SILVERS, Carys Ophelia
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SILVERS, Carys Ophelia Li9olo10

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SILVERS, Carys Ophelia

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SILVERS, Carys Ophelia Empty SILVERS, Carys Ophelia

Post by Carys Silvers Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:25 am

SILVERS, Carys Ophelia L5y5

Carys Ophelia Silvers


    FULL NAME: Carys Ophelia Silvers

    NICKNAMES: Carys

    AGE: 14

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

    WAND: Willow, Unicorn Hair, 9 1/2 inches, light and pliable.

    PLAY BY: Julie Atherton


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5' 1

    BODY TYPE: Thin and petite.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Carys is small and looks fairly young for her age. She's got large eyes, almost too large for her small frame, and an easy smile. Her hair is long and naturally wavy, bordering on curly, but she tends to either curl or straighten it, rarely leaving it natural. She has a slight gap between her front teeth that although not easily noticable is very clear to her. She thinks her head is far too small, though nobody else does.
    (Not exactly appearance, but) She has quite a strong welsh accent.


    - Has a natural ability and skill for charms. It's her favourite form of magic and almost all of the accidental magic she's done has been charms. After joining Hogwarts, she worked tirelessly at the subject, finding it something she truly loved and enjoyed.
    - Fun loving. Carys is always ready to joke and laugh, happy to poke fun at herself or embarrass herself if it would make others laugh. She's also full of energy, growing up with two older brothers she was used to running around, climbing trees and getting messy and not much has changed.
    - She's dedicated and never backs down from a challenge. If somebody claims she cannot do something, she will work endlessly to achieve it anyway.

    - Stubborn. Carys is unfathomably stubborn. She does not believe in the impossible and if somebody states she cannot do something, she will push herself to prove them wrong. She doesn't like to be proved wrong. She can be very reckless because of this and often jumps into things without stopping to decide if it's actually a good idea.
    - Despite her easy going nature and apparent confidence, Carys gets quite insecure about how she is percieved and so can be quite shy and sometimes accidentally a little cold to people as a defense mechanism. She worries a lot about being good enough or likable enough.
    - Awful at History of Magic and Ancient Runes. She just can't get her head around them. Theoretical subjects are Carys's academic weak point.
    - Carys is quite unsure of herself, who she is and her place in the world. She longs to excel with her magic and be happy in the wizarding world, but she struggles with a lot of guilt over leaving her muggle parents.
    - Being a youngest child, but also spending a lot of her childhood on her own, Carys doesn't completely know how to stand up for other people. She can do so for herself as well as being used to her brothers being there on her side, but when it comes to being there for other people, though she completely wants to do the right thing and genuinely cares she often gets it wrong. She can go too far and be to aggressive to the person attacking, or she is too passive and stands back, too unsure of herself. She hasn't found a balance.

    - The sea. In fact nature in general. Being raised in the country, by the sea, Carys is most at home in open spaces and can get a little stir crazy if she's kept cooped up for too long with nothing to do.
    - Music and singing. It has been a comfort to Carys, a way to express herself and entertain herself in a childhood where she had only herself for company much of the time. She's not exceptional, but she sings well, though that's as far as her musical ability goes. She just has a passion for it.
    - Charming things for any purpose. Carys is good at charms because she adores them. For her, working at charms homework or going to lessons is never work, but more like a hobby.
    - Cats and magical creatures. Carys adores her pet cat and since joining Hogwarts has become fascinated with the magical creatures in the wizarding world. As soon as possible she'd like to start raising some magical creatures for herself.

    - Spiders. Magical or not, they are something that Carys is adamently against. It isn't fear, but a distrust. And she has no idea why or where it's come from.
    - Not being "in on" any secret or information. Carys likes to be in the centre of the action and adventure, but also, because of her insecurities she worries a lot that if a secret is being kept from her, that it is about her, and bad.
    - Having to introduce herself to new people or situations. She immediately worries about the impression she will make and what others will think of her.
    - The restrictions of amount of pets she can have and where on the grounds she can and can't go. It frustrates her to not have as much freedom as she used to.
    - Her parents being cut out from so much of her life and that of her brothers. She hates feeling like sometimes she has to chose and whatever choice she makes, somebody will be let down.

    - To be happy at Hogwarts and make friends in the magical world. She desperately wants to feel secure in herself and that people accept her for who she is. She simply wants to be liked, to make genuine friendships.
    - To be a full member of the Order of the Phoenix.
    - To work studying, breeding and raising magical creatures, she would like to use charms to try to breed different colour varieties in magical creatures and discover if these charms would be taken into the genes when bred.

    - Carys unknowingly sings or hums in her sleep, though she doesn't believe it when people inform her of this.
    - She has a habit of daydreaming so completely when she's on her own that she is almost completely unaware of anything around her
    - She has an odd insecurity for her sternum and so often folds her arms across herself or sits with upper arms pressed in towards each other slightly.
    - When eating toast she butters only half the slice and then folds it in half.

    BOGGART: Being alone, her friends and family dead or abandoning her.

    PATRONUS: Aye Aye.
    Carys's best memory is one from before she joined Hogwarts. Her brothers were home from Hogwarts/work at St. Mungo's and having explained to her of her magical side, that she was in fact a witch, they were teaching her as much magic as the could before she got her Hogwarts letter. She and her brothers, Owen and Gareth sat together on the cliffside by their house, overlooking the sea. Owen had given Carys a kitten to take with her to Hogwarts and was charming it to fly after the butterfly it was chasing. Carys unwittingly charmed the daisies around her to float up into the air to join them.

    DEMENTOR: Carys's days at school, before she knew she was a witch. Carys was never too successful in her muggle school, not with making friends anyway. On this particular day she was trapped in a cupboard by one of the girls who tormented her. The small space feeling like it was closing in, Carys closed her eyes and desperately wanted to get out. Suddenly the door in front of her exploded and shattered into hundreds of pieces. Carys had no idea how it had happened and it terrified her.

    VERITASERUM: Carys keeps her parent's quite secret. It isn't that she is ashamed of them being muggles, it's that she is ashamed of herself for leaving them. Even though both her brothers attended Hogwarts, she was the youngest, their last child and when she left for Hogwarts it meant that all of their children were now part of the magical world that they would never be able to fully know or understand. Carys holds a lot of guilt over that. Part of her thinks that maybe she should have just stayed in the muggle world for them. But she never could, magic is a part of her.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Carys's greatest desire is fairly old fashioned. She wants love, a family, children and to be able to share that with her parents. She wishes that her parents could be more involved with her life as a witch.

    Carys is a bright, bubbly girl. She's outwardly outgoing and laughs a lot. She's always trying to make people smile, usually by some smart remark or even bad dance. She's not one to shy away from adventure and likes to be in on the action, the more boisterous the better. She is stubborn though and can sometimes be a little reckless with it. She hates it when she is on "the outside" or isn't party to information or gossip. Sometimes she can talk far too much, but if she's on her own or having a bad day, she will drift off into daydream and barely speak at all.
    She holds a lot of insecurities but covers them by making people laugh and faking confidence. She has a quick wit and is more than happy to make a fool of herself for other people. However, as much as she craves friendship and fun, she needs her own space and freedom from time to time. She will often take refuge by the lake or near the forbidden forest, seeking out animals or just sitting to have time with her own thoughts. She tends to get restless if kept cooped up or unoccupied for too long.


    FATHER: Aled Silvers

    MOTHER: Rhiannon Silvers

    SIBLING(S): Owen Aled Silvers, 24, Healer at St. Mungo's
    Gareth David Silvers, 22, Trainee curse breaker

    OTHER: (Any other important family)

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn, but given that all 3 children have been magical and attended Hogwarts, they suspect that somewhere in their lines there is magical blood.

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

    A tiny, fat, grey cat called Pudge.

    The latest Nimbus



    Early Years:

    Carys was born and raised in Southerndown in south Wales, to parents Aled and Rhiannon. She is the youngest of three children, her brothers are 8 and 10 years older than her. Her parents are muggles, with her father working in the police force and her mother as a therapist.
    Carys's early life was normal, she went to a muggle school, spent time playing in the fields and on the cliffs and beaches of the land around the family's country house. The house was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and so Carys spent a lot of time on her own, any friends she had, living too far away to see often. But she was alright on her own. She spent a lot of time exploring the beaches and cliffs, climbing trees and growing plants.
    Carys liked nothing more than when her brothers came back from school. The boys both doted on their baby sister and Carys grew up very much one of her brothers.
    Until she was 10, Carys knew nothing of the magical world. With two muggle parents there was no guarantee of her being magical at all and either way, Aled and Rhiannon were determined to give all of their children 'normal', happy childhoods for as long as possible. Carys was told that her brothers were away at boarding school and when Owen graduated, she was told he had become a doctor and although some part of her sensed that there was more, she never knew quite how and so never questioned it too much. It wasn't until she accidentally exploded a door at her school that she was told the truth about herself and her brothers. The news didn't go down well. Carys was angry and hurt that her family had lied and kept secrets from her for so long. Her brothers spent the next year teaching her all that they could about the wizarding world an tried to hone her magic as much as they could.
    It was a difficult time for Carys because as excited as she was about being a witch and learning about magic, she somehow felt she was betraying and abandoning her parents. She felt confused about her place in the world and who she was.

    Hogwarts Years:
    Carys started Hogwart at 11 years old and fell in love with the place instantly. She spent much of her time exploring the grounds, often getting caught wandering too far into the forbidden forest or trying to swim in the lake. She made friends, but part of her still felt she was only just finding herself.
    At the end of each term she dreaded leaving the place she now called home, though the second she was back in Wales, she felt guilty for forgetting how wonderful it was where she grew up. She has spent the last years torn between her past and her future. Her parents have found it increasingly difficult having such little contact with their children and so have tried more to cling on to Carys.

    Carys spent her first two years at the school working almost non stop in her studies. She was anxious to prove herself within the wizarding world. It paid off and she got consistently good marks, but she found herself a little isolated from her peers. She would joke and laugh in the common room, being the one to make others smile, but she felt that she hadn't made any real connections with anybody. So over the next year she tried to find more of a balance.

    Adulthood: Not happened yet


    YOUR NAME: Adia


    HOW YOU FOUND US: searched: harry potter roleplay




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SILVERS, Carys Ophelia Empty Re: SILVERS, Carys Ophelia

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:23 pm

Its a good app. I'll be interested in watching hhow she develops and shapes up once you actually have her on the boards and start using her.

She is, I think, a firm Ravenclaw. I don't see as much Gryffindor in her as I do Ravenclaw.

One word of advice, you mightt want to simply rephrase that "proficient in charms" stuff. The fact is that she is a 4th year, and while that puts her up a few notches on her younger classmates, she might not be seen by the adults as being "proficient." Perhaps a slight rephrasing to say she is skilled or has a natural ability for charms would be more accurate, but that might be a tad picky.

Anyway, give me a few minutes and I'll have her sorted.

Welcome to PA!

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SILVERS, Carys Ophelia Empty Re: SILVERS, Carys Ophelia

Post by Carys Silvers Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:43 am

I made the change from "proficient" to "natural ability and skill". I hope that's better.

Thank you! I hope everything else is okay. Now I guess I'll explore and try to make Carys a good Ravenclaw student!
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