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ROOKWOOD, katarina kealeigh

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Post by Katarina Rookwood Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:37 pm

ROOKWOOD, katarina kealeigh WARMWHISPERS



    FULL NAME: Katarina Kaeleigh Rookwood

    NICKNAMES: Kat, Kitty

    AGE: Born the 15th of Febuary, 2011. Currently she is sixteen years old. Kat will be entering her sixth year next September.

    ALLEGIANCE: Like her family, Kat is sympathetic to the Death Eaters and their cause. She has been raised to believe that anyone who is not pureblood is inferior to her. However, unlike the rest of the Rookwoods, she is not openly involved in harassing the muggles and mudbloods. While she supports them, she has no intention of joining the dark forces.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw.
    The house for the smart. Katarina is quiet about her intelligence and doesn’t spend a lot of her time hidden away in the library like some a her housemates. She is extremely organized, always keeping mental lists and sorting things without even thinking about it. Katarina can remember almost everything she has ever read if she works at it. Her memory is not quite photographic, but she does have a talent for connecting with the written word. The classroom setting comes naturally to Kat and she has no problem completing her homework to get above average grades.

    CLASSES: Charms & Transfiguration (among others)

    WAND: Rosewood, peacock feather core, 12 inches

    PLAY BY: Miranda Kerr


    HAIR COLOR: Kat’s hair is a rich chocolate brown. It’s rather thick and always seems to have enough volume that she can style it in whatever way pleases her. Normally she lets it fall freely down, although admittedly, with a spell or two to keep it detangled and perfect no matter what wind Mother Nature throws at her. When completely loose it falls at about the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her locks do have some faint natural curl to them. When Kat chooses to they can be intensified to produce very attractive, loose ringlets towards the ends. When they bother her (or simply don’t go with the outfit of the hour) she can straiten it will no trouble at all and almost instantly turn strait-haired. Although Kat would never let anything magical (wand or otherwise) cut her hair, she has been known to maintain it to beyond perfection with some spells. She believes old fashioned muggle styling never hurt anyone.

    EYE COLOR: Kat’s eyes are nothing to write home about. Like the rest of her, they are pretty, just don’t happen to be spectacular. They are a pleasant blue-grey-green color all swirled together so you can’t really make out patterns. They aren’t ugly, they just don’t sparkle like diamonds in the sun or shoot lasers at their enemies.

    HEIGHT: At a striking 5’9, Kat even further exemplifies the model body type. After years of waiting the boys of Hogwarts are finally catching up to her height. But even now, the tip of her head may be visible over the top of the crowd. Because of her rapid height gain a few years ago she has a couple stretch marks that she works hard to cover up. Most of Kat’s height comes from her legs, which seem to go on for days. Kat wouldn’t mind being an inch or two shorter to fit in just a little bit better but she’s not going to complain about her looks.

    BODY TYPE: Model thin. Half anorexia, half natural metabolism, Kat finds her body able to be shaped in the way that most girls would die for. She has the perfect flat beach belly and gorgeous thin thighs. Unlike most skinny girls Kat is blessed with breasts bigger than AAA’s. This allows her to actually wear a bikini and such. And obviously that is the most important thing.

    ROOKWOOD, katarina kealeigh Tumblr_m5e96yp1Lg1ryowado1_500


    Easily Embarressed

    The Rookwood Family
    The Goyle Family
    The Krum Family
    The Anderson Family
    The Delacour Family

    Being beautiful
    Being pureblooded
    Classical music
    Freshly baked bread
    Old-fashioned romance
    The color blue
    The ocean

    Being wrong
    [s]Boys[/s] Men
    Loud noises
    Muggle borns

    To keep Kendall out of trouble.
    To win her father’s approval.
    To have a storybook romance.

    There has never before been such a sexy girl who is quite as awkward about anything romantic as Katarina. She has only kissed a boy, nothing more, and has convinced herself she’s no good at it. She’s comfortable in her body unless it’s around boys, in which case she feels completely vulnerable. Both her friends, and the boys who attempt to be with her, find this extremely strange.

    Around people who are more wealthy, older, better looking, or have higher status than her, Katarina tends to keep her head down and tries not to meet them in the eyes. She’s working at not being so submissive but a lifetime of training is hard to forget.

    Many more will come out as her character develops (or when I think of them).

    BOGGART: A tie between rejection and giants. As one is much more literal than the other, a boggart would normally appear to her as a stomping, raging, all around terrifying male giant. He has supernaturally large biceps and it is obvious that he is capable of crushing the small girl in one hand. Kat is not sure why this is the vision that scares her the most, but a friend once speculated that it is Kat’s interpretation of the male image. Her deeper fear of male contact and how intimidated she feels may be represented in the giant. Her non-boggart fear is fairly simple. All she wants is her father’s approval, not to mention the acceptance of her peers. Kendall is the only person who has ever been there for her. The idea of his rejection (or anyone elses) is enough to drive her just about crazy.

    PATRONUS: Katarina is not confident enough in herself to have ever preformed the spell. She has no clue what form her patronus would take and isn’t really sure she would be happy with what she would find. Her happiest memory is a summer day several years ago when she and Kendall went to the beach while on a vacation in Turkey. It was just the two of them with no pressure of the outside world. But even this memory would not be strong enough to produce the patronus charm.

    DEMENTOR: Hard to pinpoint. There have been many periods of her life where Kat is far from being happy. The lack of attention from her father and occasionally her brother has been a part of life for as long as she can remember so it doesn’t even really register with her on an emotional level. Katarina has never actually met a dementor so she has not experienced her worst memories but I can guess that it would simply have to give her the feeling of being unwanted and a failure that she dreads.

    VERITASERUM: Katarina doesn’t have many secrets. Especially from her family. She’s a good girl who has always followed her parent’s instructions to the dime. There is only two things that she hides. The first is her art. Not that there is anything particularly disgraceful or untactful about it. The most elaborate things she does is create sculptures of clay. But mostly it’s just sketching what she sees. Kat hasn’t really pursued it beyond her room but she has been told by her friends that she is pretty good. She has always wanted to share her work with her brother but has always been afraid that he will laugh at her. It’s not exactly the most useful of skills.

    The second simply a feeling. A feeling that her life (and family) isn’t normal. That she should be looking for something more out of her life than simply being given a pureblood husband and making beautiful, pureblood children. But this secret feeling is hidden so deep inside of her that not even veritaserum would bring it out.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: If Kat looked into this magic mirror on the wall she would simply see herself. At first glance it would look like nothing was different.. like she was perfectly happy with everything in her life already. But when you looked closer you would see small changes in her. Her physical appearance would remain more or less the same but the way she stands would be more strait up and confident. Kat’s face would be frozen in a wide smile, as if just realizes the punch line to a really funny joke. She looks happy, confident, and comfortable in her own skin. Stronger. Better.

    PERSONALITY: At first meeting Katarina seems to be a proud, quiet type of girl who really doesn’t have the time for anyone else simply because her social status places her above the rest of the lowlifes. But in reality she is just extremely shy and soft spoken, especially around members of the opposite sex. If you pursue conversation with Katarina you will find her to be quite intelligent and unintentionally humorous with a wide variety of opinions on the state of the world. She could remain soft spoken for a long time, years even, before really opening up to a former stranger. It take a lot for Katarina to open herself to others. But when she does you’ll be happy with what you find.

    Kat is very.. careful. She doesn’t like taking risks to avoid even the thought of getting hurt. She is very quick to take the blame and apologize, even when it is not her fault, with the hope that it will end an argument more quickly. It take quite a bit to make Katarina angry. She is normally a very logical in her thinking and over plans everything. Kat is very organized and knows where everything she owns is. It brings more stress than would be considered normal when things aren’t in their proper place. Including herself. The easiest way to spike her temper would be to take a jab at the Rookwood family. She is unswervingly loyal to the family name. Luckily her protective nature extends beyond her bizarre family and to her close friends as well.

    It doesn’t take much to embarrass Katarina. If someone is above her the slightest strange look in her direction will flood her face with brilliant red coloring. This however does not apply to those that she has been taught are below her. She is extremely prejudice towards those who are less wealthy, less beautiful, or have a lower blood status than her. She’s just too subtle about her revolution for anyone to really see it. On the topic on pureblood society, there are aspects of it that she can’t stand. Mainly the lavish parties that people tend to throw. She is absolutely hopeless in social situations where you have to make small talk and she shrinks even further into her shell during them. Meeting people can be borderline terrifying for her.

    Despite her fear of crowds, Katarina has been taught how to behave. She is extremely well mannered and proper, almost to the point where it can seem like she’s mocking it with her obedience. Katarina is the perfect, dutiful daughter – respectful, kind, and able to disappear into dark corners when she’s not wanted around. Every once in awhile she will resent the fact that she has been made into a puppet but she prefers not to give it much thought.

    When others aren’t around and the pressures of society have lessoned, Katarina is quite a different person. She has a beautiful laugh, and a cute smile. The water calls to her and she can’t resist jumping in puddles like a schoolchild when it’s raining. She captures beauty in her unintentional art – from swirling food with her fork to arranging seashells and driftwood on the beach to styling her hair every morning. Occasionally she will sit down and intentionally sketch. This normally happens with little doodles on her notes during class or on days when she sprawls out lazily on the grounds of Hogwarts. Her drawings are pretty (she has an eye for realism – no one can paint a bowl of fruit quite like her) but she is starting to enjoy making little sculptures with whatever she happens to have in her pockets at the time. Clay would be preferred but gum wrappers and broken quills do just fine.

    Katarina is the epitome of naive. She has quite strong opinions for someone who hasn’t really been able to experience the world for herself. Luckily she has too small of a voice for people to take offence to them. Any type of sexual activity is more or less a mystery to her. With her brother and father being who they are, it is somewhat a miracle that she manages to still hold every bit of her innocence. It’s not like she’s waiting for her wedding night or that he hasn’t had the opportunity many times. Katarina isn’t sure what is holding her back from that type of.. experience. She wants a fairytale romance with a knight to sweep her off her feet and carry her to safety. Katarina is guarded enough to protect herself against falling easily.

    Despite her pureblood upbringing, Katarina continues to be a sweet, unassuming girl. She’s beautiful but smart. Proud but modest. Even though she can be considered to be a bit snobbish from the first impression, she is much deeper than her name. Katarina has many layers that most will never get the chance to see. She is a genuinely good person to the core.


    FATHER:Augustus Aemilius Rookwood (9 December 1986) | Notorious Death-Eater, former Ministry Unspeakable, spy for the Dark Lord.

    MOTHER: Cordelia Coventina Birch (7 August 1988) | Death-Eater sympathiser.

    Kendall Kaeden Rookwood (29 November 2008) | Slythirin, Graduated.
    Aurelia Arleane Rookwood (13 September 2021)
    Cecelia Caitlyn Rookwood (29 February 2024)
    Augustine Archimedes Rookwood (28 January 2027) | Unborn; Mother will die at the birth of this child.

    Raghnall Rookwood (1945) | Katarina’s grandfather
    Thaddeus Rookwood (1967) | Katarina’s uncle
    Eamon Rookwood (1975) | Katarina’s uncle
    Cedric Rookwood (1983) | Katarina’s uncle
    Augustus Rookwood (1986) | Katarina’s father

    Strong familial ties with the Krums, Goyles, and Averys.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Pureblood Elite

    PET(S): None. Uses family owls for mail.

    BROOMSTICK(): Katarina has only been flying a few times and while she enjoyed it, she did not see the need to pursue it further by buying a broom of her own while her lovely brother had one that she could borrow any time her little heart desired.


    Early Years: Katarina was born on the 15th of Febuary, 2011 to Augustus and Cordelia Rookwood. Although the former was pleased to have another heir to his name he was disappointed in the gender of the child. Augustus had no need for a daughter. What he needed (and desired) was another son. As she grew older Katarina became relatively comfortable with living in her older brother’s shadow. She was educated from home by a private tutor and learned about everything from geography, to languages, to entertaining guests. Katarina could see her whole future already laid out in front of her. Although she rarely became agitated, she had still showed signs that suggested she was magical. Although she was very different from her brother, they still got along pretty well as far as siblings go. The house and grounds were big enough for both of them to frolic in without having to run into eachother if they wished it that way.

    Hogwarts Years: Just like had been suspected, Katarina received her Hogwarts letter when she was eleven. That September she was send off on the train to Hogwarts. As Kendall had already attended for a year she had a vague idea of what to expect and didn’t find it particularly nerve wracking. She found a busy spot on the train and set her sights on meeting new people and making friends. By the end of her first year this had been very well accomplished. Unfortunately the prejudices of blood status that had been instated in her from a young age made her a few enemies too. Kat tended to linger by ‘her kind’ and enjoyed the company of the other wealthy, pureblooded girls. She did well in her studies and didn’t find them hard to keep up with at all. Her grades proved that her house was in her.

    Second year was so much like the first year that there is really no point in discussing it further.

    Third year is when things started to change. Thirteen is a strange and unusual time of change. Puberty really started to set in for Katarina around this time. Her body changed quickly from a skinny, little girl to a woman. She grew in what felt like feet at a time and strange things like curves started to develop. Thirteen was an awkward inbetween phase for Kat and she started to feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Her taught confidence waned and she started feeling very vulnerable.

    The summer before her forth year was a magical time. All of the clumsy, awkwardness that Kat had felt the year before dissolved and she returned to school almost unrecognizable. There was no other word for it – Katarina Rookwood had become sexy. With hips and boobs and stuff. Compared to the ache laden faces of her classmates she looked something like a goddess – years beyond her age. Augutus may not have wanted a daughter but this certainly helped him swallow the pill. If it’s a girl at least let her be beautiful. However the sudden attention made Kat uncomfortable, and she profited little from it.

    During her fifth year nothing dramatic happened to Katarina. Her new beauty remained and she started slowly becoming more comfortable with herself again. She no longer had to stare at herself in the mirror, looking for herself. Instead she focused her energy into enhancing her looks like the other girls did. She experimented with hair and clothes until she found styles that worked for her. Although some people (including boys) expressed some interest in becoming her friend or getting to know her better Kat remained surprisingly unsocial. She was surprisingly poor at conversation in general and only opened up to a few select people. Her silence combined with her looks and blood status led people to believe she was intentionally cold and too proud.

    In the summer before her sixth year she received the results from last years O.W.L.S. They read as follows.

    Astronomy – E
    Charms – E
    DADA – A
    Herbology – D
    History of Magic – O
    Potions – A
    Transfiguration – E
    Arithmancy – O
    Study of Ancient Runes – O

    Adulthood: Silly rabbit, she’s only sixteen!


    YOUR NAME: Emily !

    RP EXPERIENCE: About 4 minutes

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have always been here, and will always be here.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Oh god. Mira, Jamie, Gisele, Georgia, Octavia?

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To create a Rookwood of my own. Also, Miranda Kerr.


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Post by Anabelle Mulciber Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:47 pm

*has fangirl moment over Miranda*

I was wondering when the second Rookwood would get created.

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Post by Elijah Krum Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:05 pm

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw! :3

So didn't notice the cheeky loss of general personality. Pfft. The attention to detail in the body type etc. cats.+ the pretty picture makes up for it. :3

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