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AVERY, david octavious

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AVERY, david octavious Empty AVERY, david octavious

Post by David Avery Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:24 pm

AVERY, david octavious Tom_sturridge_1192810981



    FULL NAME: David Octavious Avery

    NICKNAMES: Dave, Octa, Avery Jr.,

    AGE: Seventeen, born on July 3rd

    ALLEGIANCE: Dark Follower

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Canon-Slytherin

    CLASSES: Charms, DADA, and Potions, as well as a few others not spoken.

    WAND TYPE: 13 inch, Yew Wood, Dragon heartstring core - primary wand
    14 inch, Walnut Wood, Unicorn Hair - hereditary wand

    PLAY BY: Tom Sturridge


    HAIR COLOR: A dark base that within certain moonlight you may or may not see a blue tint. But that is only cause of the shine.

    EYE COLOR: His eyes are a deep green, that particular shade that is just possible to sink into and become lost in them, dragging you in, yet near impossible to read emotions from.

    HEIGHT: David stands at five foot and elev inches tall, but his height has nothing to do with his unnerving quality. He’s tall but not lanky, nor stocky either.

    BODY TYPE: He’s slim, but with enough muscle to ensure that he has enough physical strength to win any fight he gets in, to overpower anyone who is stupid enough to get in his way.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: David Avery is the sort of man that you’d cross to the other side of the street to avoid, even if you weren’t exactly sure why. Even if you weren’t exactly sure what was so unnerving about him. Because there is something that no one can put their finger on, something that means that although he is handsome and well dressed, he’s the last person you could wish to run into in a dark alleyway.

    David stands at five foot and elev inches tall, but his height has nothing to do with his unnerving quality. He’s tall but not lanky, nor stocky either. He’s slim, but with enough muscle to ensure that he has enough physical strength to win any fight he gets in, to overpower anyone who is stupid enough to get in his way.

    His whole family is of French blood, and he has inherited one of the stereotypical south of France appearances. They tend to be either pale and blonde or tanned with dark hair and David most certainly takes after the latter. His eyes are a deep green, that particular shade that is just possible to sink into and become lost in them, dragging you in, yet impossible to read emotions from.

    With strong features framed by tousled dark hair, it’s no surprise that he’s considered handsome. A light beard strengthens his face, accentuating his chiseled features. It’s not long enough to look unkempt, nor short enough to look like that breed of seventh years beards that are grown in an attempt to look manly and that always fail miserably. Not that it is even possible to imagine that David was ever any younger, unless you knew him then.


    • Torturing people
    • Feigning emotions
    • Getting out of situations
    • Dark Magic
    • Keeping his calm

    • Red headed woman
    • Sex; almost a necessaty for him
    • Poetry; he sucks at it
    • Transfiguration; overall his worst class but favorite
    • Monarcies; he can't keep up with them.

    • Slytherins
    • Death Eaters
    • People that have fun teasing muggles
    • Dark Magic
    • His Family

    • Gryffindorks
    • Hufflepods
    • Goody-goods
    • Show-Offs
    • Any Weasley or Potter

    To either become the next dark lord or become so high up he's feared.

    Making a tst sound when laughing

    BOGGART: To fall in love with a muggle-born witch

    PATRONUS: Killing his first muggle by torture

    DEMENTOR: His father slapping him for being nice to his mother.

    VERITASERUM: Will kill his father after graduation with a very cruel troture technique.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To become extremely rich and famous(or infamous)

    PERSONALITY: To see who David really is, you need to know where he started off. He is a Slytherin, naturally. He quickly found that he had been sorted into exactly the right house that very night when, in his dorm room, they started discussing things that very much interested young David Avery. Things such as curses, hexes, and watching them being used, as if for entertainment.

    However, when he entered the conversation, he succeeded in worrying the rest of the dorm with his stories, and he quickly realised that he would never just be ‘one of the crowd.’ Oh, no. David Avery was set for far grander things than being one of the crowd. He would never blend in. Of course, this is just a glimpse of the man whom he will become.

    You have people who are cruel, and those who are intelligent, but when the two meet, you get trouble. David is incredibly intelligent, so sharp he might cut himself, as the phrase goes. Except David is too smart even to cut himself, always manouvering things so that they work for his advantage. Unlike many who are deemed as “nasty”, for lack of a better word, David doesn’t hex people out of boredom, or for the fun of it. Of course, these are often factors, but never the sole reason. He is one of those rare people who is utterly capable of horrific violence without batting an eyelid, but manages to bend and manipulate this to their own devices, making the most of every opportunity.

    So, if there is something to be gained, some way to make something work for Davids’ advantage, don’t worry, he’ll use it. It would be tempting to describe David as brutal, however, this is entirely the wrong adjective. Brutal would be animal, no thinking behind it, instinct. Whereas David veers more towards cold, cool and calculated violence. But violence all the same. Some people just don’t appreciate the difference. Surely it’s better to have the last face you see as someone who takes pride in their work, and is doing it for some greater purpose than some random attack? The result either way is the same, but at least with David it’s slightly less personal.

    David is loyal. Loyal to his family, loyal to his supposed betrothed, loyal to his cause. During school, he is utterly head over heels in love with her, but she was completely oblivious to his feelings. He feels like he’s something slightly interesting to her. The closest you’ll ever see David show dependence to anyone would be if you watch how he behaves with his betrothed.


    FATHER: Matthew Avery

    MOTHER: Yvonne Avery(nee Harvey)

    SIBLING(S): A twin brother and younger sister.

    OTHER: None as of yet

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood - Canon

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): A pet farret he is allowed at hogwarts and a barn owl.

    BROOMSTICK(): None, seeing how he won't have need of it.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: His great grandfather's wand. <3


    Early Years: Unlike some people who claim to be purebloods but actually have a muggleborn three generations back, Davids’ claim is completely genuine and no idle boast. If you really wanted, he could show you his family tree, dating back further than is almost imaginable.

    Davids’ parents were Matthew and Yvonne Avery (nee Harvey, a respectable pureblood family, of course) who married during their mid twenties. Matthew had attended Hogwarts, having moved to England when he was ten but Yvonne, having lived in France, had attended Beauxbatons. Once married, they moved to England and were blessed with Twins soon after moving. Thus, David and his brother came into the world.

    David was always a good child, loving to his brother and respectful to his parents. A deceiving childhood, perhaps, given what he was to go on to do. He was polite most of the time although he did have his moments.

    The perfect little boy.

    A couple of years later, they had another child; this time a female. Since Yvonne was relatively new to England, she and Matthew spent a lot of time socializing with other purebloods, mainly those with young children, so that their sons could be occupied whilst they stood around chatting and drinking wine.

    David Avery, as above mentioned, was the first son born to the latest generation of Avery purebloods. Born on November 1st, all Saint’s day, may be coincidence, or maybe just a clue that the gods have a sense of humour. He and his brother got on relatively well when they were younger, David always looking out for his baby brother. His brother was always his number one priority, watching from a distance to check that he wasn’t getting into any trouble, although occasionally not watching from far enough and exasperating his brother with his over-protectiveness.

    As he aged, Davids’ intelligence quickly became apparent. He caught on to things, picked things up quickly and could even read between the lines. He became an expert at reading his parents emotions, knowing when was the best time to approach them about this or that and when to leave them alone. Because of his parents widening social circles, he was quickly introduced to the small social circle of the purebloods.

    Hogwarts Years: When he turned eleven, David was sent to Hogwarts and sorted into Slytherin, everything following as planned. He went to his dorm and assessed his competition, rivaling their stories of rumours with things he had actually done. He commanded attention, he demanded respect and he soon won it.

    However, what was not planned a while later was his old playmate, Marcus, being sorted into Gryffindor. Of course, he couldn’t dare associate with someone who was in Gryffindor so he was forgotten, as if they had never spent those afternoons wrestling in the mud. Luckily, all his other playmates were sorted into the correct house (because that was what Slytherin was, it was the only respectable one, naturally.)

    He soon discovered his feelings for a girl, although he never admitted them outwardly, trying not to look too worried when he heard of who she had slept with last.

    In his fifth year, he had his first time. A secret he held for a long time and eventually will use as ammo in a fight with her this upcoming year(shh she's an NPC). And it’s the most powerful piece of ammunition he has against his fiancé, one of the only things to throw at her face when things get heated.

    Pushing his feelings for her aside, he saw himself as her protector, her becoming the most important person in his life, almost replacing his brother. Because as much as she might protest that she didn’t need protecting, David saw her as a loose cannon, not thinking before she ran into traffic, not thinking before she spoke.

    And she always needed someone to pick up the pieces, normally because of her cousin. He tore her down and David had grown sick of watching her go back to him, time and time and again, when he, her best friend, was never even considered.

    Now drawing close to his seventh year at hogwarts he has learned that he does not like his fiance and will do anything to get rid of her.

    Adulthood:N/A yet.


    YOUR NAME: David

    RP EXPERIENCE: 12+ years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Caution 2.0 Want ad


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: His idea came to me with 0 hours of sleep and the thought that the plot seemed to need at least one more chaotic male.


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AVERY, david octavious Empty Re: AVERY, david octavious

Post by Elijah Krum Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:46 pm

...He terrifies me. Success! <3
Welcome to PA m'love!
ACCEPTED and sorted into SLYTHERIN!

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