D'EATH, Lilian Avery
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D'EATH, Lilian Avery

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D'EATH, Lilian Avery Empty D'EATH, Lilian Avery

Post by Lily D'Eath Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:52 am

D'EATH, Lilian Avery Ashley-tisdale-posh24_450x320

Lilian Avery D'Eath


    FULL NAME: Lilian Avery D'Eath
    NICKNAMES: Lily for Lilian sounds to serious
    AGE: 17
    ALLEGIANCE: Nuetral for now, she's a bit confused on who to join
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw
    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions, Herbology
    WAND: Willow, Unicorn hair, 10 inches, nice and supple

    PLAY BY: Ashley Tisdale


    HAIR COLOR: brown

    EYE COLOR:brown


    BODY TYPE: Lily has a slender body but she's very atheletic so she keeps her body in very good shape. She's not not weak but she not really that strong of a girl.
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Lilian stands about 5'7 in height with long brown hair that's either straight or curly depending on her mood with brown eyes that show alot of emotions. When Lilian is at Hogwarts she wears her Ravenclaw robes otherwise wears muggle clothes. Lilian fashion is anything she feels comfortable in but as long as it cute at the same time. She wears almost just about any color for she's not picky about what she wears. She wears anything from sweats to a tank top to really nice dresses with high heels. Lilian figure is tall and slender but very athletic for she does alot of things to to keep her body the way it is.


    *drawing and designing
    *Fast learner
    *Easily tempered
    *listening to others
    *being patient
    *she doesn't like being told no
    *designing thing clothes, her room etc
    *her older siblings
    *rainy days
    * waiting
    * being told no
    *her younger silbings
    *hot days

    to graduate and become a world wide famous designer in the wizarding world
    *bites her lip alot when she thinking
    *licks her lips when nervous
    *runs hair hands through her hair alot (must be a D'Eath thing)
    *drums her hands on a table when waiting
    BOGGART: Lilian greatest fear is being disowned by her father for she does everything to please him.
    PATRONUS: Lily best memory is when she gotten accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. She always wanted to go there seeing how her brother and sister went there.
    DEMENTOR: Lily's worse memory is when she found out that her older sister was bitten by a werewolf.
    VERITASERUM: Lilian wishes to be like her older sister for she admires her
    MIRROR OF ERISED: to have a mother in her life that would stay with them longer then 2 months.
    PERSONALITY: Lilian is a very short tempered stubborn kindof of girl, but don't be mislead for she can be very nice and sweet. Lilian is very witty and very down to earth type of girl who loves havig fun. Although like all D'Eath Lilian is stubborn and believes it's her way or the highway. Lilian is very creative and clever and she's either always has her nose stuck in a book or sketching and designing her room or other things around the house. Lilian is very open minded and speaks her mind which leads her to trouble ALOT! Lilian gets easily annoyed at things and she doesn't like to wait on basically anything! Lilian is a bit of a troublemaker at trimes when she wants to be.


    FATHER: Lorcan D'Eath

    MOTHER: Evalyn (Moore) D'Eath

    SIBLING(S): Alistair D'Eath 24 graduate,Alexis D'Eath 18 graduate, Damien D'Eath 15 Slytherin fifth year, Damitrus D'Eath 15 Gryffindor fifth year

    OTHER: N/A
    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood
    RACE: half vampire

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy
    A black cat named Midnight
    A firebolt (her father brought it for her birthday)
    a golden locket that has her name on it that her mother gave her.


    Early Years: Lilian Avery D'Eath was born February 14th on a cold snowy day by Loran and Evalyn D'Eath. But like all the women before her mother Lilian mother left month after she was born. Lilian is the third oldest out of the D'Eath siblings who were all born by various women. When Lilian was seven years old she asked her father about her mother and why she was never around to see her. Telling her that her mother was a disgrace and he wanted nothing to with her Lilian never asked about her mother again. Due to the fact that her father still dated varous women and nevered settled down Lilian started hating every women that her father dated for she knew it wouldn't last very long and they weren't her mother. But as she gotten older Lilian started seeing it as a game and betted her siblings on how long the women there father was dating was going to stay around.

    Hogwarts Years: At the age of 11 Lilian was accpeted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly which she was pleased but it all changed after she was sorted. Lilian was sorted into Ravenclaw after the sorting hat seen that she had more cleverness in her then anything. The first two years of her Hogwarts life she hated being a Ravenclaw for she thought she belonged in Slytherin more then anything. But after second year she came to find out that she was a true Ravenclaw at heart. As years passed Lilian entered her fifth year which was her O.W.L. year. Lilian gotten six outstandings and four acceptables which made her have ten O.W.L. in total causing her father to be very pleased and proud of her. Lilian is now a seventh year at Hogwarts and in her Newt year and she hopes to do as well or better as she did on her O.W.L.s.
    Adulthood: she's a seventh year at Hogwarts


    YOUR NAME: Sophia (Soph)
    about 3 years
    HOW YOU FOUND US: Harry potter tops sites and you guys were in the top 10 so I checked P.A. and been a member since P.A. came to be! ;)

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Sophia Granger, Arabella Granger, Leslie Darling, Kiara Lawrence
    (P.S Lucy Garner is no more I decided to create created Lilian)

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to create a cannon character plus we need more cannons!

Lily D'Eath
Lily D'Eath
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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D'EATH, Lilian Avery Empty Re: D'EATH, Lilian Avery

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:41 am

i like her. and i really like tisdale with the darker hair. its a good match for lily.

accepted and sorted into ravenclaw.

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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