that the girl had stopped hanging around her and she decided to find her. To her surprise, when she asked another one of her friends they told her that Gwen was in St. Mungo’s. She had been attacked by some sort of creature, many people told her it had been a Werewolf that attacked her, and she had fallen into a coma. She’d been like that for a couple of weeks, and Moira hadn’t known about it at all. She felt so guilty for not knowing about it, and for leaving her friend all alone.

    Her last year at Hogwarts wasn’t the best one. It started with a break-up, Malmuira hadn’t been able to handle a relationship any longer with what had happened to Gwen. She was still in the same condition apparently, then a few months later in January of 2011, she was told that Gwen had taken a turn for the worst and she ended up dying a few weeks later. After that it was like Moira wasn’t there. She slowly retreated into herself as she seemed to sink into a deep depression, but she managed to pull through it somehow. At least long enough to pass her N.E.W.T’s with barely passing marks. She graduated later that year.

    Adulthood: After her graduation, Moira didn’t exactly know what to do with herself. She tried getting a job many times, but she couldn’t keep one as her mind often wandered off to think about Gwen and how she could have perhaps prevented what happened to her. If only she’d been around her more, maybe her best friend would still be there with her. She eventually decided to become an arithmancer as it was something she was good at, but never showed much interest in. It was her last option and it helped keep her mind off of Gwen’s memory.

    A couple of years later when she was nineteen almost twenty something happened that changed her life forever. She was walking down a path as she was going home, a shortcut she’d taken many times before, when she was attacked. She hadn’t known that it was a full moon and she hadn’t been able to defend herself well either. She had been too frightened as the memory of Gwen came back since everyone thought it was a Werewolf that had attacked her. Moira quickly submitted to the wolf after a short chase and she lost consciousness as soon as she felt something sharp pierce her skin.

    When she woke up, she thought she had died until someone spoke to her. The person who had attacked her had decided to keep her around. Maybe he saw something in her that he thought was interesting? She joined his pack and became the dominant female in it, and her creator’s right-hand… woman. She swore her undying loyalty to him and he showed her how inferior humans were to Werewolves, where she began to believe that it was Gwen’s fault that she had died if a Werewolf really had attacked her.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Hit/Kim

    RP EXPERIENCE: I was born in this

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here. See? My house is right there. *points to random house that popped out of nowhere*


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: The dominant female wolf in the rogue wolf pack


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CRAWFORD-ROSS, Malmuira Beitris Empty Re: CRAWFORD-ROSS, Malmuira Beitris

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:15 am

oooh. james will like her, I think. nice!

accepted and sorted to grads
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