Blair, Charlotte
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Blair, Charlotte

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Blair, Charlotte Empty Blair, Charlotte

Post by Charlotte Blair Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:24 pm

Blair, Charlotte Evangeline_lilly

Charlotte Kari Blair


    FULL NAME: Charlotte Kari Blair

    NICKNAMES: Charlie, Lottie, Blair

    AGE: 19

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Graduate- House of Young- Salem Witch's Institute


    WAND: Acacia Wood, 113/4 inches, Phoenix Feather Core, Slightly Bendy

    PLAY BY: Evangeline Lilly


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Light Green

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 5'5"- Average

    BODY BUILD: Middling

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Charlotte is a young woman of average height who can be quite underestimated because of her appearance. She stands at around 5'5" and has wavy dark brown hair. She has intelligent and bright light green eyes that seem to scrutinize every detail around her. Her style usually consists of skinny jeans, a nice blouse with a jacket or a vest if she can find one. She is often seen with black ankle high boots, or converse. She doesn't have a preference of how she wears her hair. If it's behaving she will usually leave it down.


    STRENGTHS Observant, Kind, Outgoing, Intelligent, Courageous, Fun-loving, Funny

    WEAKNESSES Short-temper, Defensive, Sarcastic

    + The color red
    + Coffee and chocolate...lots of it
    + the Guitar
    + Rain
    + Magic
    + Theater
    + Pranks, jokes, anything that has to do with comedy
    - Jerks
    - History
    - Anything that hurts people
    - Arrogance

    -To make a name for herself
    -Prove to herself that she can take care of herself as well as others
    -Help as many people as she can

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Pulling on her earlobe and biting her lip are two big ones that she does almost all the time. She doesn't even have to be nervous.

    BOGGART: Not being able to save a person or accidentally killing a patient while trying to treat them

    PATRONUS: Finally arriving at SWI- A deer

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Becoming one of the best Healers known to the Wizarding World.

    PERSONALITY: Charlie is a firey yet kind person who just wants to do what is best for her. She can easily make friends but they often have to earn her trust first. Because of her rocky childhood, she is usually wary of those older than her but can come to love those she knows immensely. Charlotte is a valuable friend to have, as she is very defensive and will come to the aid of anyone who is trouble. Her wanting to be a Healer comes from her instinct of wanting to help people and her joy of when she does.


    FATHER: Matthew Blair

    MOTHER: Elise Blair (neé Gamble)


    OTHER: None

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Witch

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper Class

    PET/S: A Tabby named Asha

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: A locket given to her by her best friend(non magical item)


    Early Years: Charlotte Kari Blair was born on Christmas day, in Boston Massachusetts, to Elise and Matthew Blair, two pompous halfbloods who were expecting a boy. She was an unpleasant surprise, for they had wanted a male heir to the Blair name. The couple soon found that Elise had become barren, to which they blamed their child for. Charlotte's childhood wasn't a particularly happy one, but it wasn't a bad one either. Her parents would busy themselves with work or with keeping up appearances.

    From a young age, Charlie was taught that little girls should be seen but not heard. Her father was an important official in the American Ministry of Magic and would often bring work home with him, meaning having other officials for dinner at their home. She was the young brunette girl sitting in the corner who would only speak when spoken to... and she hated it. She was often also underestimated by her own parents. From a young age she could read and write. Her favorite topics were plays and acting. She often read books about famous Wizarding and Muggle plays. Her absolute favorite was Shakespeare. She would lock herself in her room and run lines from the plays that she read. She would even try and lie to her parents on purpose to see how well she could act.

    Her first sign of magic came the night of a dinner with the American Minister of Magic. She was six years old and her parents strictly told her of the rules she would follow. It was the usual, don't speak unless spoken to, no interupting, no asking questions, etcetera. During the dinner the Minister, who was a kind and funny man, told a joke that made her giggle. The Minister smiled kindly at her while her father gave her a dangerous and warning look. Anger had suddenly welled up in her, who was he to say what she could or couldn't laugh at? Her father went to ask him something when a sound of a dog had interupted him. Everyone had looked around in alarm and confusion. He shook his head and opened his mouth again when the bark sounded again. There wasn't a dog, the barking was him! Abigayle held in her laughter as much as she could, hoping that all the times that she had spent acting would help her keep a calm and confused façade. All was in vain when a small giggle escaped her. In the stunned silence however, that giggle could be heard loud and clear, everyone turned to her. She turned red and gulped, knowing that she would probably get hell for it later. She was right. After the jinx was removed from her father, and after everyone left, she was roughly dragged to her room where she was ordered to stay there. Charlotte stayed in her room for three days straight and later got a stern, and loud, lecture from her angry parents. She was returned to her room where she laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. She couldn't help but grin at what had happened.

    Salem Years: On her twelfth birthday she received her acceptance letter to the Salem Witches Institute. She was excited beyond belief. She would finally get to learn how to control her magic! She couldn't help but smirk at all the pranks she could play on her parents with the new magic she would learn. When her parents dropped her off they gave her a stern warning: Don't mess up, and don't give us a bad name. At this Charlie gave a solemn nod and said that she would do everything in the name of Blair in mind. When her parents seemed to be satisfied they apparated away. She picked up her bags and smirked, she sure would do everything with the name of her family in mind. Her confidence was soon lost as she gazed upon the school she would be attending for the next six years. It was quite impressive and she couldn't help but feel intimidated. She heard of what the younger students were called: Bottom Feeders. She already could wait to grow out of that name. Everything was a blur and she was suddenly in front of the whole school being sorted by the Ring of Choice. She heard loud cheering and dazedly made her way to the table full of students from the House of Young, home of the Brave, Courageous, and Chivalrous.

    She became highly faithful towards her school and was highly involved in activities offered. She was ecstatic to find out that Preforming Arts were offered as an extracurricular, and signed up the first chance she got. She also found her love for Quidditch which was perceived as odd due to the national sport being Quodpot, but despite the weird looks she received when asked what teams she supported, she remained faithful towards the European sport. Throughout her years she found her strong yearning to become a healer, and often clashed with her parents who wanted her to be just a good little house wife. She studied about the subject as hard as she could and spent her free time trying to accomplish what she wanted. She received twelve O.W.Ls and went on to receive N.E.W.Ts in the subjects necessary to become a Healer. She graduated and applied to the nearest Wizarding hospital as soon as she could. She couldn't have been happier.

    Adulthood: Charlotte's happiness was short lived as she found out that her parents arranged for her to be married. She confronted her parents for the first time in her life and told them exactly what she thought of them and this decision. She refused to marry the man that was picked for her, telling them that if she was to marry, it would be for love. They refused to listen to her and in her anger she packed everything she had, withdrew a large amount of money from her account in the bank, and made a spur of the moment decision to move to Britain. She had heard of all the good things offered there, and how hard could it be to pick herself up again? The answer was very hard. When she got there she found her way to Diagon Alley where she spent most of her first year in England. It went slow, but gradually she was able to buy herself a flat near London and she was able to apply to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, to be a Healer in Spell Damage, or at least a trainee so far. Charlie came a long way from being that quiet little girl in the corner, and she still has a long way to go.




    RP EXPERIENCE: Nine Months

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Ad on Dragon Challenge


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To make a character?


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Blair, Charlotte Empty Re: Blair, Charlotte

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:25 pm


She's going to be an interesting blend of her own ego and pride and her desire to give to others. That should set up some interesting personal plotting for you. Its also nice to see the creativity that you used in making her American and implanting her into the British wizarding world.

If you need something, let us know. Don't forget to go to face claims and register your playby!

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