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MALENKI, Ginevra Amara

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Post by Ginevra Malenki Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:59 am

MALENKI, Ginevra Amara Iyfr5w



    FULL NAME: Ginevra Amara malenki


    AGE: 20.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex.Ravenclaw.


    WAND: 12 inch Dragon Heartstring and Black Laurel

    PLAY BY: Ashley Benson. (Frieda no long wants her face to be used Sad )


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde.

    EYE COLOR: Blue.

    HEIGHT: 5'6

    BODY TYPE: Slim, average height and slightly underweight.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ginevra is a natural blonde. Her hair steams down to just below her chest, naturally waving out in whatever direction it pleases. The sun highlights it shades of light brown during the summer, allowing them to begin fading into more of a darkened tone during the winter. Her eyes are a deep sea blue, deep and revealing all emotions that she doesn't reveal on the outside. If aware of how to read them right, it is the access to her heart and soul. Her body is averaged height, standing at approximately 5'6. From the stress that she has been through over the past few years, Ginevra has lost weight causing her to go just below the healthy rate for her age and height range. Fully aware of this, there still isn't much thought put towards it. The clothing she dresses herself in is simple. She always covers herself up to keep it classy, typically wearing darker shades of blue, her favorite color, as well as her alumni Hogwarts house. Her face is kept natural, not wearing make-up unless she has an important day to attend at work. It hasn't been long since she returned from her disappearance, so often she doesn't look overly well-kept due to getting settled on top of the new schedule she has gotten herself into.


    (a) passionate
    (b) trustworthy
    (c) patient
    (d) understanding
    (e) intellectual

    (a) stubborn to a fault
    (b) temperous
    (c) overly sensetive
    (d) skeptic

    ` nighttime.
    ` outdoors.
    ` singing.
    ` reading.
    ` writing.
    ` flying.
    ` learning.
    ` teaching.
    ` exploring.
    ` helping.
    ` fruit.
    ` rain.
    ` tanning.
    ` sports.
    ` prefection.
    ` kids.
    ` making goals.
    ` meeting goals.
    ` testing herself.
    ` dark colors.

    ` cracking knuckles.
    ` lies.
    ` drinking.
    ` giving up.
    ` spiders.
    ` vampires.
    ` fog.
    ` gifts.
    ` surprises.
    ` waiting.
    ` uncleanliness.
    ` snobs.
    ` sluts.
    ` death.

    - reunite with Darren, civally
    - be truely happy
    - become at peace with her parents death

    -pursing lips when annoyed
    - zoning out during deep thought

    BOGGART: Most fear death. Ginevra, however, feels causing the death of another person. From the day she became a werewolf, she knew that it was a possibility. Although she may wish that some weren't alive on days that they annoyed her to a good enough extent, it wasn't a honest wish, only anger.

    PATRONUS: The best memory to date was when she celebrated her sisters eleventh birthday. Coming from a half-blood family with her father being a muggle, it wasn't definite that either of them would develop magic. Being nine when her sister was eleven, she had spent that day sitting by her sister crying because she had not received her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. This memory didn't have its importance because she was the only one that would go on to learn magic, but because in that moment her mother and father walked in, both still proud of their daughter, supportive of whatever lifestyle that was going to be taken in her path. She realized then that everything seemed complete and that really, all in life she needed was to be there with people that loved and supported her.

    DEMENTOR: Ginevra's worst memory is when her father was killed. Although they both died at a young age, Ginevra had him as her first ever loss and it cut her deep, shaping views she would later on adapt.

    VERITASERUM: It was her fault she was turned into a werewolf. She was running from the truth where she knew would be reckless and by the tim she noticed the full moon, she hadn't a care to keep aware of her suroundings.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To love and be loved back.

    PERSONALITY: Never would anyone actually understand a girl like Ginevra. She is confusing, stubborn, temperamental, protective, moody and overall, just herself. The blonde is the type to stick up for those who won't for themselves, tell anyone off that looks at her the "wrong" way and roll her eyes at those who think she is going to follow along with a crowd. If anything, she is an individual beyond all else. Don't get her wrong, though, as she has her sweet side as well. Ginevra is a very understanding, trustworthy person. She believes that people should have their chance to say what has to be said and therefore will always listen. Being guarded, those who aren't already close to her tend to be blocked out of anything personal. Ginevra isn't one for being questioned, though doesn't mind questioning when curious enough. Ginevra has bi-polar, and though she will not admit to it, that is the reason she has so many mood changes unpredictably. She refuses treatment for the need to feel like she is 100% her- whoever that is. There isn't more than an inch of her body that is girly. She hates being treated like she can't do something herself because her muscles are smaller and her chest is bigger. Very colorful words would be used to those who assumed ahead of time, having developed a mouth over the years. Being a healer, Ginevra knows when to hold her tongue and keep the bedside manner that is appropriate. Work is about the only thing that keeps her sane, as helping people is what brought her back from reality after disappearing for two years to avoid the true feelings she was developed. A tip right now, never argue with this girl. She will not give up until she has proven her point and that is definitely proven easily. Ginevra's also very protective. All her life she has been very selfless. There isn't a day where she would think twice about putting herself in danger just to make sure nothing happened to someone she cared about. Ginevra tends to be motherly, on top of that. She is great at healing and doesn't abide by waiting when someone is hurt- as long as she is sure she knows how to do it. She's not stupid. Ginevra knows when she should give up; unless it involves her. Anything that has to do with her never really crosses her mind to the extent that it should. To put in simply, she doesn't always take care of herself as much as she should.

    To sum it all up, she is like a box of crayons. Her good traits shine like a shade of yellow or pink where her bad ones range from grey to black.


    FATHER: Travis Malenki.

    MOTHER: Julie Malenki.

    SIBLING(S): Brittney Malenki.

    OTHER: Darren Riddle.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood.

    RACE: Werewolf (already approved by Darren)

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy.

    An owl named Celine.

    currently does not own one.



    Early Years: Ginevra had once not been alone in the world. She was born on the night of March Tenth to two loving parents, Julie and Travis Malenki. She seemed to be exactly what they wanted. The hair color, the eye color, and the gender- everything was there on this little girl, and they couldn’t be happier about it. Was it really a surprise that happiness didn’t last forever? Voldemort was still around when she was growing up, but her parents never worried too much. Her dad was a muggle, and that was something she wasn’t ashamed of. Ginevra grew up to be proud of where she came from. Her mother taught her everything she needed to know in one world, and her dad for the other. It was all fair, and when the time came for her to go to Hogwarts, she did. Ginevra was the one child, out of two that Julie and Travis had, which would obtain inherited powers. Ginevra had a sister that was two years older than she was. Her name was Brittney Jayne Malenki. The two of them were best friends but Brittney was a squib, getting no powers when it came her time. Ginevra had the luxery of living by a park. They were held up in the muggle world so that her father would be comfortable, hough in a country home so her mum could 'be herself' without being noticed. The childhood was happy and although it's distant now, it is still cherrished none the less.

    Hogwarts Years: Hogwarts was an amazing place. Magical, different and full of surprises. Oh boy did she hate surprises. Friends came easily at a young age, still innocent and full of smiles. Ginevra was sorted into the house of Ravenclaw, away from the majority of friends that she would met. No matter, though, as she made do with what was thrown her way. It was in her second year that she met a third year named Darren, a boy that would soon become her best friend against all odds. Ginevra's third year was when she really changed, though. Her father's murder hit her hard and she was glad she had never actually mentioned that she had a sister to anyone, not even her best friend. It wasn’t because she was ashamed either, no, as like her dad she treasured everything about them. It was when her dad died at the age of thirteen right in front of her eyes that she learned it wasn’t safe for anyone to know. Her dad had been killed because he was a muggle, and that would never be right with her. After this occurrence, Ginevra had joined the Death Eaters for revenge. She was so good at hiding things that she never did give away a thing, and even if it was life endangering, there wasn’t a day that she ever cared. It was all for her dad. But eventually things did go wrong and her sister was found out about, and killed not to long after. Ginevra went on refuge quite a few times in her life and it wasn’t until her mother disappeared that she knew she was alone. All she had left was her long-time best friend, who was a year older than she was, to trust, as everyone else just never went through with her anymore. She was paranoid and aggressive, who would want to be around that? But Ginevra knew there were much worse things than being alone. These were the later years of her Hogwarts experience, ending with her seventh year where she finished her exams and disappeared for the next two years, not to be heard of with a reason as to why she was doing this.

    Adulthood: Recently reappearing, Ginevra got a job as a Healer to begin her new life where she had last left off. The only difference? She is back where she never gave reasoning as to why she disappeared. Those reasons being that she was attacked by a werewolf and barely lived to tell the tale, and shortly after when she talked to her best friend about what was going on with her life, the feelings she didn't want to sum up started to burrow to the surface. She couldn't take it and therefore darted. After two years of schooling in a different scenery, she is back to face the consequences that came with possibly leaving the imprint that she had been killed or kidnapped. In her mind, leaving without a warning left minds to wander to the best and the worst and away from her being weak, scared and emotional. Three things that she hated more than anything else in the world- minus the fact that she was now a werewolf. Being neutral to all sides, she feels that it is not her place to get into the drama. All it brought her in the past was darkness but now, being back the question is, will she be sucked back into her old, more childish habits or will she stand up and learn from her past mistakes.

    (OCC: worst app ever. some is recycled, yes. shoot me, i'm lazy late at night.)


    YOUR NAME: Shayla

    RP EXPERIENCE: 5 years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: old member.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: um, to roleplay with? Razz

    In her hand was a very thin object, long and skinny with a little box-shaped screen on the front. From one moment to the next it was the same, her eyes just watching it, but just a moment later- not just the screen changed, but her life. Jade Harper was standing in her dorm’s bathroom with a pregnancy test in her hand. Anybody who knew this girl would think it was crazy for her of all people to be holding one of these at the age of fifteen. Jade was an innocent girl, she was nervous around guys and hadn’t shown any interest in them! Well, minus the guy she had been dating for the last while. It had been kept on the down low but of course, she had always been the centre of attention at first, which she had hated and still did. Not being recognized was what she had preferred, and what she still did. So now as she stood there, alone, at six in the morning with a test that had a pink plus sign on the screen, she took a deep breath and steadied herself on the kitchen counter, not sure what she was going to do next. Jade felt queasy, like she was going to faint but somehow she was managing to keep herself up and still good. Stuffing the test in her silk robes pocket, she was fully aware that she would need it for proof because no one would believe her, at least not if they were in their right minds. The first person she would think of going to would be her brother, but since he didn’t go to Hogwarts she really couldn’t. Beauxbatons was way too far and she was not about to ‘rebel’ even more by just running away from Hogwarts. This was bad enough as it started, especially since she had a real hard feeling that the father wouldn’t want to be a father this young. Knowing that abortion was not an option, she was pro-choice and her choice was to never kill a thing in the world- that was her sisters’ way. Searching frantically through her clothes, she just threw on a pair of neon green short shorts that were a flannel pajama material before adding a white top to that just so that she wasn’t going out in just her robe. Taking the robe off, she wrote an owl to the only person she could think of other than her boy: Cale Bradley. He was about one of the only people she actually trusted to keep this secret and not yell at her, saying how stupid she was. Sure, he could end up doing that and she did know it was true. The thing was, she just wasn’t sure what she expected to get from him, the information she now knew was just something she couldn’t keep to herself. This was just too much.

    Since they were in the same house, she didn’t really have to go anywhere to get to him. The owl only had to go knock on the other side of the tower’s window, so it wasn’t far and she didn’t feel bad for sending it this early in the morning. Making her way down to the common room, she was very thankful to see that no one was an early-morning person like she was. This had to be the most peaceful time of the whole day, since a lot of people were night-owls and stayed up all night, unable to sleep. She was like that as well, but she also couldn’t sleep in. Waiting, she didn’t sit down on the chairs and she definitely hadn’t brought her book down to read. Every morning Jade usually did have her own routine. First she would wake up, go to the bathroom and then head for a shower. After getting clean she would go down and eat while the hall was still quiet and near empty, if not empty. The wide space around her always was comforting. When full, she would head back up to the common room and read part of her book, if not most. She owned so many that she would be set to read at least one each day. The thing was, ever since she had started dating the man she was, she had less time to read, therefore when she did get the chance she spent it quite concentrated. Literature was a big part of who this girl was as a person. It was only when people started to come down into the common room when she bookmarked her page and placed it back up in the dorm, where she would get dressed and make sure her hair looked decent. Of course, her hair always did but that wasn’t the point. Even if she didn’t have to try to be attractive it made her feel more normal to just assure everything was in place and she was happy with what she was. Sometimes she wasn’t happy, and she actually felt ugly still. It was only normal for girls to feel ugly, but a veela? Probably not, which was why Jade wasn’t like your everyday person, or even the person you’d expect to get out of her when first meeting, or hearing about her from someone you were friends with. She had even been told in the past she wasn’t what they had expected to meet. Jade took this as neither a bad or good thing either, since she didn’t want to think about how much of a possibility of it being a bad thing it was. Turning her head, she had thought she heard a noise, but was wrong.

    Since her mind was playing tricks on her constantly, she could tell that she was very paranoid. The biggest part of this all would be the fact that she really didn’t want the news to get around. Jade had made a decision just now that was making her feel guilty as ever. The thing was, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do by herself but what she did know was the fact that she wasn’t going to put the life of a child onto another. She should have been smarter; she should have made sure there was protection. Before that moment, she had thought that it would be common sense to just slip on a condom before entering for the guy but with them, it had all happened so fast that she wasn’t sure what had occurred at first. Jade knew she had been so caught up in the moment that it was perfect just as it was. Now that it was all over she could see how much of a.. wrong doing it was. Most people would have just started that as a ‘mistake,’ since it was the most practical word. Jade, on the other hand, found it rude to state it in such a way. No child, unborn or born, should be considered as a mistake, even if you hadn’t planned it. Jade herself saw life as a miracle and this wasn’t going to change it, no matter how hell-like her life would probably be stress-wise, as well as emotionally. Just talking over what she had already ruled over in her head with a friend would help, though. The one thing that was most important she was rather iffy about telling him, so right now she was not too sure whether or not it would be mentioned. Jade knew that people judged and it was one thing that she didn’t want to happen to her. Jade was a very self-conscious person and the paranoia was already making her think that when she was talking to Cale someone who overhear. Shaking her head, she didn’t like that idea at all. Deciding once he came down that they wouldn’t stay in the common room, she just hoped he was willing to go walking outside with her. It was a little moist because of the fresh rainfall that had occurred the night before, though it wasn’t the end of the world or anything like that. Continuing her pacing, Jade was uneasy as ever.

    (OCC: posts here will be smaller.)

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Looks good, accepted and sorted into grads!
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Posts here will be smaller eh?
Check some of Eli's posts.. Half of the members post quite long posts.

Anyway, welcome back Very Happy

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