ABERCROMBIE, Abbey Natalie
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ABERCROMBIE, Abbey Natalie

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Post by Abbey Natalie Abercrombie Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:31 pm

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Abbey Natalie Abercrombie


    FULL NAME: Abbey Natalie Abercrombie


    AGE: sixteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army


    CLASSES:  Charms, potions, and transfiguration

    WAND: 10", Willow, Veela

    PLAY BY: Alexia Rodiguez (lead singer of Eyes set to kill)


    HAIR COLOR: Dark brown/ Black

    EYE COLOR: Dark brown

    HEIGHT: 5'4"

    BODY TYPE: Abbey is not considered Fat, nor skinny, she's in the middle, a bit "chunky" . a shorter side also, if she were a few inches taller, she'd be classified as "Skinny" but, sadly, she's on the "chunkier" side.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Abbey is 5'4" with dark brown hair, and eyes matching, although she's always smiling, her chin is very much there, a small indent is there, very noticeable.  Slytherins often mock her for it.  Her chin is strong, but not manly, more of a girly strong.  Her outfit normally is colorful skinny jeans, or a colorful skirt.  Her shirts are normally Graphic Tee's, and tank tops, her wrists are covered with drawings, or words, quotes even.  She's always wearing bracelets, her make up, either natural, with slight eye shadow, and pink lip gloss, other times, it can be dark, rough, making her eyes "pop" in a sense.  Her lips still with the pink gloss.  Her feet, are normally covered in vans sneakers, or converse, never flats or "fancy shoes".


    001.)social friendly
    006.)easy to get along with.

    002.)angered easily
    005.) Intuitive

    003.)food (she loves food.)
    004.)books in general, such a fun party for her.

    002.)snobs, such as pureblood know-it-alls.
    003.)being hungry

    Graduate at the top of her class

    001.)carrying the same book with her all the time.
    002.)biting her fingernails
    003.)making odd faces at other's, although harmless, it's still very, very creepy.

    BOGGART: bad grades, not getting a high mark in class

    PATRONUS: Getting into the RavenClaw house, her dream house.

    DEMENTOR: finding a unicorn she befriended, killed

    VERITASERUM:taking in stray animals, normally they leave, but she still has a cat, named Neena, Abbey keeps her as a secret.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: find someone who cares about her, and graduate with high grades.

    PERSONALITY: (Abbey is bubbly, friendly, always smiling at everybody.  Abbey, known as Abbs to some people, is very smart, always doing her work, participating in class, helping the teacher, almost known as the "teacher's pet" often mocked for it.  Although she's often mocked by the other students, she ignores them, always smiling and being happy, unless you upset her.  It seems she goes out for blood once that happens.  Abbey is easily angered, but for some odd reason, she enjoys music, always singing when she's along, sometimes to animals.


    FATHER:Euan Abercrombie

    MOTHER: Phyllis Abercrombie [nee Matthews]

    SIBLING(S): Wilhelmina Abercrombie

    OTHER: (N/A

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: human

    SOCIAL STATUS:  Middle class

    Cat named Neena

    Shooting Star

    Beauty and the beast book


    Early Years: (Abbey grew up with a younger sister, although Abbey loved her and her parents she often got into fights with them.  Abbey has anger issues, it was known from since she was very young, not always was that the case though, sometimes she would be alright, (it's was a girl thing, something most people don't understand), Abbey is very smart for her age, always getting high class rankings.  Her parents were never surprised from her good grades.  Abbey had almost no friends, always carrying around the same novel.  "Beauty and the Beast".  Often mocked for it, although she didn't allow it to affect her mood, unless they took her book.  Abbey was always smiling, everyone saw it.  Even more so on the day she got her letter to Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: the day she got her Hogwarts letter was the second best day of her life, the first?  Getting into RavenClaw.  Abbey easily made friends, just with a smile she could easily befriend anyone in her school.  Except the Slytherin students, she couldn't win them over, always fighting with them, losing points for her house for her reckless fighting.  Always being yelled at for something she started, although it was known to be Slytherins a lot of the times.  Abbey often smiles still, no matter what, She doesn't really have a human, or human form of a best friend, instead she has her cat, the one she adopted from the Forrest, Neena.  Everyday Abbey goes to class, always getting good grades.

    Adulthood: (At least 1 paragraph of your characters history after Hogwarts)


    YOUR NAME: Courtney ^^

    RP EXPERIENCE: hm..a few years now?

    HOW YOU FOUND US: pfft, Hitame~

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jason Santana, Juliet Valentine, and Kaede Lynn

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To create a Cannon, (might kill off one of my charries soon )


Abbey Natalie Abercrombie
Abbey Natalie Abercrombie
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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ABERCROMBIE, Abbey Natalie Empty Re: ABERCROMBIE, Abbey Natalie

Post by Sophia Granger Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:37 am

I like her, looks good accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!
Sophia Granger
Sophia Granger
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Seventh Year Gryffindor

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