TRENARY, Kai Darius
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TRENARY, Kai Darius

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TRENARY, Kai Darius Empty TRENARY, Kai Darius

Post by Kai Trenary Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:45 am

TRENARY, Kai Darius KaiCS
Kai D. Trenary


    FULL NAME: Kai Darius Trenary

    NICKNAMES: None Currently

    AGE: 13

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    CLASSES: Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, & DADA

    WAND: 9.75 inches, Dragon Heartstring, Elder, Rigid

    PLAY BY: Colin Ford


    HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Gray-Blue

    HEIGHT: 5’5”

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Kai is a light skinned boy who stands about 5'5" with a skinny, slender build. As he's only 13, it's rather likely he's still growing, and his build still has a chance to fill out, though he distinctly doubts that it will. His eyes are bright and a stormy sort of gray-blue, while his hair is dirty blonde, appearing almost brown in certain lights. He isn't particularly attractive, though cute might work, not that he would approve of being called cute. He's... average, that's all.

    As you would expect, Kai doesn't particularly enjoy the robes that wizards seem to favor. According to him, they get in the way more than they help. His favored attire consists of dark colored jeans that neither cling, nor hang off his slim frame (because they show dirt and grime less readily than lighter toned pants) and t-shirts and tank tops in varying shades of gray, often with little to no details on them. Impressively, when he opts to wear a white shirt, it's rare that any dirt or grime whatsoever will be found on it, even if he had just been working in the greenhouses, or working with potion ingredients. He rarely dons anything but a pair of black skater shoes on his feet, and also has a jean jacket that looks as though it's had much better days.



    -Passive (Aggressive)

    -Working in the greenhouses
    -Magical creatures.

    -Extroverted people.
    -Jeremy, his brother.
    -Garden Gnomes.
    -Being completely alone.
    -Arrogant Prats.

    -Graduate from Hogwarts with passable grades.
    -Work for Slug and Jiggers’ Apothecary to learn more uses for various herbs.
    -Eventually run a giant greenhouse with mundane and magical flora.

    -Often stands with his hands behind his back, sometimes in military "at ease" position.
    -Always has something in his mouth. (Quill, paper clip, ect.)
    -Always carries a muggle notebook and pen with him. The notebook is full of doodles, notes on various subjects & people, quotes, and a variety of other things.

    BOGGART: Everyone leaving, or being dead. Being completely alone, forever.

    PATRONUS: Transfiguring a Middlemist Red plant for his mother. It didn't last long, but it brought her joy to see one of the rarest flowers in existence.

    DEMENTOR: His father leaving after Kai returned from his first year at Hogwarts.

    VERITASERUM: He's jealous of purebloods.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: A giant greenhouse, with many beautiful flowering plants, amazing smells, and magnificent colors, with an attached room full of books filled with information on various plants including their properties and how to take care of them. And, a large Middlemist Red in the middle of it all, with his mother working it beside him.

    PERSONALITY: Kai is a... curious person to deal with. He appears to be rather straightforward and blunt, with a talent for striping things down to their most essential parts and dismissing flowery words and unimportant details. For the most part, he tells the truth and has no problems telling someone precisely what he thinks if he's asked, or what he's observed. He's loyal, to those that've proven worth being loyal to, but unlikely to follow someone blindly or just for the sake of following someone, but has a distinct lack of ambition. He does just what needs to be done to get by. He's a touch introverted, and gets easily tired and annoyed of in-your-face, highly extroverted people. In complete contrast, however, Kai hates being completely alone. He would rather sit in companionable silence.

    His actions tend to be based more on instinct than any actual logic or reason, and he has a distinct talent for being able to tell how people will interact. He's rather decisive and impulsive, hating to wait around when he feels something needs to be done. The strange part in all of this, however, is that despite his normally forthcoming ways, Kai can be exceptionally subtle. He seems to have a good sense for when not to tell the entire truth of something, or when to twist his words. It can be difficult to tell when he's telling the complete truth, or when he's leaving something out.


    FATHER: Gavin Trenary (Age 40) - Estranged

    MOTHER: Ellen Pena (Age 43) In good health

    SIBLING(S): Jeremy Trenary (Age 19) - Non-Magical Older Brother

    OTHER: Logan Pena (Age 46) - Uncle on mother's side.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle class

    Aldric - Barn Owl


    OTHER POSSESSIONS: None notable.


    Early Years: Kai was born 6 years after his older brother, Jeremy, to Ellen Pena and Gavin Trenary (they never married). They lived in a small suburban home, vaguely cramped, but not entirely uncomfortable. Gavin worked as a carpenter to pay their expenses, while Ellen stayed home with Jeremy and Kai. His mother subscribed to pagan faiths, such as druidism, and from a young age, Kai found himself helping her with her well cared for garden in the backyard. While they worked, Ellen told him about the properties of each plant and herb they cultivated in herbal medicine. Though she wasn't a witch herself, Ellen's knowledge of plant properties was extensive, as she had learned from her mother, and grandmother when she was young herself.

    In mundane school, Kai was neither exceptionally bright nor dull, keeping the average pace you would expect. He wasn't a particularly social child, but that wasn't anything to worry about. Jeremy and Kai did the usual needling and teasing of each other, as you would expect from siblings. One day, it went a little too far, however. Jeremy had been watching Kai, while their mother went to the store down the street, and got sick of Kai pestering him. He duct taped Kai to a wall, up off the ground. Kai... didn't like that very much, and a few moments later, Jeremy found himself in Kai's place. That was the boy's first brush with accidental magic use, something that happened a few more times through his childhood before he received his letter from Hogwarts. He didn't get in trouble, however, as his mother and father couldn't see how little Kai could have overpowered Jeremy and stuck him to the wall unless Jeremy had been willing to be stuck up there. The incident was, for the most part, forgotten.

    Shortly after Kai's 11th birthday, the Trenary household was visited by a man. The man explained, rather patiently, that Kai was a wizard. Magic existed, there was a whole government in place that sought to keep magic hidden from the non-magical (muggle) world, potions could be brewed, magical creatures existed, and wizards used owls to deliver letters. Kai's mind was sent reeling, as he was handed a thick envelope that contained his letter from Hogwarts. The next little while was a flurry of activity, as Kai was taken to Diagon Alley, and promptly bought probably half of Flourish and Blotts in an effort to garner as much information as he possibly could. He had stepped into the magical world 11 years later than those born into it, and he had no intentions of letting that lapse remain.

    Kai's first year at Hogwarts was... uneventful. He faced the prejudice you would expect as he was a mudblood, but turned around and made that horrible insult into a badge of honor. He was a mudblood, but he still wasn't an arrogant prat, and that was enough for him. He showed an innate talent for potions and herbology, with his extensive knowledge of herbal medicine. But, upon his return home for the summer holidays, his father left. Gavin, a man who was too comfortable in the muggle world and his ignorance, couldn't handle his youngest son being a wizard, being engulfed by some magical world that would make no sense to him. He took Jeremy as well when he left.

    Ellen and Kai moved in with Ellen's brother, Logan (his wife had died a few years previously, and his daughter was grown and on her own), and Kai returned to Hogwarts the next year with a heavy heart. It didn't take long for the infectious nature of Hogwarts to buoy his spirits, however he still feels a fair amount of guilt about his father leaving, even if his mother constantly insists it was only his father's fault.

    Adulthood: Not Applicable


    YOUR NAME: Velkyn

    RP EXPERIENCE: On and off for about 5+ years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: A Top 50 Roleplay Sites list.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To roleplay in an AU HP setting, due to a ridiculous itch in the back of my mind to do so. And fill out the third years a little bit more.


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Kai Trenary
Kai Trenary
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TRENARY, Kai Darius Empty Re: TRENARY, Kai Darius

Post by Elliot "Ellie" Hansen Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:54 am

I like him! I may keep my third year so as to RP with him!
Elliot "Ellie" Hansen

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TRENARY, Kai Darius Empty Re: TRENARY, Kai Darius

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:41 pm

Hey there, welcome to PA!

Wonderful application! Really well done! (:

Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff!

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you need a hand!
Elijah Krum
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