PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha
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PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha

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PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha Empty PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha

Post by Tarran Price Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:09 am

PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha Trey10

PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha


    - Tarran Louis Sasha Price
    - ( TARE-en / PRICE / )
    - Meaning: "a great price"

    - TaeTae (mother, aunts)
    - TaeBaee (his girlfriend)
    - Sash' (close friends)
    - Tare (mentor)


    - Potter's Army

    - Gryffindor

    - Defense Against the Dark Arts (N.E.W.T)
    - Potions (N.E.W.T)
    - Transfiguration (N.E.W.T)

    Hawthorn Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 14 inches unyielding

    Tremaine Neverson (Trey Songz)


    - Dark brown

    - Cut short, close to his scalp
    - Grown longer, intricate or simple cornrows braided to the nape of his neck

    Dark Brown


    Muscular but lean

    Mulatto. Tarran is tall, with obvious musculature. His skin is a smooth mocha tone with no blemishes at all. Tarran takes great care of his appearance, but he is not prideful about it at all. He has small scars littered all over his body, carved at random places due to tough training. Tarran has a pleasant sort of face; somewhat round with smile lines and with very expressive eyes. Sensuous lips.


    - Brawn. He loves to throw his fists
    - Athletic; swift and agile
    - His easygoing approach to life prevents him from losing his cool, at times
    - Empathetic, easily understands those around him
    - Studious
    - Trained in boxing, AKA hand-to-hand combat
    - Does not let other people's opinions get to him
    - Has a strong sense of justice and fairness
    - Ambitious. Tarran goes to whatever lengths he could to meet his goals
    - Takes the initiative
    - Magically skilled
    - Has great discipline

    - Not very tactical
    - Very impulsive; has mild ADHD
    - Can be unnecessarily hostile, especially in when he is in a bad mood
    - His compassionate nature is lethal when doubled with his self-sacrificing personality. If an enemy is pitiful enough, Tarran may annul their issue altogether
    - Long-distance duels; has slight problems with aim
    - Allows his emotions to get in the way of his duties/ideals
    - Rarely takes anything seriously; underestimates many situations

    - Sports (Quidditch, basketball, etc.)
    - Training, be it physical, mental, or magical
    - Dancing and singing, extraordinarily talented in both departments
    - Being funny, be it cracking jokes or being hilariously sarcastic
    - Food!
    - Ladies
    - Clothes, medallions, shoes, etc.
    - Partying; spending time with other people
    - Meeting new and interesting people
    - Being chivalrous; courting

    - His school robes
    - Disrespectful, degrading comments toward muggles/women
    - Being taken advantage of
    - Snooty, undignified women
    - Failing
    - His middle name "Louis", as it is his father's name, and also "Sasha". Too feminine.
    - Being patronized or otherwise disrespected
    - Being in close proximity with other males, especially during a heated discussion (sees as an invitation to fight)
    - Staying still for very long; being unproductive

    It has been Tarran's lifelong dream to become an Auror. Since this is no easy task to accomplish at all, he has been dedicated to this cause since his Fifth Year. Just before his Sixth Year, Tarran found out he scored 'Outstanding' on each and every subject. His results made him eligible to take the N.E.W.Ts. He studied dutifully his entire Sixth Year, and even acquired the aid of several teachers. Tarran entered his Seventh Year and took his N.E.W.T exams. His scores were satisfactory, so he moved on to N.E.W.T classes.

    However, Tarran's "winning-streak" declined shortly after this. He struggled with his classes, and barely passed just one: Charms. Thereafter, the rest of his classes were chaos. He found them extremely hard to understand and often cracked under strain. By the end of the year, he left his parents sorrowfully disappointed, and was forced to retake his N.E.W.Ts attend Seventh Year all over again, minus Charms. He retained DADA, Potions and Transfiguration, but sought a mentor.

    His stepfather found him one by a man named Felix Albert, a retired Auror that still worked for the Ministry. The most he was able to do while Tarran was at school was send him words of advice, but he has agreed to train the boy once he graduated Seventh Year.

    Some personal goals include marrying his Squib girlfriend, Angela, and buying his mother a new house.

    - Has a habit of jogging most places he wants to go
    - Has an exaggerated, gasping laugh all his friends despise

    Helplessness; watching the ones around him get hurt/die and being unable to stop it

    The night his sister Daujee was born, him and his mother were without heat, but he had never felt so warm. It was as if her new spirit coated his chilled bones.

    For three weeks, he had been homeless. His mother had kicked him out after he'd been caught trying to steal a Ferari. The punishment was only supposed to last a few days, but on the fifth day Tarran had been kidnapped by a muggle man trying to "recruit" him into a local gang. As it turned out, he was actually the brother of the man that owned the Ferrari. They held Tarran captive in their basement for two long, brutal weeks (during which consisted of intensive starvation), and it was during that time Tarran became acquainted with the man's teenage daughter Anetta.

    Anetta informed Tarran that eventually the brothers were going to forcefully recruit him if he did not escape. She helped him upstairs and out of a window. That was the last he had seen of her.

    Tarran's primary goal to become an Auror is not to protect or defend the Wizarding world. He simply wants the money to buy an easy, comfortable life for himself and his brothers/sisters.

    Not very people know of his childhood, and Tarran would like to keep it that way. His biological father was put in Azkaban when he was an infant, and although he has since been released, he has not come to see his family.

    He sees himself living in a mansion, surrounded by precious jewels. Tarran is holding and kissing his girlfrend, Angela. They are married. His mother is next to him, looking many years younger, holding Daujee by her shoulders.

    Very masculine. Tarran has a bright, easygoing personality that is highly contagious. He takes life in stride. Tarran is never short of wise remarks and advice, and his empathetic nature leads to him being good at making fair decisions. In relation, Tarran is not judgmental. The Seventh Year is capable of making friends and allies easily because he accepts people for who they are. Many love being in his atmosphere. He exudes confidence and light.

    Tarran is a strict believer of chivalry. He does not talk about it much, but his behavior clearly shows how much he cares about women. In fact, it is pat of his 'code'. His mother raised him and Daujee alone for most of their life. He had to watch her go through several heartbreaks while tending to her children before finally settling down with the right man. Tarran vows never to allow his girlfriend to go through such misery. He wants to show all girls that there are 'real men' still around.


    Louis Bottlewire, 38

    Kandace Price, 36

    - Daujee De'Art, 16

    Cynthia Crawford, 50?
    Mother's mother

    Nicolette Moore, 54
    Father's mother

    Jessamine Bradley, 60
    Stepfather's mother

    Hayfer Price, 52

    - MENTOR
    Felix Albert, 74




    - Owl: Vyry
    Named after the girl in Margaret Walker's novel, Jubilee. His mother read the novel and found inspiration to name the owl such. Vyry is mostly used as a messenger owl, but Tarran has developed a personal attachment to her. She is young; Tarran bought her as a chick in his 4th year.

    Comet 4000. Mediocre brand, but it is all his family could afford at the moment.

    - A magical watch given to him by his stepfather. Charmed not only to keep him up-to-date, but also doubles as a weight of about 30 kilograms to help tone his muscles. The numbers are constantly changing from Roman Numerals, to integers, to fractions, or even vanishing, leaving behind the little dash marks.


    Early Years
    Tarran was born in England, contrary to what many people believe. His mother had been born in America, but had followed her boyfriend back to England. After the arrest of his father for killing a muggle using magic, Kandace took her child and fled back to America. He was just two at the time.

    They were content for a while. Kandace had found a new boyfriend and had a daughter, but later she found out he was cheating on her and grew distraught. He agreed to remain with Kandace for Daujee, but he did not promise to be faithful to her. His mother grew sick of him and finally they broke up. At this time, Daujee was two and Tarran was four.

    His family decided to move back to England nearing Tarran's eighth birthday. Kandace claimed there were better opportunities for them in England, but deep down Tarran knew his mother's choice was foolish. Just the journey alone sapped almost all their savings. (He eventually found that, Kandace wanted to delve deeper into the magical world, and so therefore moved to England because she wanted Tarran and Daujee to have the best magical education possible.) Kandace chose a particularly bad neighborhood of England, riddled with drug dealers and prostitutes. However, they were so poor it was all they could afford. By the time Tarran started school, his mother and sister just barely scraped along.

    Hogwarts Years
    During Tarran's First Year, he could think of almost nothing but his sister and mother. He often snuck food from the Great Hall home in a parcel, but he was naive. Most of it spoiled before it reached its destination. He soon found a spell to prevent this, and from their Kandace and Daujee almost depended on Tarran's trips to Hogwarts. Tarran suspected the Headmaster or supervisors knew about his behavior, but left him alone due to his familial situation.

    Tarran was reluctant to get into relationships. He wanted to find the girl he knew he could devote his life to. She had to be absolutely perfect, otherwise he could not risk breaking their hearts. Still, his First Year was mainly a cloud of love letters, confessions, and almost painful scribbling on the inside of his arm. He enjoyed the attention at first, but he eventually found it all a bit too much to handle.

    In his Second Year, Tarran is still plagued by the ideas of 'love'. He makes many new friends and gets involved in plenty of activities. He becomes a Bludger on the Quidditch team, but also takes up chess. Halfway into the school year, he gets switched to Chaser. He also becomes involved in a scheme in an attempt to prank Peeves, but it all goes horribly wrong and he ends up having points deducted from his House and sent to detention with his comrades.

    Tarran's home life stabilized somewhat during the summer of his Second Year. His mother had gotten a job, and was managing to pay the bills, albeit sparingly.

    Daujee started school in his Third Year. He delighted in frightening her with false rumors and threatening to push her into the lake or tripping her down flights of stairs. He continues playing Quidditch as a Chaser. Tarran also accumulates more friends, but falls out with a Slytherin in his own year. They end up having a physical brawl out in the courtyard. It was a battle Tarran would have one had not the other student jinxed him midway through. Tarran spent the next week cross-eyed and deaf in one ear. Both of them were ordered to detention. However, they fought again mere days later, when the boy's friends tried to jump him in the corridor. He was punished accordingly. On the way to his detention however, he found that his friends had purposefully got into trouble to stay with him. This was when Tarran truly felt accepted.

    That summer, his family his a slump again. Kandace's job required her to work many hours a day, and it was taking its toll. The woman grew increasingly irritable, and did not even tidy up the little cottage they lived in. Tarran stole food that summer and since he left the house more often, he was often provoked into many neighborhood fights. The other kids did not know he was a Wizard, but Tarran itched to break the rules and hex them. He was fed up with living this way.

    Tarran decided that becoming an Auror would change everything. In his Fourth Year, he went to his House Head about this ordeal, then set to achieve his goal. He consulted the prefects on developing good study habits, and inputted his own creative methods as well. Pretty soon Tarran was a top student. No one really knew he had such potential.

    During this year, he tried a relationship with a Ravenclaw named Samantha Young. She was a popular, beautiful girl and a good friend, and for a long time he'd had a crush on her. They stayed together all year, but during the summer they fell apart, as Tarran couldn't see her anymore.

    While he and his sister were at school, his mother tried several relationships, all of them failing. One of her boyfriends did set her up with a less stressful job, however, which Tarran appreciated. He hated Kandace's other boyfriends, however, and Kandace often blamed him and Daujee for being the reasons they did not stay with her.

    Tarran's Fifth Year as nothing but a jumble of quills, ink, and parchment as he prepared for his O.W.Ls and receiving good grades. He was offered to become a Prefect, but he declined, thinking it would distract him from his goals. He also considered part of Prefect duties "snitching". Tarran knew he needed to get good grades to pass on to the N.E.W.Ts, and was dutiful with it. He got back with Samantha as well, but their relationship was alarmingly brief -- Samantha had developed a crush on another student but let him down easy. After that, a heartbroken Tarran buried himself in his studies. Of course, many girls were happy to throw themselves at him. He found comfort in a Hufflepuff Sixth Year, Hayley Adlleware, but not the kind of comfort you'd expect. He lost his virginity to her, but after that she felt too uncomfortable to speak to him.

    Still, Tarran managed to lull her with his kind, understanding personality. They are now good friends.

    It was during that summer he met Angela and his mother met Davison. Angela had been Daujee's friend and happened upon her wand by accident at home. To his and Daujee's surprise, she recognized it, and informed his family that she was a Squib. She wanted to know all about their lives at Hogwarts. Being an only child, she only knew from what her parents have told her. She and Tarran formed a tentative relationship thereafter. It was obvious Angela had a crush on him, and Tarran felt completely relaxed around her.

    Davison worked in the Ministry and was happy to give his mother some help. He had grown fond of her after booking a night at the motel where she worked. She had charmed him, and he wanted to build a stable relationship with her. Davison is the only one of Kandace's boyfriends Tarran had liked. He seemed less like a boy, in fact, and certainly a true man. He spent time with Tarran and Daujee, getting to know them. He also took Kandace on several dates and even started to pay her bills for her. He bought Daujee and Tarran several gifts.

    Sixth Year came with surprising clarity. He got all 'Outstanding' on his O.W.Ls, much to his professors' surprise. Along with becoming one of the most popular students at Hogwarts, each professor offered to coach him. Tarran accepted all their help. He saw a professor after classes each day of the week, and participated in extensive training. His weekends were a time of solace and relaxation. Between studying, training, and Quidditch practice, they were his only free time. Tarran also tried to avoid getting into fights, but another Gyffindor, Terrence Matthews accused him of stealing his girlfriend. They fought in the House corridors. Since Tarran's friend was the Head Boy, he did not get in trouble, but the other boy did.

    Tarran continued that year spending time with his friends and performing several good-natured pranks, all while keeping up his studious habits and training daily. Tarran scored the winning point in their last Quidditch game. He and Daujee went home with a huge trophy.

    Tarran's Seventh Year was devastating for him. He had finally acquired the N.E.W.T classes he'd wanted, but they proved to be strenuous and exhausting for him. All the subjects he had studied in Sixth Year to prepare suddenly became far too complex for him to grasp. Although he never gave up and he even abandoned Quidditch, he failed all but one of his classes. Tarran got the news over the summer, and went into a fit of depression. Tarran knew he would have to return to Hogwarts and retake his classes if he was to ever hope to become an Auror. He was desperately looking forward to getting out of school and becoming an Auror, but now all his friends had left him. Those that once looked up to him now shook their heads. He had failed.

    So deep was his sadness, Angela could not even comfort him. Tarran got into more fights than ever. His stepfather hired Felix Albert to coach him, but Tarran was pretty much fed up. At Hogwarts, he was a ticking time bomb. No one could console him. Granted, some of the Seventh Years that he shared N.E.W.Ts with had returned as well, but it just made the experience only slightly less shameful. It was only until Tarran sat in his N.E.W.T classes for the second time, and decided he might as well suck it up. He started to take calming droughts. Pretty soon, he did not need them any more. He was just going to work hard. Harder than before. He would be just fine.

    Tarran continues to be Felix's apprentice. Two years after his graduation, he finally becomes the Auror he wanted to be. Tarran buys his mother a new house, and also purchases his own some months later once he accumulated enough money for a very large one. His family could never have been proud of him.


    Sytorra Perkins
    [The Ebony Rose ^_^]

    6 months


    Sabriel Eurora Gardinier

    Aid Potter's Army

    (replaced eventually)

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PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha Empty Re: PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha

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Whew! Finished. ^_^
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PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha Empty Re: PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:08 am

i love the idea that he actually flunks a year and has to repeat a year. LOL. I like him.

Accepted and sorted into Gryffindor.

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PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha Empty Re: PRICE, Tarran Louis Sasha

Post by Tarran Price Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:47 am

Aurors have to have a lot of skill, but the way I was going made him seem a lil' too strong. Failing a year to reach his goals was the way to go! ;3
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