MORGAN, Donald George
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MORGAN, Donald George

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MORGAN, Donald George Empty MORGAN, Donald George

Post by Donald Morgan Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:18 am

MORGAN, Donald George

Donald George Morgan


    FULL NAME: Donald Morgan

    NICKNAMES: Morgan

    AGE: 130

    ALLEGIANCE: Hogwarts

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    WAND: Ash, Unicorn Hair, 12 inches, Firm

    PLAY BY: Morgan Freeman


    HAIR COLOR: White

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 5'8 (1.77 meters)

    BODY TYPE: Stocky

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: The first thing you'll notice about Morgan is that he's old, even for a wizard. Might as well get that particular observation out of the way. He tries to keep his body from getting completely out of control, taking walks whenever he can and watching what he eats (he was always a big believer in personal fitness) and so he's still reasonably in shape. He stoops a little, something he's very self conscious of.


    • Good listener
    • Level Headed
    • Loyal
    • Easy-going
    • Willing to compromise
    • Patient

    • Forgetful
    • Can't multi-task
    • Slow to anger, but a horrible temper
    • Doesn't learn from his mistakes

    • Books
    • Hogwarts
    • Fixing things
    • Leaves in Fall
    • Talking
    • Coffee
    • Walks

    • Fighting
    • Shouting
    • Arrogance
    • Laziness

    • Reconnect with his remaining family
    • Keep Hogwarts safe for the students
    • Help the students and faculty of Hogwarts any way he can

    • Very slow talker. Morgan thinks too many people talk too fast for their thoughts. He's a big fan of slowing things down.
    • Hums almost constantly. Very unbefitting of a librarian, but he can't help it.

    BOGGART: A banshee

    PATRONUS: His marriage to his second wife.

    DEMENTOR: Various scenes from the first Wizarding War, along with some memories of his time in Eastern Europe. It changes depending on what's on his mind.

    VERITASERUM: He knew his first marriage wouldn't work even before he proposed.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Seeing his family again.

    PERSONALITY: Morgan is very quiet and restrained, preferring to listen rather than speak. He is always careful to be respectful and polite, no matter whether he's talking to a new first year or the Minister of Magic himself. He's a strong believer in the equality of people and does his best to act on it.

    Though he wasn't always, he is a pacifist, and is proud to have not raised his wand in anger in 24 years. While he's stopped a student or two from fighting, they've always been spells that cause no damage or even embarrassment. He sees magic as a tool of creation and thinks using it to hurt others is a disgusting misuse.

    In his youth he was more of an idealist, but currently Morgan cares little about the politics of the wider wizarding world. He dislikes the Death Eaters because of their blood-based racism, but can't bring himself to support the Order of the Phoenix after seeing some of their actions during the first war (however necessary those actions may have been, or however "extreme" they were considered by the mainstream Order). As long as Hogwarts is safe, Morgan is happy. He loves the students of Hogwarts and takes every opportunity he can to listen to their problems and offer advice.


    FATHER: Daniel Morgan (Deceased)

    MOTHER: Andrea Gallows-Morgan (Deceased)

    SIBLING: Blake Morgan (Deceased)

    WIFE: Sandy Thomson-Morgan-Traynor (Divorced, Remarried, Deceased)

    WIFE: Caroline Martin-Morgan (Divorced, Deceased)

    CHILDREN: With Sandy: Katy Morgan-Fischer, Andrew Morgan (Deceased) With Caroline: Gloria Morgan-Price

    GRANDCHILDREN: Zachary and Daniella Fischer, Torie Price

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Poor, but lives at Hogwarts year round.

    PET(S): A cat named Tom. Tom prowls along the tops of bookshelves, mewling at students at random.


    Early Years: Morgan was born in 1895 to a small, conservative family in london. Being muggleborn, his early years were rather dull and uneventful - occasionally things would happen around him that he couldn't fully explain, but everyone was sure there was a perfectly reasonable explanation so nobody thought about it too hard. When he received the letter from Hogwarts he initially thought it was some kind of practical joke, but after a Professor visited and demonstrated by Apparating halfway around the world, Morgan realized that it was most certainly real.

    Hogwarts Years: Morgan quickly found that he quite liked Hogwarts - away from London and his parents he quickly began to explore new ideas and ways of thought, becoming quite the social activist. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, where he learned to appreciate hard work, humility, and the benefits of strong friendships. Though he was never the best student he did all right with his studies, pulling out Os in both transfiguration and divination and As and Es in mostly everything else. It was Hogwarts where Donald met Sandy Thomson, who would later go on to become his first wife. They began dating in sixth year.

    Adulthood: When Morgan was 19, World War I burst onto the scene. He had recently proposed to Sandy after learning she was pregnant, but Morgan couldn't pass up the opportunity to do good. He began travelling around mainland Europe, serving as a medic and countering any German wizards he came across. He returned home five years later to find he had a daughter who barely knew his name (massive anti-apparition fields cast by Central and Ally wizards alike prevented magical travel).

    He and Sandy tried to make things work, but their time apart had put a strain on their marriage that neither could properly fix. Ten years later, a few years after the birth of their second child, they officially got divorced. Sandy would later remarry and have another child. He remained on poor terms with Sandy until she died, and has not seen either of his children from her since he remarried.

    Eleven years after his divorce with Sandy, Morgan was again married. This time, the girl was Caroline, a muggle he met working the post office. He revealed his magical heritage shortly before they married, and they had their first and only child, Gloria, weeks before the start of World War II. During World War II, Morgan once again sought to help those who needed it, travelling extensively through Eastern Europe. This time he returned home after only two years, to help Caroline and Gloria through the London bombings. It was at this time he learned his son from his marriage to Sandy had died during the fighting - he tried to reconnect with Sandy and their daughter to no avail.

    World War II ended, and things progressed rather peacefully for Morgan. Gloria attended Hogwarts, he worked part time for the ministry, and things were stable. But when Voldemort rose to power, Morgan joined the Order of the Phoenix against Caroline and Gloria's wishes. The Death Eaters, striking out against him, had Caroline brutally killed - Gloria, blaming Morgan for her death, fled to Spain to escape the fighting. He hasn't heard from her since.

    Morgan fought his way through the first wizarding war, but upon its ending found himself emotionally exhausted. At 86 years old he officially quit his job at the ministry and isolated himself for many years, staying completely neutral throughout the second wizarding war. After the end of the war, he found himself drawn back to the place he had originally discovered himself - Hogwarts. He applied for the job of librarian, and has held it ever since.


    YOUR NAME: Keith


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google: Harry Potter RP

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Keith Nicholas

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Because Hogwarts needs some sage old guy to offer advice and did you know wizards live for a really long time? I just had to have a character who had lived through both world wars.

    RP SAMPLE: Naaaaaah

Donald Morgan
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MORGAN, Donald George Empty Re: MORGAN, Donald George

Post by James S. Potter Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:28 am

I love Morgan Freeman. Very Happy
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MORGAN, Donald George Empty Re: MORGAN, Donald George

Post by Sophia Granger Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:18 pm

wow awesome app Keith, can't wait to RP with him he sounds interesting! accepted and sorted into grads!
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