ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius.
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ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius. Li9olo10

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ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius.

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ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius. Empty ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius.

Post by Augustus Rookwood Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:33 pm

ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius. Pz-lhifw11



    FULL NAME: Augustus Aemilius Rookwood

    NICKNAMES: While affection may typically be one’s guilty pleasure, Augustus never fancied nicknames even in their positive state. It would be a trait that his son, Kendall, would continue to bear. Understandably, though, people were bound to make up some for him, if not out of familiarity, then out of laziness at pronouncing the three syllables of his name. Still, only family can get away with referring to the man as Gus. There would certainly have been unpleasant names mentioned behind his back; a favour which he returns. Perhaps the only acceptable reference the man responds to is August.

    AGE: Thirty-Nine

    BIRTHDAY: 9 August 1986

    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin Alumni

    WAND: Aspen and Cypress, Vampire Venom, 14 inches, inflexible.
    For the crimes that had landed him in Azkaban, Augustus has had his previous and first wand confiscated and mysteriously lost by the authorities. Unfazed, and with the help and connection of his father, the current wand is far more powerful but subtle. Expectedly, the core of a Rookwood wand, acquired through such a fashion, would barely keep in line with what is legal or even ethical. While Augustus has exercised constant precaution against calling attention to his actions, let alone his wand, the ability of the wand far surpasses his previous one. Although it took far longer to ascertain its allegiance to him, the wand has procured loyalty towards the immediate household of Augustus Rookwood. Along with its aptitude for the Dark Arts, it is a wand made almost primarily for duelling. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the wand is particularly and uniquely fashioned to perform the Cruciatus Curse.

    ANIMAGUS: A raven.

    PLAY BY: David Gandy


    HAIR: While his Chocolate brown hair had been greasy and long during the years of fighting and at Azkaban, Augustus now wears it short, and keeps the waves neatly groomed.

    EYES COLOUR: Azure.

    HEIGHT: 5'11 | 1.81m

    BODY TYPE: Like Kendall, Augustus was a boy who fought against having to settle for a skinny frame. It was only at the turn of adulthood that the man began to develop weight that was crucial to pack on some much desired muscles. Augustus grew into a man with a rather robust and muscular frame, only to be thwarted by the ordeal in Azkaban. While the man still works at achieving what he thought was his prime, his body clearly finds it impossible to shake off the haggard strain that time at Azkaban has clocked in it.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Unlike Kendall, who got his feminine features from his mother, Augustus managed to grow out of his gawky teenage years to assume a manly frame that complements his chiselled features. While his son would possess an oddly smooth skin, Augustus has a rough one. A sign of his deeds is revealed on his pockmarked face that had healed from the scars of fighting alongside other Death Eaters, after it barely healed from the battle against pimples during puberty. Fortunately, but unintentionally, the man’s eyes and moustache draw attention away from the other parts of his face. While shopping is, unsurprisingly, not one of his many interests, Augustus does maintain the need to dress well for the sake of supposedly up-keeping the presentation of the Rookwood name.



    STRONG AREA OF MAGIC: The Dark Arts and Martial Magic.

    His son
    The Rookwood name

    His father
    His brothers

    Avenge the ones who landed him in Azkaban
    To procure more sons, for bragging rights among his brothers.
    To ensure that Kendall turns out the most impressive of the Rookwood male children of his generation.

    BOGGART: A Dementor.

    PATRONUS: A raven.

    DEMENTOR: The dreadful memory of time at Azkaban.

    VERITASERUM: Augustus fights hard to mask the fact that he is often being taken advantage of by his brothers. He vehemently denies suffering from bullying and not enjoying the favouritism that his father practices. As a result, he is terribly protective over his own wife and children.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Augustus sees his father bowing in regret as the circumstance dictates that he is the only true heir to the Rookwood family power and wealth.


    FATHER: Raghnall Thaddeus Rookwood | Former Death Eater; main Rookwood Landlord.

    STEPMOTHER: Emelia Jane Conrad | Raghnall’s only woman/wife, to the public.

    MOTHER: Kaeleigh Arleane Lambeth | Unofficial other woman/wife, kept in the manor.

    Thaddeus Rookwood| Death Eater; main heir to Rookwood lands
    Eamon Rookwood | Death Eater
    Cedric Rookwood | Death Eater
    *All of which are Emelia’s sons

    WIFE: Cordelia Coventina Birch (7 August 1988)| Death Eater Sympathiser

    Kendall Kaeden Rookwood (29 November 2008) | Slytherin, Seventh Year.
    Katarina Kaeleigh Rookwood (15 February 2011) | Ravenclaw, Fifth Year.
    Aurelia Arleane Rookwood (13 September 2021)
    Cecelia Caitlyn Rookwood (29 February 2024)
    Augustine Archimedes Rookwood (28 January 2027) | Unborn; Mother will die at the birth of this child.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Pureblood Elite

    FAMILY BUSINESS: Luxury Wizarding Estate Development, Land-owning

    PET: A massive Maine Coon cat who answers to The Tigress.

    A Nimbus 2020.

    Bedroom | Augustus and Cordelia's
    Bedroom | Kendall's
    Bedroom | Katarina's
    Bedroom | Aurelia's
    Bedroom | Cecelia's
    Grand Staircase


    Early Years:
    With three boys preceding him, the birth of Augustus lacked the fanfare typically bestowed on the Rookwood males. Raghnall already had his hands full. For one, he already had three Rookwood boys to groom. Another one joining the team was similar to the irritation felt by a Professor when a student enters a class fifteen minutes after the lesson has begun. Besides, Raghnall was also busy with fellow Death Eaters, serving the Dark Lord. Following suit, the other Rookwood boys overlooked their baby brother. Sure, any real territorial maliciousness was masked by what looked to be mere sibling rivalry and teasing. Still, Augustus often took offence at being left out, even if they still stood by him in the face of people apart from the family. While Augustus loved his mother, he was never to admit to the relationship in public. No, his mother was Emelia Conrad. Kaeleigh Lambeth was merely an unexplained mother figure to the boys at the manor. Raghnall simply did not want to upset his father by openly admitting to extra-marital affairs and a child out of wedlock. It was fine when the matter was kept within the family. The problem was not too pleasant when the Rookwood’s reputation was considered.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Astronomy – P
    Charms – E
    DADA – O
    Herbology – T
    History of Magic – E
    Potions – A
    Transfiguration – E
    Arithmancy – A
    Study of Ancient Runes – E

    Charms – E
    DADA – O
    History of Magic – E
    Transfiguration – E
    Study of Ancient Runes – E

    Thanks to the Rookwood influence and substantial N.E.W.T.s, Augustus could secure an internship position in the Department of Mysteries just before he graduated from Hogwarts. His persuasive personality ensured that, even as he was tasked with the procurement of information for the Dark Lord, Augustus could still convincingly please the Unspeakables who mentored him, and who were quick to offer him a permanent position after his time as an intern was up. There were undoubtedly many reasons why Augustus agreed to the Dark Lord’s requestdemand, even with a rather bright future staring at him. For one, he enjoyed the power that came from Voldemort’s trust. While he had been the least of the Rookwood boys, his new position from the ranks of the Death Eaters meant he was doing the best amongst the Rookwoods so far. While Augustus had outwardly maintained that he was forced to his task as the Dark Lord’s spy, the truth was that he lapped up the attention and power that came from it, and really bear no regrets to his actions bar the consequence of Azkaban.

    Augustus Rookwood is famously known for being the Dark Lord’s spy, for participation in the Wizarding Wars, and for employing the Unforgivable Curses at will during those times. Most notable of his act was the murder of Fred Weasley, although the subsequent torture and murder of muggles and muggleborn have yet to be unravelled. Augustus has paid for his known crimes at Azkaban, and takes extra precaution to avoid more returns to the place. Still, his thirst for power means that he continues to commit discreet trips of fun, where squibs are his favourite people to capture and torture, since the Ministry pays little attention to these people who are typically overlooked and uncared for.


    YOUR NAME: Madd

    RP EXPERIENCE: (-14+24) - (-16+17) - (-19+23)

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Been here for awhile.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Basilio Bermudez, Damien D'Eath, Kendall Rookwood, Trenton Thomas.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: For some Rookwood family plotting.

Augustus Rookwood
Augustus Rookwood
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate

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ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius. Empty Re: ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius.

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:09 pm

*refuses to comment on your laziness*

Accepted and sorted into Graaaaaaaaaduaaaaaatees! Very Happy
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius. Empty Re: ROOKWOOD, Augustus Aemilius.

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:19 pm

Hi Madd. Hi Amy.

Hi friends. =3
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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Gryffindor Graduate

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