BERMÚDEZ, Basilio Leonidas
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BERMÚDEZ, Basilio Leonidas

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BERMÚDEZ, Basilio Leonidas Empty BERMÚDEZ, Basilio Leonidas

Post by Julien Delacour Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:54 pm

BERMÚDEZ, Basilio Leonidas Tumblr_m2wkqmA99o1qajhjjo1_500



    FULL NAME: Basilio Leonidas Bermúdez Larocha
    According to the Spanish naming tradition, Bermúdez is the paternal family name, and Larocha is the maternal family name.

    NICKNAMES:The man will introduce himself as Bas. Mates and his paternal family call him Bas too. Because it was his maternal grandparents who picked his middle name, and the dispute that followed (where they adamantly wanted his first name to be Leonidas), they choose to stick their gunswands, preferring to call him Leon.

    AGE: Twenty-Four

    BIRTHDAY: 17 August 2000

    ALLEGIANCE: The Ministry

    DURMSTRANG HOUSE: Drakonya Krov Alumni

    WAND TYPE: Hawthorn and Rowan, Dragon Heartstring and Graphorn Skin , 14 inches, unyielding.

    001. Willing
    002. Reliable
    003. Good for DADA
    004. Boosts ability at Charms
    005. Boosts ability at Transfiguration
    006. Protective strength
    007. Rowan wood best for duelling
    008. Lack in subtlety
    009. Poor in performing other Magic types
    010. Impulsive
    011. Graphorn skin core deemed the best against offensive spells
    012. Excellent wand for duelling

    PLAY BY: Jon Kortajarena


    HAIR: Unruly, dark brown locks.

    EYES COLOUR: Muddy brown.

    HEIGHT: 6’2½ | 1.89m

    BODY TYPE: Bas has slightly narrow shoulders which suffer more emphasis because of his habit to slouch as he stands. Generally, the man is slim, despite packing some lean muscles over the years.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Bas is extremely laidback when it comes to his appearance. His hair is usually a mess of longer than average locks. He goes to trim it at random places only when it gets incredibly unbearable to handle. If not, nothing cannot be taken care of by the tiny dab of hair wax he puts on his comb every morning as he spends not more than a couple of minutes fixing the mane to a more acceptable one. Given his laziness with his hair, Bas attitude extends to his facial hair, where he only shaves when he feels like it. Most of the time, he’s just too lazy to. After all, grooming was never one of is strongest points. Too bad for the man, hairiness is something he has to confront. Leon is bestowed with hair that seems to grow from every inch of his body. He is a very hairy man. His limbs, torso, chest, back … one wonders why he isn’t a Werewolf. Despite his lackadaisical attitude towards his appearance, Bas’ mother buys him clothes regularly. Thanks to the woman’s good taste, the man avoids seriously lacking in the fashion department and in his wardrobe.


    001. Adventurous
    002. Agile
    003. Amiable
    004. Athletic
    005. Courageous
    006. Curious
    007. Determined
    008. Honest
    009. Hot-tempered
    010. Idealistic
    011. Independent
    012. Loyal
    013. Mature
    014. Polite
    015. Punctual
    016. Protective
    017. Observant
    018. Outdoorsy
    019. Quiet
    020. Rash
    021. Reliable
    022. Resourceful
    023. Self-righteous
    024. Shrewd
    025. Stubborn
    026. Unforgiving
    027. Vengeful

    001. Alchemy – D
    002. Curses & Hexes – E
    003. Curse Breaking – E
    004. Defense & Duelling – E
    005. Flora & Fauna – D
    006. Magical Creatures – E
    007. Necromancy – A
    008. Transfiguration – E

    001. Curses & Hexes – O
    002. Curse Breaking – E
    003. Defense & Duelling – O
    004. Magical Creatures – E
    005. Transfiguration – E

    STRONG AREA OF MAGIC: Defense against the Dark Arts, Duelling

    WEAK AREA OF MAGIC: Theoretical and subtler Magic types

    English – Good
    Russian – Good
    Spanish – Excellent

    001. Adventures
    002. Barcelona Football Club
    003. Cigarettes
    004. Duelling
    005. Family
    006. Flying
    007. German beer
    008. Home-made meals
    009. Muggle Ice Hockey
    010. Quidditch
    011. Speed
    012. Travelling

    001. Animal cruelty
    002. Attention
    003. Bad service
    003. Death Eaters
    004. Dishonesty
    005. Early mornings
    006. Extreme odours
    007. Large gatherings
    008. Immobility
    009. Innocent bloodshed
    010. Reading
    011. Shopping
    012. Theories

    001. To become a successful Auror
    002. To avenge his father’s death
    003. To do an around-the-world-in-eighty-days tour

    BOGGART: Faces of the Death Eaters who made him witness the torture and murder of his father.

    PATRONUS: A Grey Wolf.

    DEMENTOR: The day that he helplessly watched his father die.

    VERITASERUM: Bas is deeply ashamed of his paternal family’s ties to Dark Wizards, especially their alliances with the Death Eaters. Thanks to the fact that there were no notorious Dark Wizards amongst the Bermúdezs, he manages to keep this a secret from the people who know him.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Bodies of Death Eaters strewn all around him, dead; murdered by him and his deceased father.


    Family Business: Wizarding Ship-Building; Land-Owning
    Grandfather: Iago Bermúdez (1944) | Death-Eater
    Grandmother: Ysobel Mascherano (1945)
    Aunts and Uncles:
    Alessandra Bermúdez Mascherano (1966)
    Romulus Bermúdez Mascherano (1969) | Death-Eater
    Evandro Bermúdez Mascherano (1977) | Death-Eater
    Desdemona Bermúdez Mascherano (1977)
    Residence: Bermúdez Castilla

    Family Business: Wizarding Fashion; Land-Owning
    Grandfather: Josep Larocha (1944)
    Grandmother: Tatiana Villanova (1945)
    Aunts and Uncles:
    Linda Larocha Villanova (1969)
    Lianna Larocha Villanova (1974)
    Residence: Larocha Villa

    FATHER: Aurelio Bermúdez Mascherano (1964-2018) | Murdered in a Death-Eater conspiracy for failing to comply with anti-Mudbloods projects.

    MOTHER: Laura Larocha Villanova(1966)

    Bartolomé Bermúdez Larocha (1989)
    Beatrisa Bermúdez Larocha (1993)
    Bernicia Bermúdez Larocha (1995)

    BLOOD STATUS: Blood TraitorPureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET: Breakfast, a Husky puppy.

    BROOMSTICK(): A Nimbus 2020.

    CURRENT RESIDENCE: A flat on Mayfair Street, London.


    Juan de Bermúdez (1475-1570)
    The earliest record of the Bermúdez family dates back to the 16th century, when Juan de Bermúdez discovered the Bermuda Islands in 1505. The man was a fervent explorer. Although he was a Catalonian, he found himself under the patronage of the Crown of Castile. The Castilian dynasty was extremely powerful at that time. With Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World, the power and resources consolidated for the dynasty was immense. This was further enhanced by other explorers and new lands. Because of that, the Crown did not hesitate to provide for explorers that they deemed worthy of their support. There was a persistent passion for land and sea conquests, as the Crown had recognised these as the very core of their surviving reign.

    After returning from a provisioning voyage to Hispaniola in the ship La Garça, Juan reported his discovery to the Crown. As with every navigator who has covered new land, the Crown rewarded Juan generously – with gold and land. He was also delegated to oversee matters pertaining to the Bermuda Islands. This required him to personally participate in the frequent travels between Spain and the Bermuda Islands. However, Juan was later found out to have avoided the visits. Instead, he was more interested in consolidating and growing his wealth at home. Furthermore, the spoils from his discovery allowed him indulgences that he had never been exposed to before when he had a more humble financial background. Lands, power, women, parties – all of which overcame his passion for sea voyages. Juan had hired another man on the sly to lead the voyages in his place. When the Crown found out, it was demanded that he accord to their orders or lose his life and rewards. Juan begrudgingly succumbed. However, he began to devise new sorts of entertainment on the trips to and fro. While his men set about with his delegations upon arrival at the Bermuda Islands, Juan would spend hours sailing with a private crew, partaking in activities that were never detailed, so that they remained unknown.

    What was certainly never publicised was that the Bermúdez family was a Wizarding family. Despite their humble origins in a Catalan village, generations of Bermúdez had evolved from small-time soldiers, to become sufficiently recognised for their military services to the Crown. The peak of these successes was Juan’s, which signalled the beginning of what would become an established Pureblood family with considerable dark leanings. Thanks to the gold from the Crown, his resources, his people, and his lands, Juan had more than enough for his family. All of his twenty-three children from three wives were sent to Durmstrang, despite the custom of wealthy Spanish Wizards typically attending Beauxbatons. Juan held a dismissive attitude towards the latter, believing that it was a school that only honed Magical theories and subtleties, all of which he did not think of as sufficient Magical education for his offspring. He, influenced by the friends he had made through the years, favoured a more practical Magical education, especially with the promise of power, no matter dark or not. The first generation of Juan de Bermúdez’s offspring struggled at Durmstrang, thanks to the lack of early education in the Russian language, and the unceasing difficulty of grasping it. Still, Juan was unfazed. He was keen to see success in his grandchildren, even if his own performed poorly. The improvement was gradual, but it certainly did happen, seeing that generations of Juan’s Bermúdezs were subjected to early tutoring after the failure to do so in the first.

    Does Juan know anything about the curse that is the Bermuda Triangle? There have certainly been speculations that he does, but only among the Wizarding community. While Muggles deemed the events that took place in that ominous area as paranormal or extra-terrestrial, Wizards are quick to point out the involvement of Dark Magic. Juan had enjoyed the elusiveness of it all, but had given no cause for the Wizards to doubt his involvement with Dark Wizards. The most conclusive explanation to date is that Juan had did it all in retaliation to the Crown’s later treatment towards him. While the Castilian Crown had been keen with his endeavours earlier, the attitude towards the same man after his discovery was abrasive. Juan did not blame himself for refusing their orders. He was a proud man who was self-absorbed, power-hungry, and vengeful. His selfishness had made him many enemies. Yet, at the same time, thanks to his adventures, he enjoyed and cherished the new friendships with Pureblood Wizards and their families, from many foreign lands, who dabbled with Dark Magic.

    Historical facts have been manipulated for this app. All credits to the original man.

    Thanks to Juan’s efforts, the Bermúdez family went from churning out offspring who contributed to the progress of their Crown, to Wizards who aided with the development of Dark Magic. It was, after all, the direction that was set for them by Juan, who supported anti-Muggle sentiments because of what he deemed to be unfair judgement set against him both by the Castilian Crown and the Muggles who have accused him of dishonesty. Not surprisingly, there was little hesitation for many Bermúdezs to join the ranks of Death Eaters when Lord Voldemort began to consolidate his power. The reign of Voldemort’s assault was also the peak of the Bermúdezs’ involvement in the Dark Arts, despite earlier ties with Gellert Grindelwald. But, of course, at the promise of more power, joining the Death Eaters was a much preferred option.

    Despite the dark leanings of the Bermúdez family, Aurelio did not find anything in himself to persist in such a pleasure pursuit. Fully aware of the consequences, though, he pressed on with the expectations placed on him, especially with his privileged status as the oldest son of his generation. Secretly, though, he avoided whatever he could avoid. Furthermore, the time he devoted to his children ensured that they were naturally influenced by his better nature. When Iago finally realised the difference that his eldest son was threatening to be, a series of firm lectures and threats took place. The honour of the Bermúdez name among the Wizarding Pureblood Elites rested on Aurelio’s obedience, or so he was told. When the time came, Aurelio was similarly recruited as a Death Eater, as were his brothers when they became of age. Still, Aurelio continued to position himself at the back of everything. He never missed a Death Eater meeting, but he never stood out enough to be chosen for significant action. Given Voldemort’s abilities, too, Aurelio was never trusted with anything much. Suspicions grew, among the Death Eaters, against him. At last, it was decided that his loyalty be tested with a task of exterminating the next set of Mudbloods. The man stuck to his beliefs, and with sheer bravery or stupidity, stopped showing up at Death Eater meetings.

    One does not simply quit the ranks of Death Eaters. Aurelio needed to be rid of. As promised, Aurelio took Bas on a graduation trip, a reward for excellent performance during his years at Durmstrang. Really, though, Aurelio gifted each one of his child in this manner upon graduation from Durmstrang. He was an excellent father, something of which both Laura and the children had been extremely appreciative of. The Aurelio family was uncommonly and genuinely close-knitted, when pegged against the other Bermúdez families. Unfortunately, it was during the graduation trip with Bas that the Death Eaters thought to be the best idea to murder Aurelio. Bas would have wished to say that all he remembered was a crack, and four figures appeared to kill his father. Unfortunately, the details were remembered with pristine clarity in his young but mature mind. Justice has yet to be made against the Death Eaters.

    The family tragedy drove Bas on a hunt nothing else besides revenge on the four Death Eaters who were still free to roam. Recruited as a trainee Auror for the Spanish Ministry of Magic, Bas became a full-fledged Auror after five years of rigorous training. Shortly after that, however, his research on his father’s case finally broke new ground. With every intention to find himself among the Aurors of the English Ministry of Magic, Bas arrives in London. The four Death Eaters were English, and every vein in his body was going to see that he would see to their deaths.


    YOUR NAME: Madd

    RP EXPERIENCE: (-14+24) - (-16+17) - (-19+23)

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Decent

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Damien D'Eath, Julien Delacour, Kendall Rookwood, Trenton Thomas

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Viva la España. I need an adult character. Durmstrang is cool like … me.


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BERMÚDEZ, Basilio Leonidas Empty Re: BERMÚDEZ, Basilio Leonidas

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:13 pm

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