LLEWELLYN, Valerie Ingrid
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LLEWELLYN, Valerie Ingrid

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LLEWELLYN, Valerie Ingrid Empty LLEWELLYN, Valerie Ingrid

Post by Ariel Damian Greyback Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:27 pm

LLEWELLYN, Valerie Ingrid Tumblr_m9cyg5JgHk1ruz9j7



    FULL NAME: Valerie Ingrid Llewellyn.


    AGE&BIRTHDAY: Fifteen, May 3rd 2010.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff.


    Core Classes

      Defence Against the Dark Arts
      History of Magic

    Elective Classes

      Care of Magical Creatures

    Extra-Curricular Subjects

      Ancient Studies
      Earth Magic
      Ghoul Studies
      Magical Theory


    Yew and Linden wood inlaid with an Ivy and Dogwood
    mix. Boomslang Venom and Phoenix-Tail Feather
    sealed with Bowtruckle bark, 14 inches, Flexible.

    • Good at Transfiguration
    • ‘Dark Leanings’
    • High aptitude in Defence Against the Dark Arts.
    • Deceptively Strong.
    • Hard.
    • Resilient.
    • Slight Violent Streak.
    • Versatile.
    • Fair at Jinxes and Hexes.
    • May impede dark spells.
    • Boost to nature spells.

    PLAY BY: Kaya Scodelario


    HAIR COLOR: Bistre Brown.

    EYE COLOR: Cornflower Blue.

    HEIGHT: 1.68 meters.

    BODY TYPE: Slender, narrow build.

    Valerie has an oval shaped face, coloured in an almost porcelain hue. The only colour is that of the peppered freckles that are strewn across her skin in what could be considered to be random – the sporadic fashion of their grouping seemingly too incidental to be a predetermined fixture of her face. Her eyes are not particularly large for her face; in fact they are just about the right shape and size. Framed by long, dark eyelashes that make the cornflower blue of her irises shine brightly, the surrounding darkness intensifying the colour ten-fold. Her nose is narrow at the top but quite rounded towards the bottom yet still managing to look rather pointed despite itself. Her lips are a soft cupid’s bow, the lower lip only slightly more plump than the upper, and as such they take away the harshness of her slightly hard, angular jaw that knits together to form a rather pointed chin.

    The young woman’s neck is long but not overly so, skinny and leading smoothly down onto her torso. Her shoulders are narrow and feminine, the arc into her upper arm a soft curve that looks to have been moulded by hand. Her arms are long and slender, an example of her awkward teenage disproportion, and they are topped with a dainty pair of hands upon which she has fingers that are slightly shorter than what you would expect for someone her age – though, bear in mind she is still growing. She is quite skinny though not to the point where she appears to be unhealthy but her collarbone is fairly defined in its own right. She does not have a particularly ample bosom but she is not completely lacking in that department either, thanks to her mother’s bustiness. Her stomach is rather flat but not without the slight swell of baby fat that has yet to disappear, and that too is peppered with freckles and moles.

    Valerie’s torso is quite short in comparison to her legs – which is all she seems to be composed of. But in saying that, she is not particularly tall – not really. Her legs are fairly skinny, though; almost like sticks. Recently she has put a little weight on and as a result looks marginally healthier than she did before. Her mother claimed it was time the girl stopped looking like death warmed up. Apparently, that’s utterly unattractive. Valerie can be forgiven for it, however; the high metabolism combined with her lack of body fat was never going to be a good mix and the dark hair and porcelain skin was always going to give her a washed out, unhealthy look.

    Growing up in a Muggle environment, Valerie prefers their fashion and clothing over the heavy robes that Wizards wear. She doesn’t like her clothes to cling and instead wears baggy “disasters” – as her mother would call them – and often opts for men’s clothes over women’s simply because the cuts are less exposing and you can also get them a lot bigger. She has a thing for masculine shoes. She’s not entirely sure why but the daintiness of some of the shoes her peers wear are unbelievable. No, she has a heavy pair of Dr. Marten’s that are, as far as she is concerned, her only shoes – or, rather, the only shoes worth wearing. Underneath the thick socks and the leather boots, ironically she has very small, delicate feet which seem out of place in such large boots but she’s comfortable in them so who are you or I to argue with her, eh?


    001. Unselfish.
    002. Loyal.
    003. Thoughtful.
    004. Cautious.
    005. Quick
    006. Energetic.
    007. Persistent.
    008. Explorer.
    009. Agile.
    010. Logical.
    011. Inventive.
    012. Sporty.
    013. Brave.
    014. Imaginative.
    015. Ambitious.
    016. Feisty.
    017. Alert.
    018. Loving.
    019. A listener.
    020. Modest.

    001. Secretive.
    002. Dishonest.
    003. Unfocused.
    004. Jaded.
    005. Fearful.
    006. Combative.
    007. Aloof.
    008. Impractical.
    009. Pessimistic.
    010. Superstitious.
    011. Indifferent.
    012. Perpetually late.
    013. Disorderly.
    014. Naive.
    015. Impressionable.
    016. Childish.
    017. Disobedient.
    018. Argumentative.
    019. Anxious.
    020. Guarded.

    001. Sense of direction.
    002. Running away.
    003. Quidditch.
    004. Care of Magical Creatures.
    005. Judging character.
    006. Winning an argument – apparently.
    007. Music.
    008. Transfiguration.
    009. Surviving.
    010. Art.

    001. Charms.
    002. Conversation.
    003. Magical Theory.
    004. Lies.
    005. Her family.
    006. Remembering things.
    007. Chocolate.
    008. Illness.
    009. Muggles.
    010. Quidditch players.

    001. Quidditch.
    002. Hot-Air Balloons.
    003. Badgers.
    004. Music.
    005. Masculine Shoes.
    006. Art.
    007. Photography.
    008. Animals.
    009. Quiet evenings.
    010. “Me-time”.

    001. “Home.”
    002. Muggles.
    003. Her step-father.
    004. Her mother.
    005. People.
    006. Windy days.
    007. Bubbly attitudes.
    008. Hospitals.
    009. Conversationalists.
    010. Goblins.

    001. Survive until the end of Hogwarts.
    002. Move out of her mother’s house.
    003. Spend a whole day in Dufftown.
    004. Complete a set at The Dungeon.
    005. Pass her Ordinary Wizarding Level’s.
    006. Start for the Caerphilly Catapults.
    007. Work for the Department of Magical Games and Sports.
    008. Leave London and go back to Wales.
    009. Travel the world.
    010. Encounter a Chimera.

    001. Abandonment.
    002. Storms.
    003. Falling.
    004. Quinton Huffington.
    005. Enclosed spaces.
    006. Death, understandably.
    007. Disappointing someone.
    008. Drowning.
    009. Bludgers.
    010. Big crowds.

    001. Plays with her jewellery.
    002. Files her nails so that they’re pointed at the ends.
    003. Loses things constantly.
    004. Plaits her hair when she’s bored.
    005. Eats her pizza backwards.
    006. Only eats crusts, not the actual bread.
    007. Always keeps a twenty pound note on her person.
    008. Chews on the fleshy part of her thumb.
    009. Cuts up pictures of celebrities in magazines and puts his head on her body etc.
    010. Rolls her lips against each other.

    001. She knew nothing about the Wizarding World prior to her first year.
    002. She didn’t actually sleep with that Quidditch player, it was his brother.
    003. She doesn’t lose things, she keeps them.
    004. Quinton cheats on her mother, with everyone.
    005. She doesn’t have a “friend’s place” to go to when she runs away.
    006. Jennifer isn’t Quinton’s daughter.
    007. She wants to move in with Katrina.
    008. She hates her mother’s children.
    009. The bruises aren’t accidents.
    010. The beer goes missing for a reason – ‘sorry, mum.’

    BOGGART: Rage, directed at hero or directed at others – just pure, unadulterated anger.

    PATRONUS: Her father teaching her how to fly.

    DEMENTOR: The death of her father.

    VERITASERUM: She blames her mother for every bad thing that has ever happened to her or to their family.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To see her father again.

    On the cusp of adulthood yet still caught in her teenage years, Valerie’s personality is still developing and the young woman is still learning about her likes and dislike and whether she is like this, or really like that. Her personality has yet to level out, though. As she’s not quite on the brink of adulthood she’s not as level as one would expect for a young adult to be and as such she is prone to extreme and unreasonable behaviour. But that is only generally within company. As a rule, Valerie is quite withdrawn and does not enjoy the company of people her age, younger or older. She is for this reason quite hostile towards people she’s just meeting and especially untrustworthy towards shadier figures – so, Slytherins basically.

    Valerie was never meant for Hufflepuff; but at the same time she was not meant for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, either. She is not set in any vein of behaviours or tendencies that are attributed to that house and it is for that reason she belongs in Hufflepuff – because she is the odd one out. So, you would think that with such a mix of personalities in the house that she would get along quite well with her housemates. Well, if you were to think that then you would be wrong. There is one thing that follows most Hufflepuffs and that’s unquenchable happiness. This is not something Valerie possesses regrettably and so she often seems like quite the wet blanket. Even her sister often becomes disdainful of her when she grows too withdrawn and irritable. She is not particularly hard-working or patient either but she is an incredibly loyal individual so perhaps indeed she does have some Hufflepuff qualities.

    The young woman is very much under the impression that the world is out to get her. She is not a particularly forgiving individual and always conducts herself as if the entire room has done wrong by her. She does not voice her opinions much, though. In fact she barely voices them at all. No, Valerie prefers not to be seen or heard and that’s, incidentally, exactly the way her mother likes it too. She rarely says anything to anyone, really, but when she does she makes it count and makes voicing herself worthwhile. Yet despite her not speaking often she has quite the argumentative streak and does not take kindly at all to being disrespected. She’s more than ready for a row. In fact, some would even go as far as to say that she looks for the arguments.

    Valerie is quite the creative soul. She dabbles in anything and everything you would consider to be a creative art. She is fairly proficient in a number of instruments – though most notably the guitar as that is the only instrument she actually owns – and she does quite a bit of art. She does not have any particular talent in any one area but instead is fair in most areas. It is a hobby that she loves more than anything else – oh, unless you count Quidditch. Now Quidditch is Valerie’s real passion. She really is her father’s daughter in this respect. Yet this is oddly repressed, all of them are. It’s something she practises, rather than shows off. This is in line with much of her personality – it’s repressed, not shown off and it’s all in order to protect herself.

    From what, you might ask? Well, that’s for her to know and for you to try and wheedle out of her.


    FATHER: Dai Llewellyn, Caerphilly Catapults Quidditch Player – Deceased.

    MOTHER: Jasmine Huffington née Godfrey, Socialite.

    STEP-MOTHER: Katrina Llewellyn née von Pfetten, Fashion Designer.

    STEP-FATHER: Quinton J. Huffington, Manager at Huffington & Son’s DIY Essentials.


    Children of Dai and Jasmine

    (Name used for IC purposes)
    Valentine Tatiana Llewellyn, Sixteen, Hufflepuff.

    Children of Dai and Katrina

    Adrienne Llewellyn, Fourteen, Gryffindor.
    Jacques Llewellyn, Twelve, Ravenclaw.

    Children of Quinton and Jasmine

    Isaac Huffington, Thirteen.
    Jennifer Huffington, Ten.
    Isabella Huffington, Six.
    Matilda Huffington, Three.

    Elias Godfrey, Banker.
    Emelia Godfrey, Socialite.

    Edmund Llewellyn, Unspeakable.
    Guinevere Krum, Unspeakable.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Working-Class.

    FINANCIAL SITUATION: Dire, if one was willing to admit it. Otherwise they’d state “comfortable”.



    The man that would one day be known to his country and to his Quidditch team as “Dangerous Dai” was born David Peter Llewellyn on a brisk April morning to Edmund and Guinevere Llewellyn – the latter of whom belonging to the Krum family prior to her marriage. David was born out of the control of the Krum family. He was born into a family that ruled itself and so his upbringing was one that existed out of the need for Pureblood rules and regulations. David was brought up in Wales, just outside of Cardiff, and he led a mostly Muggle life that was mixed in with the magic that his parents sought to culture him with. He was the perfect mix of magic and muggle – the best that could ever come out of a Pureblood boy – and so when he entered Hogwarts he was unbiased and fair, traits that immediately saw him into Hufflepuff where he met those of similar minds and aspirations.

    Jasmine Godfrey was born to Emelia and Elias Godfrey twenty years after David, when the young man was just about to hit the Quidditch mainstream, starting for the Caerphilly Catapults which would see a season no one in Wales would ever forget. The young woman was brought up by her mother, her errant father having disappeared long before she was old enough to recall him, and she was instilled with the idea that she was always to marry up, that she was to find someone wonderful to look after her and make sure she was well-fed, clothed and happy. It was this idea that Jasmine carried with her for many years to the point where she met David, as an eighteen year old Hogwarts graduate. Of course by then he was well into his thirties but that did not stop the young woman from falling head-over-heels for him – though there was speculation, even at the time, that this was not a genuine love. But it was a love that David returned and so the pair were married just after the new year before Jasmine’s twentieth birthday.

    The pair settled into home life in Wales after David’s retirement from Quidditch which saw him go into the training and managing aspect of the game. Though this didn’t leave him at home much during the season, he had much more free time than the other working husbands and so when Valentine was born, he was more than able to spend the time with her that a newborn needed. But it was after Valentine was born that Jasmine grew weary of her husband. Jasmine relied on the attention from him in all forms he could provide and so she became rather jealous – you could say – of her own daughter. Her husband spent hours indulging the girl whereas he barely had time for his wife. That did more than rile the young woman and it was no wonder she looked elsewhere for company, seeking the attention of weary bankers and young Quidditch players that could keep up with her demands.

    So it really was a wonder that Valerie Ingrid Llewellyn was David’s daughter. But indeed she was and their youngest daughter was born on the third of May, 2010. That was the last child born to Jasmine Llewellyn. For, not six months later, the pair were divorced and David married Katarina von Pfetten, a bright magazine editor that saw both sides of the Wizarding World – the beautiful and the ugly. Jasmine found herself solace in a Muggle named Quinton Huffington who she promptly married for the security that had been provided to her but also taken away by David who had made no move to extend child support or any of the like to her. He still visited his daughters but he made no attempt to talk to his ex-wife.

    Valerie’s childhood was structured and did not leave much room at all for fun. She had her customary four years before pre-school of unkempt madness but much of that was exempt from what children would call “fun”, also. Her only joy came from the times when her father rescued her from what she would later, after his death, come to refer to as “hell.” The house that the Huffingtons made was not one filled with happiness or laughter or love. No, quite the opposite of all three in fact. Quinton Huffington was an army man and one that was not going to accept any form of unruliness because unruliness led to violent thoughts – or so he claimed. So the children were taught restraint and were taught to ignore temptation in any form. It was that that caused much rebellion from the two girls though Valentine would often relent just to avoid being reproached.

    The girls were given a strict Muggle upbringing and the half-siblings that followed were given the same though they would never now about magic in the way Valentine and Valerie would. In a way, Jasmine had come to fear her husband and his distaste for magic to the point where she placed repressive spells on the magical cores of her children so as to avoid the same prejudice that Valentine and Valerie faced from their step-father – though at the same time, she would not protect them in a similar way. No, she wished for them the gift of magic and so implored with them silently to continue on, to soldier on despite what unhappiness he caused them and promised them in the quiet of the night that there was something more from them.

    Early on, Valerie learnt the near-perfected art of running away. She had an uncanny ability to get lost in public places which would often result in her being, as she called it, ‘captured’ by people just wanting to help what they perceived to be a lost child and she would be hauled to the help desk of the shopping centre or supermarket and her scarlet-faced mother would be forced to come and get her. Once, even as a girl of five, she managed to get as far as the bus stop, ready to board, before her sister found her and took her home. She was determined to find her father, to escape and live with him and the children he was rumoured to have had.

    Once she was old enough, Valerie was put into a preparatory school which would set her on for her life in a boarding school somewhere in Sussex – or so Quinton hoped. He’d get the boarding school but it was nowhere near Sussex like he’d hoped. The school saw Valerie flourish though they were quick to point out she was hardly remarkable – though they amended the comment by saying that she was not falling behind, either. In the winter after her first term at the school, a report was sent home that gave a mixed review of her successes. She was not exactly praised for the overall good report but she was not told off for her short comings either – though, granted, Valerie was not informed of the arrival of such a report either.

    It was clear during her pre-schooling and formal education that something wasn’t quite right about her. There was something weird about her – about her and especially her sister who was rapidly showing signs of magic. It was that that forced Jasmine to admit to her husband that she was a witch - as were her girls – and prompted her to quickly assure him that his children would not be the same; by hook or by crook they would not be the same. It was promise that made him settle but one that stayed with Valerie. She was different and certainly not in a god way. It was for this reason alone that she would not try when it came to Hogwarts. It was for this reason that she truly came to loathe her step father and slowly grew, too, to resent her mother.

    During her childhood, the monotony of Muggle life was broken up by visits to her father. After finding out about her magic she insisted he teach her everything there was to know about it and he even elected to teach the girl to fly. It was this process that forged an irreparable bond between the two and so when David was killed just before she entered Hogwarts, the only light in her life – the only possible option of forfeit, of escape – was snuffed out. Faced with the fact that there would be no escape, that she would have to be this odd little girl that knew nothing of Magic bar the snippets she’d learnt and had nothing in her head pertaining to the subject bar Muggle ideas about magic. In this respect, she was rightly doomed.

    Valerie didn’t fit in at Hogwarts, to put it perfectly lightly. She was weird. Her family was well known as a stem of the Krums but she was so utterly clueless about Hogwarts and the Wizarding World that the Purebloods that tried to befriend her on the train had all but given up on her in a similar way they had done to her sister, Valentine. Valerie kept to herself but she did find a friend in the form of a girl who would later become a Ravenclaw by the name of Lisa Yexley, a girl who was about as dozy as a confundus charm – a term Valerie would later gather from Defence Against the Dark Arts. But her own house was one that interested the teachers of the time immensely.

    The Sorting Hat was placed upon her head like so many others before hers but the conversation she had with it seemed utterly unique to her – the fact that she was having a conversation at all was unique:

    Well, you are a piece of work aren’t you?
    I disagree. I think I’m rather ..um..
    It’s a saying, my dear, and a Muggle one too. But let’s see...which house for you.
    I like Red.
    Hah! I don’t doubt that. They all do, in their minds eye, but rarely is that where they belong.
    I like blue, too.
    Try again.
    And again.
    No! I can’t possibly go there. Do you not know what everyone says about that house?
    Are you really listening to Hogwarts Express hearsay?
    Helga took the rest, my dear, the ones that did not fit. To put you in any other house would be like trying to force two bits of ill-fitting jigsaw parts together. So, HUFFLEPUFF!

    Yet for Valerie, Hufflepuff wasn’t quite right for her either. But despite this she pressed on, learning much about the Magical world through her Professors. What she found was that she did not have the common traits that Hufflepuffs had but she was not entirely lacking in them, either. She did not merge well with the Hufflepuff stereotype and did not take kindly to insinuations that she did. And though Valerie did not get on particularly swimmingly with those that she was within her house, she became fairly passionate about the house as a whole. She admired from afar the way her Housemates would preserver despite their hardships and she found herself wishing she could be that kind of person but she made no attempt to be that way.

    We will fast-forward now to the closing days of her forth year. Understand that it was because Valerie was lazy and it was not because she struggled in class but her forth year was one that ended in near disaster. Like many students, she was tasked with picking her O.W.L electives but that was not completed. It resulted in a meeting with her Head of House on the very morning of her departure back to King’s Cross Station where he declared that he had chosen her options for her. Valerie contested that she had put her requests in months before but her Head of House was sceptical and informed her of the lessons she’d have for the following year which he intended to serve her with in order to keep her out of trouble.

    It was not that Valerie was a troublemaker, per se, but she had a conflicting personality and it was one that saw her get into a number of arguments with her peers over her time as a Hogwarts student and her Head of House hoped that by keeping her busy with her schooling then she would not encounter and aggravate as many people as she had done in the past – including those from her house. In the mind of her Head of House she would keep busy, avoid arguments and pass her O.W.L’s with flying colours.

    Though, only time will tell if he was right.


    YOUR NAME: Amy.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Nothing, really.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: If you don’t know then I certainly don’t.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted a Hufflepuff. :3

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yes i did read it. ROFL

accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff
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Moved c:
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