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PARKER, Jackson

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PARKER, Jackson  Empty PARKER, Jackson

Post by Guest Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:54 pm

PARKER, Jackson  Lucas_grabeel_has_all_answer_1_xlarge



    Jackson Teddy Parker 



    Potters Army 
    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry 

    Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw 

    NEWT Charms
    NEWT Herbology
    NEWT History of Magic
    NEWT Potions

    Willow, Unicorn Tail hair Core, 12.5 inches, slightly springy. 

    PLAY BY: 
    Lucas Grabeel





    Jackson is of average height and has pale skin. His hair is light, fine and fair and is of medium length. He usually just let's it sit how it wants to and it can easily get blown into a messy state by the wind. 
    He has a thin build and is slightly self conscious about this when he thinks about it although usually doesn't. 


    + Intelligent. Jackson is a smart boy who achieved a mix of Outstandings and Exceeds Expectations in his OWL's. Although he has a good amount of natural intelligence he needs to work hard and put the effort in to keep his grades up. 
    + Fast Thinking. Jackson can think on his feet and the 'fight' tends to overshadow the 'flight'. Despite that he rarely gets in to duels unless there is no other way. 
    + Empathy. Jackson is kind and nurturing and can easily put himself into other peoples shoes and understand how they feel and can make them feel much better about a situation. 
    + Kind. Jackson is uncommonly kind and will always put the means of others in front of his own, in addition he will go out of his way to please people. 
    + Potions. Jackson is a considerably good brewer and will be happy to brew up any necessary concoctions that Potters Army may need. On top of this his strong knowledge of Herbology goes hand in hand with this. 
    + Loyalty. This shines through his Potters Army work. Jackson will, despite being honest, lie and cover up for his friends, family, PA and those who need it! 
    + Organised. Jackson is highly organised and knows how to manage his time well, furthermore he likes to organise people and had tendencies to be tidy and clean.
    - Kindness. Despite being a strength it is also a weakness because he will risk and do things that could potential put him in a bad position for other people, just out of the goodness of his heart. He will cover up for his friends and if push came to shove put his own school work aise, which is why he is a Hufflepuff over Ravenclaw.
    - Easily Manipulated. Although he knows when people are taking advantage he doesn't show that he is aware and continues to do what they please because he knows that some people aren't as hardworking, kind or honest as him. It is something he simply has come to accept.
    - Doesn't stand up for himself. As a result Jackson can easily be bullied and takes any negativity thrown his way.
    - Dueling. Being skilled in the areas of jinxes and hexes isn't where Jackson's expertese lies. He isn't a big fan of duelling and believes things can be resolved in other ways so usually avoids it altogether. Plus his hand eye coordination, and lack of athletic ability doesn't help much.
    - Magical creatures. Jackson is not the best when it comes to caring for animals or dealing with them at all because he doesn't take the subject at Hogwarts and doesn't like to get dirty or messy, and working with magical creatures most often results in this. Although he does have a pet screech owl: Avery. On the contrary Jackson enjoys learning about half breeds and goblins, ghosts etc.

    + Organising.
    + Books & learning.
    + Teaching others.
    + Friendship.
    + Staying in bed late.
    + Winter & Being cosy.
    + Potions & Herbology
    + Charms.
    + Hogwarts.
    + History - especially goblins.
    + Laughing.
    + Supporting for equality.
    + Wizard Chess.
    + Eating healthy. 
    + Travelling & meeting new people.. 
    - Dark Magic.  
    - Inferi & Dementors. 
    - Duelling. 
    - Being called selfish.
    - The Corupt Ministry. 
    - Alcohol and Drugs.   
    - Cheats & Frauds. 
    - Cats (Allergic). 
    - Hospitals.
    - Injustice.
    - Dangerous creatures.
    - Prejudism.
    - Floo Travel. 

    To achieve good grades in his NEWT's.
    To form strong friendships for life.
    To become a Hogwarts Professor. 

    Jackson finds brewing potions is somewhat relaxing and therapeutic. 
    He also looks down when he thinks about things. 
    Furthermore he tends to straighten things and tidy up around him. 

    Takes the form of an inferi because the idea of a dead body doing a dark wizards bidding scares him. 

    At the moment he can not produce a corporeal patronus simply a shield form. The memory used is when he first saw Hogwarts castle, sailing across the Black Lake. 

    His worst memory is when he once arrived at his cousins house with his Mum and found his auntie lying on the floor having overdosed on drugs, which is why he dislikes drugs and alcohol. 

    He does not know what his sexuality is. 

    Will see himself working at Hogwarts.

    Jackson is a tidy, organised boy who works extremely hard to achieve the grades he gets, even though he is a smart boy. Jackson also can think of his feet but not all the time, he prefers taking time to work out a puzzle or situation and make sure it's the right decision. Jackson dislikes dark magic and is a firm supporter of the anti-dark arts and equal opportunity, which is why he is a member of Potters Army. He is loyal, honest and will stand up for others and puts others before himself. Jackson is someone who his peers can turn to for advice on pretty much anything. He is trustworthy, comforting and loves to help others feel better, even if it's something big or small.


    Richard Parker - Muggle - Postman. 

    Adept Parker - Muggleborn - Muggle relations. 

    None - Only Child 

    His Mother is an only child.
    His Father has a sister named Meredith who was married to Derek.
    His cousins are called April, Alex & Christina. 

    Half Blood


    Worker to Middle Class 

    Screech Owl named Avery. 



    Early Years:
    Jackson had a fairly happy childhood. He attended muggle school at the wishes of his Father even though he showed magical ability at such a young age, such as making objects move closer to him, causing books to turn to the right page and making drinks taste nicer.
    However the summer before Hogwarts when he went to visit his younger cousins his Mum and he found their auntie conked out on the floor due to drug overdose because she couldn't deal with the death of her husband because of his death in a car crash. 
    As a result she was admitted to rehab and later mental asylum meaning that his cousins are in the care of his parents. 

    Hogwarts Years: 
    When Jackson received his letter it took him out of the sadness from seeing his auntie almost dead. It made him the bright, happy boy he once was and so delved right into Hogwarts life. Jackson joined the wizards chess club, choir and study groups whilst helping others in his house. In his fifth year he joined Potters Army and has never looked back, he loves the friendship that holds the group together and finds it a good way to relax from his hard work. 
    He has made a fair number of friends and is loyal to them, although he doesn't have named enemies there are those who Jackson is wary of and stays away from - usually the students of Slytherin house. 
    Jackson is now entering the sixth year of Hogwarts and is exceited to study his four favourite subjects: potions, herbology, charms and history of magic. Along with making new friends on the way.



    Bertie Nogard
    Hallie Cooper
    Romeo Zabini
    Mavis Oakes - dropped
    Charlotte Topez - Soon to be deceased/dropped

    I recently had time off role-playing and in that time Jackson kept forming in my head and I fell in love with the character and would love to role-play with him so much!! 

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PARKER, Jackson  Empty Re: PARKER, Jackson

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:25 pm

Hey RJ,

Jackson is a good mix of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I'm leaning toward Hufflepuff though. Is that what you were going for?

Let me know.


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Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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PARKER, Jackson  Empty Re: PARKER, Jackson

Post by Guest Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:32 pm

Hi Amy,

Yes it was, I wanted him to have some Ravenclaw traits in him but the Hufflepuff traits are what define him more. Smile

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PARKER, Jackson  Empty Re: PARKER, Jackson

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:35 pm

Hit not Amy cx and Alrighty!

Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff!
Anabelle Mulciber
Anabelle Mulciber
Sixth Year Gryffindor
Sixth Year Gryffindor

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PARKER, Jackson  Empty Re: PARKER, Jackson

Post by Guest Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:09 pm

Sorry! omg I don't even know why I did that?! I think it was the admin blue colour o_O
My bad haha and thanks Hit!

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PARKER, Jackson  Empty Re: PARKER, Jackson

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:43 pm

You are always on my minnnnndddd...
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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