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GEORGE, Natalie

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GEORGE, Natalie Empty GEORGE, Natalie

Post by Sam Thomas Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:41 pm

GEORGE, Natalie Georgiarulepic9

Natalie Francesca  George


FULL NAME: Natalie Francesca George 


AGE: 15 - 5th Year 

ALLEGIANCE: Potters Army

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff 

Core: Astronomy, Charms, DADA, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfigurations
Electives: Ancient Runes & COMC 

WAND: Dogwood, Erumpert Horn Core, Twelve and a half inches, Unyielding. 

PLAY BY: Lindsay Lohan 



EYE COLOUR: Blue-Green 

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Average (5ft 7inches)

BODY BUILD: Average. 

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Natalie has a generally average appearance. She is of average height and size, easily fitting into a crowd. Her features aren't particularly stand out apart from her defined nose and Ginger hair, which isn't that uncommon of a hair colour anymore given the number of Weasley descendants. 
Natalie's eyes are what distinguish her from the rest. They are what give her away, her excitement, her scepticism, her history. She hasn't had a terrible past but being branded as the intended failure has certainly taken it's toll on her. 
She tends to wear clothes that could be considered sporty or even tomboyish. For example Natalie usually wears a zip of jumper with a hood and jeans, or even a low cut t shirt with a Cardigan and jeans in the summer. Of course if Natalie were to go to a party then she would show a little more skin, choosing shorts or perhaps a tight dress (that is a rarity though). 


+ Brave
+ Bold
+ Loyal
+ Good flyer 
+ Holds her own 
+ Natural leader
- Academically lazy
- Lacks self confidence 
- Disregard for rules
- Expects people to judge her
- Temperamental  

+ Quidditch. Not only does she follow the holyhead harpies Natalie is also on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. 
+ Anything active such as running, duelling and especially flying.  
+ Partying. If there is a party then she will attend in whatever fashion she want irregardless of whether she was invited. 
+ Causing mischief and breaking the rules - it gives her a thrill. 
+ Summer purely because of the weather as she enjoys relaxing on the grass by the lake. 
+ The Common Room. It's where her friends are and the crackling warm fireplace, which is one of her favourite scents. 
- Authority, which means she usually gets into trouble or takes it upon herself to engage in forbidden activity as a way of proving she can be better than the people who consider themselves above her. 
- Being judged by other who don't know her, or even by those who do know her.
- Being considered worthless, the runt or someone who doesn't have anything to offer. She may not be smart, which holds her back, but she believes she has something. 
- Studying isn't Natalie's forte. She doesn't like being considered 'unintelligent' but doesn't care enough to change that. 
- Wealthy people who can't consider what it is like to come from her background

+ To prove to her family that she is capable or achieving something even though she is a witch.
+ To have fun in her youth as there will come a time when she won't be able to. 

+ Smokes cigarettes 
+ Breaks things when angry 
+ Acts before she thinks 
+ Follows her heart over her head

BOGGART: (Greatest Fear)
+ After attending the funeral of her friends uncle a year ago and seeing how devastating it was her greatest fear is now losing a loved one and so the boggart will take the form of a loved ones corpse. 

PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory)
+ Her fondest memories are any as a child when nobody doubted or judged her and she could simply enjoy being with her family. To conjure her non-corporeal patronus she will think of family holidays to Spain, days out and even just times of a summers day playing in the garden.
+ One of her other fondest memories is watching her first Quidditch match, which was at Hogwarts.   

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory)
The funeral she attended. It was horrible to see how devastated the family were and how it had affected even her friend. The entire day she felt like she'd never be cheerful, that the worst thing could be to lose a loved one even if they do irritate you at times.

VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret)
That even though she acts tough on the outside and as though she doesn't care really she does. 

MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire)
To be a professional Quidditch player and prove her capabilities and that she is just as good as her family even though she is a witch. 

Natalie is a bit of a firecracker. She is bold and says way she thinks - most of the time. Moreover Natalie stands her ground and won't get walked over by anyone. Being the only witch in her family Natalie feels like an outside. Natalie doesn't have much faith in herself when not on the Quidditch pitch and tends to get herself into trouble from not doing homework or messing around in class. In spite of her troublesome nature she can be energetic.


FATHER: Dominic George (42) - Muggle

MOTHER: Delilah George (41) - Muggle

Twin Brother Nathan George (15) - Muggle

Grandparents, Aunties, Cousins 

BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn  



PET/S: None 

Second Hand Firebolt 


Early Years:
Natalie always knew she was different. All of her friends were muggles, all of her family were too and when she showed the ability to smash things when she was angry and make objects fly across the room Natalie was soon considered weird and a slight outside. She suffered academically in primary and junior school and so her aunties believed she wouldn't go anywhere like her Mother hadn't. 
Her cousins were all in a middle class background so could afford luxury toys, good quality food etc whilst Natalie's Mother couldn't afford those things for her.
She was never close to her younger brother. He had a different look in life, he looked at the poor situation his family was in and compared them to his aunties and cousins. It has seeing how they have a better lifestyle that is financial more stable that has led him to work well and do well in school in order to get a good job. Nathan isn't interested in sports nor getting into trouble meaning that Natalie doesn't have anything in common with him.
When she received her letter to Hogwarts Natalie was over the moon, she saw this as a chance to prove that she could do something. However this good news was soon cast into the shadows when her brother was awarded a scholarship at a private school. Natalie's close friends were the only ones that understand how she feels about being constantly cast aside.
At Hogwarts she doesn't miss home, of course she misses some of her friends and her parents but besides that she has no reason to be in the muggle world and knows when she graduates Hogwarts she will almost completely break ties with it. 

Hogwarts Years: 
Natalie went to Hogwarts happy and excited to learn about magic. For her it was a chance to escape the muggle norm where she wasnt going to achieve. Unfortunately upon meeting a bunch of Pureblood supremacists in her first week Natalie lost her confidence and believed that she would be at a disadvantage being unaware of the magic world. 
Natalie soon became a huge Quidditch fan and found in the first year she had a knack for riding a broomstick and wasn't scared to go high or try new techniques. This love for flying carried her into the Quidditch team in the fourth year. Because Natalie couldn't afford a broomstick since when she joined the team her head of house bought her a broomstick, which Natalie is now paying her back for in small instalments with the money she earns when she sneaks out of Hogwarts to work in Hogsmede. 
Approaching the end of her fifth year Natalie has shown that she is considerably good at defence against the dark arts and is developing a talent in care of magical creatures. Of course potions is becoming a bit of a nightmare for her along with transfiguration and history of magic - the latter meaning absolutely nothing to her.
She can be a bit of a troublemaker and has landed herself in detention numerous times for incomplete homework, skipping classes, sneaking out and getting into arguments and duels with other students. 





MAIN CHARACTER: Hallie Rookwood 

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted a Gryffindor student (Hopefully she is sorted there) and Natalie simply fell into place. 

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GEORGE, Natalie Empty Re: GEORGE, Natalie

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:35 pm

Awesome! Accepted and sorted into Gryffindor!

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GEORGE, Natalie Empty Re: GEORGE, Natalie

Post by Hallie Cooper Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:25 am

Wooo! Thanks Amy! Very Happy
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GEORGE, Natalie Empty Re: GEORGE, Natalie

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