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DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige Li9olo10

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DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige Empty DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige

Post by Sunny Dyllan-Thomas Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:13 pm

DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige Tumblr_m7jhcraCpV1qim2ju



    FULL NAME: Sunny Paige Dyllan-Thomas.

    NICKNAMES: She goes by her first name, Sunny.

    AGE: Six as of April 1st.

    ALLEGIANCE: She is much too young to even know the difference.


    CLASSES: N/a.

    WAND: N/a.

    PLAY BY: Maggie Elizabeth Jones.


    HAIR COLOUR: Reddish orange.

    EYE COLOUR: Brown.

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Small, as all six year olds are.

    BODY BUILD: Stocky, as all six year olds tend to be.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Sunny does not appear very differently from other children her age. She is small and slight, with the boundless energy gifted to youngsters. She has a high pitched voice known to have a wide range of inflection, though always sounding childish and girlish. Her red hair is out of control, much like her aunt’s, though she can occasionally tame it into a ponytail. She had pointed features, round cheeks, and an expressive face. She wears whatever she wants, and the ensembles are usually strange. Her favorite articles of clothing are her raincoat, rain boots, straw sunhat, and a floral wristband her mother made her.


    +Investigative nature
    +Unusually alert/attentive for her age
    -Hates compromise
    -Emotionally unsteady
    -Still developing empathy.

    +New situations
    -Her grandmother
    -Easily frustrated
    -Being excluded

    Currently, she hopes to one day be Prime Minister, an astronaut, own an ice cream truck, and own one of every animal. At six years old, her actual goals are not realistic, nor concrete.

    +Stares intently for long periods of time
    +Invents her own expletives
    +Can tie her own shoes
    +Dresses very colorfully
    +Currently obsessed with ostriches.

    BOGGART: She really has no ‘greatest fear’ but a list of silly phobias, that is ever-changing. Currently, she fears : her new teacher, bathroom cupboards, and the idea of tornados.

    PATRONUS: Her best memory was probably the day she learned she would be meeting her father, almost a year ago. She was excited to have a real, normal family.

    DEMENTOR: The worst memory yet has been waiting for four hours after school to be picked up. Her school principal had to drive her home. Her parents had been fighting the entire time. That was just before they moved in with her grandparents.

    VERITASERUM: She is incredibly angry with her parents.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: She wishes she had two parents better suited to take care of her.

    PERSONALITY: Sunny is a very bright little girl. At six years old, she had struggled to find a place within her own family, let alone the world. She has never known stability, but has become a very adventurous, brave little girl because of it. She, however, has also grown a bit of a rebellious spirit, too. She dislikes rules, dislikes compromising, and often holds grudges when she does not get her way. Though this is common in children her age, she handles it with such alertness and focus that makes it hard for her to be handled on occasion.

    Despite this, she is the picture of innocence. She loves to learn, and the magical environment is a wonder to her. She likes to shadow adults and hear their stories, and ask them all about their lives. She loves to ask questions about the people she is intimately connected with, and happens to be a pretty good secret keeper. Animals of all shapes and sizes are of interest to her, and she has a knack with them as well. The world of reading is still new to her, but she tries to read as much as she can.


    FATHER: Riley Dyllan, aged 24.

    MOTHER: Skye Thomas, aged 22.

    SIBLING/S: none.

    OTHER: Gregory and Raelyn Dyllan, grandparents.
    Jaquellene Dyllan, aunt.
    Carol Thomas, great aunt.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggle. (Jack’s family does have a witch far, far back in their family tree, which is why both Jack and her late cousin Elliot had magical abilities. I may make Sunny a witch if we’re around long enough for her to turn eleven, but, at this point, she would simply be considered a muggle.)

    RACE: Human – American.

    SOCIAL STATUS: As a dependent, she’s not really easy to label. Her parents are lower class, her grandparents are upper middle, and Jack is middle. She receives support from all three of these parties.

    None… yet.

    A trunk full of clothes.
    Plenty of books.
    A small army of stuffed animals.
    A floral wristband handmade by her mother.
    A small box full of things she has found that she considers dear – odd playing cards, a brass ring, a scrap of fabric from her mother, etcetera.


    Early Years: After completing basic school, Riley decided to celebrate with travel before he went to university. He chose to go to America, where his uncle owned some property, and the friends he made their took him on a wild road trip. One of the first people he met, Skye, became his second love in life (the first being a flame back in Ireland.) She travelled with them and had fallen for Riley the moment he said hello to her. Their passionate romance lasted until he returned home to prepare for university with the promise to keep in touch with Skye. However, through a series of unfortunate but not unsurprising events, he lost her contact information.

    Riley bounced back quickly, having too much to focus on at home anyway. Skye, sixteen at the time, was unable to as she soon found she bore his child. Her foster parents (Skye had never know her real parents) nearly turned her out, but did not do that until she chose to drop out of school. She moved in with her father’s sister Carol, who felt for the girl. Sunny was born with no complications but the complications surrounding her mother’s situation. Carol could not legally be Skye’s guardian, so Skye became a ward of the state until she was eighteen. They moved Skye to a special school in Nevada for young mothers.

    At eighteen, she managed to break free from the system and get a job. She found a cheap, shady apartment while she worked and sent Sunny to daycare. Sunny loved her mother dearly, and disliked her daycare strongly. When she turned four, she was put into preschool, and found it much better than daycare, where all they did was alternate between play time and naptime. In preschool, the teacher worked to expand their young minds. The same was said for kindergarten.

    During this time, Skye was working hard to provide for herself and her daughter. However, an old friend from high school found her one day, and, upon learning her situation, was quick to inform her that he still had Riley Dyllan’s phone number. Sunny was five when her mother was able to contact her father.

    Riley was out of school and working, and he was incredibly surprised and shaken to hear of Sunny. He immediately moved to America to be with Skye and his daughter. At first, all went well. It seemed that the final piece that had been missing from their perfect family was Riley. But Skye and Riley were still young, and both had dreams they wished to pursue. And both thought the other should be the one to sacrifice for the family.

    Irresponsible, overly romantic, and completely selfish, the two parents were a bad combination. With six months, they moved overseas to be with Riley’s parents. In that time, Gregory, on several occasions, suggested finding a better place for Sunny while the parents worked out their difficulties. The final straw, however, was when the couple were caught shoplifting in a nearby mall, having been pressed for money. Gregory immediately wrote to his daughter, and informed her that Sunny was on her way.

    Jack, a witch, found that several hoops had to be jumped through for this to be alright. She had just moved, herself, and into a home with another wizard. She appealed to Elijah Krum to allow her nonmagical niece access into the magical world, as there few to no options for the young girl. Elijah was able to make it happen.

    Sunny, though it all, watched the actions of the adults around her and learned they were just as clueless about life as she was. She was upset with her parents, and blames them from what she considers banishment from her own home. She is not displeased to meet her aunt, but she is certainly not pleased to leave her mom and dad. The one consolation, however, has been what her grandfather has told her – that her aunt is a real lived witch, and she gets to go live in a world of magic. Sunny, putting aside doubt for wonder, is excited to be surrounded by real live magic.

    Hogwarts Years: None.

    Adulthood: None.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Jackles


    HOW YOU FOUND US: I searched all day and night.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Jack Dyllan.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: A few. 1. To grow Jack’s family. 2. To keep Max company. 3. I’ve been babysitting a boy about Sunny’s age, and I really love the age and want to explore it in writing. 4. To add some diversity. 5. To explore!


Sunny Dyllan-Thomas
Sunny Dyllan-Thomas

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DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige Empty Re: DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:29 pm

Yay! She's adorable!

Accepted and sorted into "Other" - because she's a youngin' Very Happy
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DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige Empty Re: DYLLAN-THOMAS, Sunny Paige

Post by Sunny Dyllan-Thomas Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:30 pm

Huzzah! Thankies!
Sunny Dyllan-Thomas
Sunny Dyllan-Thomas

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