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MALENKI, Ginerva Amara

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Post by Ginevra Malenki Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:15 pm

Out of Character:
Name: Shayla.
Gender: A moose. What else?
Age: Fifteen.
How you found Potter's Army: I was a member.
Any other characters on Potter's Army: No wayy.
Anything else: Darren sucks rabbits (:

In Character
MALENKI, Ginerva Amara 1zg4w46
Name: Ginevra Amara Malenki.
Nicknames: Gin- she refuses to respond to Ginevra.
Gender: Female.
Race: Werewolf.
Year AND Age: Sixteeen, Year Six.
Preferred houses: Ravenclaw.
Birthday: March Tenth.
Canon or Original: Original.
Play-by: Frieda Rose.
Blood Status: Half-blood.

Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blonde, naturally curly, worn straight.
Eye colour: Brown.
Skin: Pale, white.
Other distinguishing features: She has bruises all over her body, darkest around her abdomion.

Never would anyone actually understand a girl like Ginevra. She is confusing, stubborn, tempermental, protective, moody and overall, just herself. She would never follow a crowd, but follow her own path and stick with it. If you try and mess with her, she isn't the wuss that would run off and hide behind some butch for saftey, but instead stand up to you right then and either go down, or show you what she is capable of. Ginevra has bi-polar, and though she will not admit to it, that is the reasons he has so many mood changes unpredictably. She refuses treatment and just lets it be natural. Speaking of all natural things, she rarely ever would wear make-up upon her face. Ginevra is not girly, she actually rarely enjoys the fact that she is the gender she was born as. She prefers to be like the guys, and hangs around mostly the male gender when out of classes. Something easy to say is that she doesn't get along with girls. Rarely does it ever go thorugh well, as she hates people with attitude other than herself. A tip right now, never argue with this girl. She will not give up until she has proven her point and that is definitely proven easily. Ginevra's very protective, as well. She's very selfless, in other words. There isn't a day where she would think twice about putting herself in danger just to make sure nothing happened to someone she cared about. Ginevra tends to be motherly, on top of that. She is great at healing and doesn't abide by waiting when someone is hurt- as long as she is sure she knows how to do it. She's not stupid. Ginevra knows when she should give up; unless it involves her. Anything that has to do with her never totally crosses her mind. To put in simply, she doesn't always take care of herself 100% like she should.

` flying.
` classes at Hogwarts.
` reading.
` writing.
` guessing correctly.
` caring.
` healing.
` teaching.
` adapting.
` being stubborn.

` her own problems.
` tropical fruit.
` the unknown.
` long, interesting books.
` others getting hurt.
` love in general.
` family members.

` nighttime.
` outdoors.
` singing.
` reading.
` writing.
` flying.
` learning.
` teaching.
` exploring.
` helping.
` fruit.
` rain.
` tanning.
` sports.
` prefection.
` kids.
` meeting goals.
` making goals.
` testing herself.
` dark colors.
` Darren Riddle the gender that is male ;]

` cracking knuckles.
` lies.
` drinking.
` drugs.
` giving up.
` spiders.
` vampires.
` fog.
` gifts.
` surprises.
` hidden things.
` judging.
` waiting.
` grease.
` uncleanliness.
` snobs.
` sluts.
` death.
` the brand that is B**** D=

Motto: Never give up, never let go.
Family Information:
Ginevra doesn’t come from a poor family, but a well-known, respected family- or at least she did. Before her parents died, the title of her family was quite high up there in the ranks of who knew who. What was also known was that her family had money. Though she and her mother were the only ones to attend parties, it was for the safety of the rest that they stayed back. She had been the lucky type. Ginevra’s parents had never taught, but got along real well and did great with both her, and her sister, Brittney. Having a very small family, though, she had no uncles or aunts (her parents both had come from a one-child household) and no grandparents, as they had passed away when she was little for reasons she had never been told; all she knew was that they were not natural deaths, or at least all but her one grandfather hadn’t been. Her background is English, coming from England in the Scotland area, making her Scottish as well. Her mother had always hated Death Eaters because of what they believed in, therefore Ginevra never had a member of her family that was apart of them. When it came to the Order, her mother hadn't joined in on that either. She hadn't the want to get into anything messy, and staying out of either organization was for the best- or at least that was how she had seen it. So Ginevra hadn't a family member in either the Order or the Death Eaters anytime in her life.

Ginevra had once not been alone in the world. She was born on the night of March Tenth to two loving parents, Julie and Travis Malenki. She seemed to be exactly what they wanted. The hair color, the eye color, and the gender- everything was there on this little girl, and they couldn’t be happier about it. Was it really a surprise that happiness didn’t last forever? Voldemort was still around when she was growing up, but her parents never worried too much. Her dad was a muggle, and that was something she wasn’t ashamed of. Ginevra grew up to be proud of where she came from. Her mother taught her everything she needed to know in one world, and her dad for the other. It was all fair, and when the time came for her to go to Hogwarts, she did. Ginevra was the one child, out of two that Julie and Travis had, which would obtain inherited powers. Ginevra had a sister that was two years younger than she was. Her name was Brittney Jayne Malenki. The two of them were best friends but Brittney was a squib, getting no powers when it came her time, or even late powers to bloom later on. Ginevra had felt bad her whole life, which was why when danger started to be attracted to her, that she stayed away from her. Never had Ginevra actually mentioned that she had a sister to anyone, not even her best friend. It wasn’t because she was ashamed either, no, as like her dad she treasured everything about them. It was when her dad died at the age of thirteen rights in front of her eyes that she learned it wasn’t safe for anyone to know. Her dad had been killed because he was a muggle, and that would never be right with her. After this occurrence, Ginevra had joined the Death Eaters for revenge. She was so good at hiding things that she never did give away a thing, and even if it was life endangering, there wasn’t a day that she ever cared. It was all for her dad. But eventually things did go wrong and her sister was found out about, and killed not to long after. Ginevra went on refuge quite a few times in her life and it wasn’t until her mother disappeared that she knew she was alone. All she had left was her long-time best friend, who was a year older than she was, to trust, as everyone else just never went through with her anymore. She was paranoid and aggressive, who would want to be around that? But Ginevra knew there were much worse things than being alone. Now in her sixth year with no parents, no sister, and just her education to back her up, Ginevra’s an orphan, so-to-say, and just has hope that her life will finally take another upturn, instead of yet another downfall. But just before she went out of her sixth year, Ginevra had fallen asleep at the wrong time and was attacked by a werewolf. She lived- but barley. Returning back to Hogwarts for her sixth year now, barley anyone knows her secret and all the bruises she has obtained as scars are hidden by spells she produces herself on a daily basis. This is one girl with a life full of secrets, and heart full of determination. What will find her next? Only time can tell.

Short Roleplay:
(One of the shortest I could find)
Lately, for once in her life, things hadn’t been all happy. Today was the day that she was going to make everything improve. She didn’t want to stay all depressed and boring. Who would? Riley wanted to get out and go around, at least sees people who weren’t a mirror image of herself- literally. By saying that, she didn’t mean her twin sister, but her reflection every time she went into the bathroom or looked to the part of her wall that held a mirror upon it. People had surrounded her almost everyday of her life, as she rarely ever did anything alone. In Hogwarts, Riley had been a popular girl. Friends were on her left and right daily, but when she wandered off she ended up making friends with those who didn’t have many, as it was just what she did. Even when she was in Hogsmedge, she would go up and met random people, just because she loved to talk and make it so that no one else was alone. Sure, some people went places alone because they wanted it that way but she knew when she wasn’t wanted and wasn’t stubborn, so she did leave when necessary. Rolling out of her bed- literally, Riley landed on the floor with a thump! She was quite lazy some mornings but it woke her up as soon as she hit the carpeted floor. Blinking a few times, Riley laid there for a few seconds before pushing up her thin legs and heading towards the bathroom. She lived alone to half way there she was already stripping of her nightie from the night before (obviously), turning the shower tap as soon as she entered, already ready to indulge herself into the steamy temperature. Watching the water hit the bottom in droplets, like the rain almost, Riley smiled; she loved the rain. Stepping into the shower, she let the water cascade down her body in running streams. Taking the shampoo, she washed her long hair smoothly before adding the conditioner and rinsing that thoroughly also. Bending her face backwards, she placed it under the water, having her eyes closed, so that it would cleanse and just give her the fully clean feeling. Turning the tap off, Riley stepped out on the shower mat and grabbed her towel, wrapping it around her thin body. Ah, it smelt like oranges now. Oranges were Riley’s favorite fruit so smelling like it just gave her the natural perfume so there was no need to apply it. Even if it was only coming from her hair, it still was strong enough to act like a perfume, especially since it didn’t fade too quickly. She loved magic, or at least she guessed that was why the smell didn’t fade too quick.

Moving into the next room, back into her bedroom, Riley dropped the towel and pulled on her undergarmets before choosing the others that would cover up what she already had placed over her tanned skin. The first thing she knew automatically was that she was going to be bright and match several colors people usually wouldn’t think would go nice together. To start off, she pulled out yellow short shorts and pulled them on. So far, all she was wearing were yellow clothing- that had to change. She didn’t want to be bland like the muffins her mom made while she was growing up. Pulling out a blue shirt, Riley put her arms through both armholes and placed it over her head easily, making her way to her closet as she did. Going through the sweaters she owned, Riley pulled out a purple one and placed that over top, just incase it got windy. Slipping her feet into a pair of yellow and white flip-flops, she had never worn them before so walking around the house in them wouldn’t do much. Going to her dresser now, Riley had the mirror in her room hanging right above so she wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. Today she decided different and did anyways, already running the comb through her hair several times, stroking it. Her hair was somewhat straight today but the ends still flipped up like always. She may be able to tame herself when she wasn’t in wolf form but that didn’t mean she could tame her hair- ever. Putting the comb down on the counter, she wasn’t hungry and so she was skipping breakfast. Brushing her teeth, she had no want for cavities or yellow plack to form. Anyone who let his or her teeth get like that, she didn’t understand. It was just proof that not everyone cared about their own personal hygiene, or hygiene in general. Letting out a yawn as she finished brushing her teeth, Riley didn’t want to waste anytime before going out and meeting her friend at the store. She had planned this out last night by talking through her fire to Rose and she had to admit, next time she wanted to communicate she would use the owl she owned, as it hadn’t been comfortable at all. Not being one to show up late, she headed out the door as soon as she made sure all of the lights were turned off. She hated forgetting such things.

Riley lived in the Frank Apartments on the muggle side of the worlds, having a love for muggles and all. Why they were meeting in Godrics Hollow, she wasn’t really sure but closing her eyes as she entered the Wizarding World through the Leaky Cauldron, Riley cursed, as she didn’t like apparating too much, though it was her only choice since she did not fly. Appearing on the spot tonight should be very great night, or at least way better than the ones she had been having lately, alone and depressed in her apartment. It was just so hard to even think about! Riley and depressed should never go in the same sentence, as it just never happened- or at least hadn’t happened until the two nights she had been anyone but herself. Hopefully that would never happen again, as she didn’t want too. She wanted to be happy, not worry about things that were happening. It made life easier, but sometimes you just had to worry and not act as if everything was alright. Things weren’t always alright and you had to accept that. For once, she had and it got to her as her guard was set down. Breaking down in front of her sister wasn’t the worst though, so she was fine with having finally admitted what she was to her. Thirteen years of not knowing had been a lot, after all. Today was going to be her first ‘I’m happy!’ mood for the week, spent with a good friend. First they had planned to go shopping and after that, they were going to go back to her place with what they got and just be girls, no worries allowed- but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t gossip! Being a girl, that was just one of the things you did when you were with friends. Well, most all girls, but most and Riley would gossip at times, just not too often. She was trustworthy, so she also said nothing she was told not too. Waiting, she was a few minutes early, like always, but enjoying the beginning of the day was something she had never minded. The outdoors were something she had a connection with in some creepy sort of way, therefore as she looked diagonally up at the sky, Riley watched the clouds pass by with a smile spread across her face, her long, blonde hair blowing in the wind as she did. The morning was a beautiful one to get outside, as she barley even needed her sweater, judging by the fact that fall wasn’t fully in England yet.
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Post by Mariana Diggory Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:00 pm

I died reading that lol!

Anyway accepted (AGAIN) and resorted into Rawenclaw!
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