WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore
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WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore

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WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore Empty WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore

Post by Fred Weasley Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:47 pm

WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore Greyson%20Chance%20J-14%20201009

Fred Alphadore Weasley


    FULL NAME: Fred Alphadore Weasley

    NICKNAMES: None...For the moment, at least.

    AGE: 11

    ALLEGIANCE: He's on the Order's side, but he hasn't joined a faction and is pretty easily swayed.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    CLASSES: Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Potions

    WAND: Walnut ,Unicorn Hair, 11 and a half inches + Flexible

    PLAY BY: Greyson Chance


    HAIR COLOR: Redish Brown

    EYE COLOR: Hazel

    HEIGHT: 4'6

    BODY TYPE: Slim

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Fred is a very skinny, and very short boy. He's extremely light with next to no muscles. His thick hair is relaticely short, though not exessively so, reaching the top of his neck and with bangs that reach his eyes. He's got a large grin which he almost always has on. He wears small, oval glasses with a blus rim, though, on special occasions, he'll put in contacts instead. He tends to dress in bright, cheery colors when not in his school uniform.


    *He's very fast.
    *He's highly intelligent and very creative.
    *He very kind and lighthearted.
    *He's loyal.
    *Potions and healing magic.

    *He trusts very easily.
    *He's gullible, especially when the one speaking is someone he trusts or cares about.
    *He doesn't have very high self-esteem and gets emberassed easily.
    *He's a bit of a goodye-two-shoes.
    *He's a bit of a perfectionist.
    *He can be a little bit of a clutz at times.

    *Flying (though not Quidditch).

    *Getting in trouble.
    *Not being perfect.
    *Hurting people.

    He wants to become a doctor, brewing and inventing his own cures and helping and saving people. He'd also like to make other useful inventions.

    He has a tendancy to visibly show his emotions.
    He bites his lip when upset or thinking.
    He almost always has a book on hand.

    BOGGART: His boggart is merely everyone he cares about, pointing and alguhing at him.

    PATRONUS: When he learned to ride his broom: His parents were both hovering a little bit above him, giving him pointers. Fred already knew he was bad at sports, and often times clumsy. So his hopes weren't very high-he was expecting that, even if he did make it up into the air, he'd just fall off and end up with some pretty bad bruises (he didn't think he'd make it high enough to do any more damage than that). He felt Roxanne's encouraging light touch on his shoulder, and he glanced over at her. She smiled and said, "Trust me, it's easy-you'll be fine."
    Despite his doubtful thoughts, the way his sister had said it, he almost believed her. So he looked down at his broom and ordered, "Up!" To his surprise, the broom flew right up to his hand. He smiled and mounted it, pushing off the ground with his legs. He grinned as he flew up, the wind whistling in his ears and his heart pounding with the exhilerating speed-he found it rather fun. He glanced down as he leveled out at a frightening height. He felt the grin on his face grow at his parents' cheery grins and his cheering sister.

    DEMENTOR: When he got into a fight with Roxi as a kid. She was really mad at him, though only for a day. All the same, he hated that she was so mad at him.

    VERITASERUM: He'll occasionally try a Dark Arts spell out of a book, out of curiousity.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: He sees himself as a very succesful person-he's clearly wealthy, with a fancy robe on, and is holding an award for having created a potion that saved **** lives.

    PERSONALITY: Fred is a very sweet boy, who won't hesitate to sacrifice himself to help those he cares about. He can be rather childish at times, enjoying running around outside and playing. However, he hates getting in trouble and dislikes having a lot of people's attention on him at once. He is highly intelligent and creative and learns new things quickly, and is almost always carrying around some book or another and tends to get straight O's. He's rather gullible, especially to things those he cares about tells him.


    FATHER: Geaorge Weasley, 46

    MOTHER: Angelina Johnson-Weasley, 46

    SIBLING(S): Roxanne Weasley, 15

    OTHER: Let's just say a LOT of people.

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Uper Middle-Class

    A screech owl named Gizmo.

    Nimbus 2001

    None that are terribly notable other than his wand.


    Early Years: Fred was the second child born to Fred and Angelina Weasley. He had a very happy childhood with them and Roxanne, his older sister. He was a very care-free child, and spent a lot of time playing with Roxanne. However, he also enjoyed spending time on his own flying, swimming, or reading. His sister whent to school several years before him, and Fred was quite jealous. However, he did enjoy spending more time with his parents-no longer having Roxanne to babysit him, he'd often go to work with his father. He enjoyed helping out around the shop and hanging out with his father, though he, personally, wasn't very intersted in the merchandise other than the mechanics of them. Several years whent by like this until, finally, he, too, got his invitation to Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: This is his first year attending Hogwarts.

    Adulthood: He's still a kid.


    YOUR NAME: Private, but you can call me Gertrude (my invisible twin's name Razz )

    RP EXPERIENCE: I've been rping for 3 years, give or take a year. I started out on FanFiction and did a lot of different roleplays there until last year when I joined Hogwarts Prime and The Marauders Realm...And then here.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I searched Harry Potter on the Forumotion homepage.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: None at the moment, but I'll undoubtedly have some shortly.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to join, and I was planning on making a character with this type of personality. However, before I started I looked at the Wanted Characters and saw that Cannon Character's were needed. So I looked at the list of cannon characters, and saw Fred Weasley. I then thought it would be amusing to have a Fred Weasley Jr. that's so...un Fredish.


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WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore Empty Re: WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:37 pm

OHMYGAHHH...Greyson is so adorabubble! <3

Okay, gonna stop.

Finish the app soon!! Very Happy
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WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore Empty Re: WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:17 pm

Roxi's brother! asdfghjkl; woot!
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Jaquellene Jack Dyllan
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WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore Empty Re: WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:47 pm

You've developed him well. However, just a note--he's too young to join the Order here on PA. But students are welcome and encouraged to join the student faction that supports the order--Potters Army. Might be good for him.

I like the pb, and its nice to have more first years. Good luck with him, and if you need anything, just give a yell.

Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore Empty Re: WEASLEY, Fred Alphadore

Post by Fred Weasley Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:50 pm

He hasn't joined a faction, but merely supports the Order.
And you are really fast Razz
Fred Weasley
Fred Weasley

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