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FLINT, Darius

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FLINT, Darius Empty FLINT, Darius

Post by Darius Flint Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:16 pm

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    FULL NAME: Darius Ryan Flint

    NICKNAMES: Flint, Asshole, Sex God (okay, maybe no one really calls him that last one…)

    AGE: 17, Seventh

    ALLEGIANCE: Primarily himself, dabbles in the Dark Followers

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    CLASSES: Charms, Transfiguration

    WAND TYPE: Juniper, just shy of ten and three quarters inches long, kraken beak core.

    PLAY BY: Greg Nawrat


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6’3”

    BODY TYPE: Long torso and limbs, lean muscle to hide lankiness, narrow

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Darius is tall. It’s the first thing listed here because it is one of the first things people notice. And right after his distinguishing height, they tend to notice his steely blue eyes. These eyes have a power to bend the will of others, whether that be whisking a pretty young thing away to his dormitory or convincing a rival that he isn’t one to be challenged. His eyes are usually narrowed, on the lookout for something new, but guarded if anyone gets too close. Other distinguishing facial features include a pointed jawline and full lips that carry a nearly ever-present smirk. His skin is dotted with a few beauty marks and the occasional stubble on his chin, but otherwise his complexion is clear and smooth.

    Darius is long and lean in form, with limbs that seem to go on forever. While he was lankier as a child, as soon as he found Quidditch, it didn’t take long to put on the muscles that hide his otherwise gangly body. He has a very long torso which ends in slim hips and long legs. Darius tends to dress with a “devil-may-care” attitude, putting a bit of rebellion into his wardrobe without giving it much thought. Darius has a high enough opinion of himself that he is rather convinced that no matter what he wears, he could still make any girl bend to his every whim.

    Darius has medium length, light brown hair that is naturally wavy and usually parted deeply to the side or pushed around in a tousled style. He has pale skin and large hands that have never known a day’s work, but are calloused from holding tight to a beater’s bat for so many hours each week. He has perfectly white, straight teeth, but unless he was talking, you probably wouldn’t see them. He much prefers the close-liped smirk to an outright smile.


    Spotting other people’s weaknesses
    Exploiting other people’s weaknesses
    Flying/Quidditch (beater)
    Making people believe things they know aren’t true

    Blatant disregard for the feelings of others
    Not knowing/caring where “the line” is
    Lack of compassion
    Admitting when he’s wrong

    Breaking people
    Having knowledge he isn’t supposed to have (blackmail, anyone?)
    Getting lucky
    Intimidating others
    Never having to worry about money
    Feeling important

    People that break too easily. Where’s the challenge in that?
    Following orders
    Classes (oh, the tedium)
    People that have anything on him
    Women that don’t show interest in him

    To screw with (figuratively and literally) as many people as possible
    To become a professional quidditch beater
    To hold enough power as an adult that he can get away with living by his own rules

    Rolls his cigarettes through his fingers when he smokes
    Finds torturing others to be exceedingly enjoyable
    Runs his hands through his hair a lot
    Is territorial of things that belong to him, or he perceives to belong to him (i.e. women)

    BOGGART: Athena Goyle revealing she caught him sleeping with a mudblood.

    PATRONUS: The first time a bludger he hit connected with an opposing player.

    DEMENTOR: His father telling him he is not of pureblood descent.

    VERITASERUM: He’s a psychopath.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To maintain or exceed his social status, be a bachelor for life, and have a job that writes him a “blank check” to do whatever he wants to people.

    PERSONALITY: To put it bluntly (as Darius prefers to do), Darius is not a very nice person. He can come across that way when it is in his interest to do so, but when you get right down to it, Darius is viciously self-serving. He is a psychopath that cares only for his own benefit, and doesn’t make legitimate ties with anyone. He doesn’t like to be alone – who would be around to admire him? – but he doesn’t have any true friends. Instead, he chooses people for what they can do for him, be it status, sex, or otherwise. Darius can come across as very charming, and he always seems to know just what to say. Despite his ability to put on the charm, though, Darius can sometimes get himself into trouble because he doesn’t know where the line between “funny and charming” and “being a huge asshole” lies. This is probably related to his sadistic sense of humor that is fueled mostly by cutting other people down for his own entertainment.

    Darius is a proud, vain individual with a highly inflated view of himself, and he doesn’t like anyone that tries to poke holes in the image he spends so much time maintaining. Although many people have called him an asshole, no one really understands that his lack of empathy is pathological instead of a personality quirk, and he does a good job of disguising it, overall. He also doesn’t like when people have information about him that he hasn’t explicitly given them – such as Athena’s knowing about him and the mudblood. He prefers – as most people would – not to be on the receiving end of the blackmail situation.

    Lacking in conscience and empathy, Darius takes whatever he wants does as he pleases, violating social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse. Darius lies freely, and with great talent, to achieve his own ends. Darius cares more about himself than any other person, and he isn’t ashamed of it, but he’s not exactly going to go brandishing it around either. That wouldn’t serve any purpose.


    FATHER: Marcus Flint

    MOTHER: Millicent Bullstrode

    SIBLING(S): None

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Very Wealthy

    PET(S): Male snowy owl named Steel (get it, Flint and Steel? It’s ironic. Laugh.)

    BROOMSTICK(): Firebolt v3.0

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: It would be easier to list things he doesn’t have…


    Early Years: Darius grew up in an upper-class family. His parents, Marcus and Millicent, were in the high society (though considering their general lack of intelligence and hygiene, this is somewhat surprising) and raised Darius to believe himself above the general population. This didn’t take much coaxing, because of Darius’ psychopathy, and he soon grew to be even a bit more than his parents could handle. Millicent took responsibility for Darius when he was younger while Marcus went off doing work for the Death Eaters, but with her not being the brightest bulb on the tree, Darius easily manipulated her again and again. When he was six, Darius tricked his mother into buying him a package of muggle fireworks, which he promptly fed to the family cat, who (needless to say) wasn’t around much longer after that. Nannies were slated with Darius duty thereafter.

    The nannies didn’t fare much better than his parents had at controlling his temper, tantrums, and tongue, because Darius didn’t seem to respond to any form of punishment or reward system. He merely behaved in whatever way suited him best at the time, and if that meant getting “grounded” (what a joke, that never lasted more than a day), he didn’t care. Despite his poor behavior, his parents continued to spoil him, only ingraining in Darius that life – or rather, his life in particular – could be conducted outside of the boundaries other people had to live within.

    When Darius got his letter from Hogwarts, his parents couldn’t say they were disappointed to be rid of him. They bought him the best of everything, dropped him on the train, and promised to send money whenever he needed it.

    Hogwarts Years: Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Darius came to realize that in order to survive the amount of social interaction involved with schooling, he couldn’t continue to behave like a complete brat. This was a difficult transition, from spoiled only-child to one of many students. His father had impressed on the quidditch field, but neither of his parents had been shining examples in the classroom, so he had no clout in that arena. He was scrawny in his first year, but managed to make the quidditch team in his second year, which was when he really began to make something of himself at Hogwarts.

    Darius had spent his first year screwing up almost every connection he tried to make with other students, because he made no attempt to hide his selfishness or sadistic sense of humor. After getting on to the quidditch team, however, Darius had an opportunity for a built-in set of friends that could serve as a starting place for him to grow in popularity. So he was careful around his teammates to always seem charming and harmless, making jokes at his own expense to get in with the group. It worked, and by his fourth year, Darius had a steady group of friends both on and off the pitch.

    As he grew in popularity, though, his vanity began to rear its ugly head again. He had spent years pretending to be someone else so he could get a group of people around him, but now that he had put in the work, he began to slip up and let some of his true colors show again. He was careful to exercise his vindictive tendencies on students outside his immediate group of “friends”, scheming against younger students or blatantly making fun of staff members and peers. This worked with the group of people he had surrounded himself with, those who didn’t mind him cutting down others for sport. Their admiration of his wit and charm only made Darius more conceited, and reinforced once again that his negative behavior would always be rewarded.

    As he got older, Darius got into the most popular group of Slytherins at the school, all pureblood and wealthy, and he fit in nicely there. They didn’t mind his scathing personality traits, as long as they weren’t on the receiving end. Darius turned his charm on the girls of Hogwarts, becoming a fast womanizer who had a quickly growing list of conquests. He was never picky about who he slept with (anything that served the purpose would do), but he had to pretend to be for the sake of his reputation. When he got sloppy and slept with a mudblood, though, Athena caught him and has since been making him tread lightly around her, which Darius despises.

    Recently, Darius has had a falling out with his group of friends when he went too far and crossed the boundary between making fun of other people and making fun of those within the group itself. It wouldn’t be so bad if Darius’s sense of humor was not so centered on hurtful truths, but when he crossed the line and said something that was just a bit too true to be funny, Athena , Kendall and the rest of the group decided they had had enough of him.

    Realizing this will be a setback to his reputation and group of adoring followers, Darius knows he has to do something to get back into the group. He has been practicing his “contrite face” and is hoping to lure the others into accepting him back after promising he has changed (yeah right).

    Adulthood: Still a student.


    YOUR NAME: Everyone calls me Amelia

    RP EXPERIENCE: Way too much (to think of the hours I have spent writing on these sites…)

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Affiliated site link

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Amelia Lyons, Remy Devaul

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To replace an NPC involved in a Slytherin/Gryffindor rival gang plot. Also factors in to the plot of Kendall, Athena, and eventually Piper.

    RP SAMPLE: I’m confident you can find one or two or… 1444 of these if you so desire.

Darius Flint
Darius Flint

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FLINT, Darius Empty Re: FLINT, Darius

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:37 pm

Brilliant app! ;D
Accepted and sorted into Slytherin!

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