PARKER, Rosanna
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PARKER, Rosanna

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PARKER, Rosanna Empty PARKER, Rosanna

Post by Rosanna Parker Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:36 am

PARKER, Rosanna 6a00e54ecca8b98833016761d636bb970b-650wi Rosanna Geraldine Parker


NICKNAMES/ALIAS: Ros, Rosanna, Madame Parker

AGE: 26



WAND: Vine, Unicorn Core, Slightly Flexible, 11.5 inches.
Vine: " Vine wands are among the less common types, and I have been intrigued to notice that their owners are nearly always those witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose, who have a vision beyond the ordinary and who frequently astound those who think they know them best. Vine wands seem strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depths, and I have found them more sensitive than any other when it comes to instantly detecting a prospective match."

PLAY BY: Lana Del Rey


Rosanna has long dark brown flowing locks that have an auburn shimmer during the summer period. She tends to wear her hair down across one shoulder, which although takes time to capture the sleekness Rosanna prefers the understated beauty appeal of her hairstyle. Her eyes are almond shape and although have no shimmer about them they are certainly not hazy and dead pan, instead they hold mystery and give the effect as though she is always in thought, as though there is an epiphany about to escape.  Her lips are reasonably large and sag slightly at the corners, which means when Rosanna is completely relax she can often look sad when in reality she's completely content and at ease with herself.  Preferring tighter fitting robes and clothing Rosanna tends to go for a vintage fashion and often browsing Muggle vintage stores and charity shops to buy interesting an unique finds.  Overall her physique is naturally slim.


Rosanna is curious and open minded. She likes to search for new possibilities and explores her creativity when approaching problems by thinking outside of the box, making her an interesting player to have on a team or when working on a project. This curiosity has also fuelled her wisdom and this, combined with her life experience and being somewhat of an observer rather than a doer, has allowed her garner a wide range of perspectives when forming her own.
In addition to her curiosity Rosanna is wonderfully mannered and sweet. She was raised to be respectful and, despite appearing cold to some people upon first meeting, further conversation with Rosanna will confirm that she is polite, friendly and not judgement at all, instead reserving her judgement for occurrences and phenomena rather than for people whom she may not know.
Her ability to remain calm in stressful situations is another positive trait of hers for she can handle pressure and isn't one to crumble when the going gets tough. One could argue that this makes her resilient but in order to be resilient one needs to feel the tension, the strain and that is something Rosanna doesn't feel as she simply brushes it from her and keeps her poise.
As previously mentioned Rosanna is an observer and more in her head, which means in practice Rosanna's skills don't quite match up to the theoretical side of things. She's a wonderful strategist and can really capture hidden meanings form her surroundings but when asked to duel, fly a broomstick or deal with magical creatures Rosanna is quick to ask for help, something she isn't afraid to do. In spite of that she does have a knack for potions.
Moreover Rosanna's tranquil composure and introvertedness can often be mistaken for being cold, meaning that people can sometimes find it hard to open up and relate to her, instead brushing her off as an acquaintance rather than a friend. She's respected for her mind, her creative vision but not so much her personality, which is a shame because given the chance Rosanna makes a faithful friend.
She sees the world as very grey. Although one could argue this level of open mindedness is good, it can sometimes serve as a disadvantage to Rosanna. She can emapthise and feel compassion for criminals and people who are usually shunned by society, she may disagree with a political statement or motive but her justification of such activity as a way for her to understand and stretch her perspective can sometimes appear to others that she is advocating for that, making Rosanna a somewhat misunderstood person.

+ Rosanna enjoys having time to herself and allowing her thoughts to flourish. This is why she often takes long strolls and browsing the stores in Diagon Alley, to escape and explore the imagination and her delve into her own thoughts.
+ Rosanna is a rather artistic person and enjoys arts and crafts, from painting to making hand-made birthday cards whilst also having a love for the piano.
+ It didn't take the sorting hat long to place Rosanna and her love for theoretical books and learning about various kinds of magic and places only supports the sorting hats decision to place her into Ravenclaw.
+ Although Rosanna doesn't have much of a sweet tooth she does have a love for soft ice creams and other creamy desserts such as chocolate eclairs and cheesecake.  
+ Attending political debates is somewhat of a hobby for Rosanna. She isn't usually the one to debate, instead she prefers to spectate and gather various perspectives on things to broaden her own.
+ Purchasing vintage clothing and browsing charity stores in affluent neighbourhoods is another pastime for Rosanna.
+ Although not one for fancy meals Rosanna is a romantic and finds romance in situations that doesn't bring money and materialism into the picture, such as tranquil strolls through villages and smoking the night away in a bedroom with a slightly open window whilst listening to Celestina Warbeck.
- Magical creatures are wonderful from afar and Rosanna can be bored to happiness by watching how they behave but having to personally deal with animals is a bit of a problem for the Ravenclaw graduate.
- Standardised goods. This may sound difficult to believe given the fact that Rosanna owns her own store, but her store is involved in beautification products and customising things to suit the customers needs.  Mass produced artefacts and clothing is something of a turn off for Rosanna, which is why she shops in vintage and charity stores.
- London. Once again something of a somewhat contradiction owing to the fact Rosanna lives in Diagon Alley, the busiest street in wizarding Britain, beyond the door of the Leaky Cauldron is a no go area for Rosanna. She spends a lot of her time in Diagon Alley, the last place she'd want to visit is central London.
- Not being much of a flier Rosanna has no interest in sport culture and Quidditch. It's a form of competition she simply doesn't understand, nor finds interesting to watch.
- Rain. The one weather condition Rosanna is not a fan of. She enjoys tanning on the roof terrace in the summer, wading through snow during the winter and adores a cool breeze filtering through her hair but rain is the one thing she detests.
- Growing up Rosanna was surrounded by a lot of violence, both from her angry Father to her boisterous brothers who were the town troublemakers. As a result Ros doesn't like violence, be in verbally, physically or magically for it reminds her of a violent childhood she enjoys to forget.
- Being around sick people, people with diseases and anything bodily-fluid related just makes Rosanna feel ill herself, making St Mungo's another no-go place after London.

To continue to remain content and find happiness for herself.
To find love and unwavering friendship where people accept her for who she is.
For her beauty salon to remain open and take off to the extent that she no longer needs to financially worry.


FATHER: Daniel Parker, Deceased.

MOTHER: Elisabeth Jones, Age 52.

SIBLING/S: Warren Parker, Age 30 & Andrew Parker, Age 32

OTHER: Thomas Scott, Age 29. - Ex Husband.


SOCIAL STATUS: Working-Middle Class


Born the youngest of three siblings Rosanna always felt overshadowed, overlooked and forgotten growing up, especially as her brothers were so loud, outgoing and reckless. Their troubling antics from getting involved in childhood gangs and expressing anti-social behaviour made Rosanna the polar opposite. She was aware of the consequences, could see that their activities were wrong, hurtful and full of spite and drenched in neglect. They were cries for help and Rosanna understood why. She had her own issues. When she was seven years old her Father's brother died, murdered by death eaters. The grief ate him alive, he became hostile, nothing was ever good enough for him. He would throw his food across the dining room in rage if Elisabeth hadn't cooked it well enough. Rosanna soon found herself being raised in a hostile environment which is one of the reasons why she is somewhat reserved and considered distant, a seeker of tranquillity. There's something so beautiful in simply being, simply feeling at peace because that is something she rarely felt as a child. And it didn't help that her brothers were making life stressful for their Mother whose sole attention went towards controlling her sons and pleasing her husband.

When Rosanna received her letter for Hogwarts she couldn't be more excited and was eager to mix with children of her own age, to find people like her who preferred to paint or read a book than throw bricks through the neighbours garden shed as her brothers did. However there was just one thing that was holding her back from attending: Her Father. The anger had passed but instead sadness remained and the summer before she was due to go to Hogwarts Rosanna discovered why her uncles death had had such a toiling effect on her Father. They were estranged. Her Father found out that his brother was a death eater and refused to help him leave the faction, which ultimately led to her uncles betrayal and then his murder. Unlike her Father Rosanna saw the situation from a more open minded perspective. To her it sounded as though her Uncle had felt remorse, seen the error of his ways and was seeking help, it wasn't her Fathers fault that he was dead, ultimately the choice to meddle with the death eaters was her uncles decision, but nonetheless he wasn't all bad.
Upon starting Hogwarts Rosanna was sorted into Ravenclaw, unlike her brothers (Slytherin) and there she found home for the first time. A place where there were people as open minded as her, keen to explore the realms of knowledge and creativity. Rosanna became reasonably well known for her knowledge and potion making skills but didn't have many friends. People didn't completely open up to her, they misunderstood her reasoning and ability to understand both good and bad, they found her intriguing yet held caution. It probably didn't help that both her brothers had developed a reputation for walking on the wild side and lovers of the dark arts. Sadly Rosanna was the one to feel the grunt of this for they had their own circle and felt satisfied with being a little feared.
During her later years at Hogwarts Rosanna began to date Thomas Scott, a Hufflepuff who she met during choir practice. It was Thomas who taught her how to play the piano and really saw  the beauty behind the family struggles, taking her strengths for what they were rather than weaknesses to hold her back. Thomas opened Rosanna up, made her more social and approachable, healing her reputation.

After graduation Scott proposed to Rosanna and the two eventually married a couple of years later once they had moved to Diagon Alley where they lived in a flat above Madame Malkins Robes for all occasions. With excellent grades Rosanna found no problem in securing a job at the ministry of magic working in the department of magical transportation. It wasn't her dream job, in fact she kind of disliked her work but it paid the bills and allowed Thomas the time to do extra study and find out what his passion truly was for he hadn't performed so well in his NEWTs. One evening Thomas announced that he wanted to open his own business. He was good with numbers, he knew how to manage people well and it only seemed fitting to run a business. The problem was the start up costs of owning his own business and Rosanna wasn't earning enough to help with this. Rosanna, however, was beginning to feel the burden of working extra hours whilst her husband worked part time at The Leaky Cauldron and not earning enough to help towards the up keeping of their house.  Rosanna suggested career opportunities for her husband such as becoming a travel writer, an inventor, being a pianist a restaurant for he was gifted at piano, but all of them he rejected and soon tension began to break out in their relationship as Thomas was tired of hearing the same old suggestions and complaints from his wife.
After three years of marriage, at the age of twenty five, Thomas announced that he was filing for divorce, something that crushed Rosanna and made her question what all her efforts had been for. She'd persevered working for the Ministry, gave up chasing her own dreams of developing a range of beautification potions and products in return for a risk-free job that guaranteed a set salary that would enable their family to stay afloat.  If that wasn't bad enough one week later Rosanna discovered that her Father had died of a heart attack upon discovered the news that her brothers had joined ranks with the death eaters. Four months later, in between caring for a grief-struck Mother and developing a business plan,  Rosanna has quit her job at the ministry and used her inheritance to pay for the lease of a recently closed down store, which she has revamped and transformed into a beautification store selling a range of beautification products whilst also serving as a salon where Rosanna can find peace and escape the hectic lifestyle she had during her marriage and time at the Ministry. Alas she is finally doing something for herself in hope it will bring her happiness, or at least content.



RP EXPERIENCE: 3yrs I think? Maybe a little longer (with breaks)

HOW YOU FOUND US: I've been a member for a while but I remember I found PA on the RPG list on Harry Potter wikia.

Rosanna Parker
Rosanna Parker

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PARKER, Rosanna Empty Re: PARKER, Rosanna

Post by Robert Lupin Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:58 am

i like her a lot, rj. she sooo needs to meet solstice cane. they'd get along, i think.

anyway, accepted and sorted to grads!

PARKER, Rosanna Pbucket
Robert Lupin
Robert Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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PARKER, Rosanna Empty Re: PARKER, Rosanna

Post by Rosanna Parker Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:09 am

Thanks Khaat, I thought her and Solstice would get on rather well whilst I was writing her app, we should definitely RP them together!
Rosanna Parker
Rosanna Parker

Number of posts : 181
Special Abilities : Apparation | Non-Verbal Magic
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