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HENRY, Ashley Rebecca

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HENRY, Ashley Rebecca Empty HENRY, Ashley Rebecca

Post by Ashley Henry Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:18 am

HENRY, Ashley Rebecca 7

Ashley Rebecca Henry


    FULL NAME: Ashley Rebecca Henry


    AGE: 11

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

    WAND TYPE: Redwood, 14 inches, Unicorn Hair

    PLAY BY: Jodie Foster


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 5’5”

    BODY TYPE: Medium build. Curvy in the top and hips and butt.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ashley has a heart shaped face. She has tan colored skin. She has smooth skin with no marks on it. She has a full lips but not a big mouth. Her teeth are straight without having braces and are white. She has a small nose that turns up just a little. Ashley has a lean build, almost like a dancer’s body. She is not muscular but her body is not weak. Her body is symmetrical. She is curvy even though she is lean. Her face is usually in the form of a smile or at least looking happy. She also looks like she is observing or thinking a lot of the times as well. She does not slouch and has good posture.


    CHARACTER STRENGTHS AND SKILLS: She is very good and listening and sympathizing with other people. She is also good at figuring things out and is very intelligent. She can solve most situations which helps in everyday life or school work. Things come easy to her so she can figure out most things in situations. She is also independent. She doesn’t have a lot of friends so being independent helps her not worry about being alone and enjoys it at times. She can rely on herself to do things rather than rely on other people who tend to be unreliable.

    CHARACTER WEAKNESSES: Ashley is extremely lazy. This comes from the fact that most things come easy to her. When something doesn’t she gives up. She does not like to work hard. She is also extremely shy. It is hard for her to open up to people for them to get to know her so in turn she doesn’t have a lot of friends. She is also extremely impatient. She has trouble with people not understanding things right away or not understanding people. She thinks that she is better than most people a lot of times so that in turn makes her impatient with people. She has this idea that people are unreliable and ignorant about everything.

    CHARACTER LIKES: Ashley likes to read, hang out with friends, figure things out, or just relax. She also likes to travel. She is very interested in the human brain and figuring out different types of people. She likes puzzles. Ashley loves Italian food. She loves breads and pastas. She loves to read because it gives her new information that will help her in figuring things out in the future, for example, people. She loves puzzles because it gives her a sense of accomplishment and achievement. She likes to hang out with friends because she doesn’t tend to do that much and it will help expand her knowledge on people. She likes to figure things out because she loves to be right. She also loves to travel because there is so many new things for her to see and learn about.

    CHARACTER DISLIKES: Ashley dislikes things that are repeated or people asking the same questions over and over. She is impatient at times so it just bugs her because she feels that things aren’t moving forward if things are repeated. She also doesn’t like ignorance or stupidity. It makes her upset because she tends to be impatient with people.

    GOALS: She wants to graduate school with either perfect or near perfect grades. She wants to fall in love and get married after Hogwarts and have a family. Ashley also wants to work for the Ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

    QUIRKS: Ashley is a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to some things where if she has a daily routine of things she does, she has to do them the same way every day and as close to the same time as possible. She also bites her nails when she is scared or bored.

    BOGGART: bugs

    PATRONUS: Getting her acceptance letter to Hogwarts

    DEMENTOR: Her parents missing her 10th birthday.

    VERITASERUM: Ashley has an obsession with studying that she does extra work on her own time to get ahead but does not want anybody to know that.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Ashley wants to work for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

    PERSONALITY: Ashley is a very nice, easy going girl. She is friendly to everybody even if they are mean to her. She does not like to have enemies but would rather be friends with everybody. She is very sympathetic and understanding and listens to people when they need her help. She is also very shy so she doesn’t make a lot of friends because people don’t always give her a chance or the time of day to get to know her.

    She is extremely intelligent. She can figure things out on her own without needing help or having background information. She is very good at judging people and understands how they act and why they do the things they do. She is very interested in the human brain. She knows a lot of information by just hearing about it once or reading it once.

    Her downfall is that she procrastinates and is lazy at times. Things have always come easy to her so when they don’t, she tends to give up on it and quit. She has the capability of being an excellent student but she doesn’t try hard or push herself. She also puts things off and would rather play games or hang out then do the work that needs to be done.


    FATHER: Stephen Henry

    MOTHER: Rebecca Henry

    SIBLING(S): none


    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: wealthy

    PET(S): none




    Early Years: Since both of her parents are actors, Ashley does not have a close relationship at all with them because they travel a lot. She was homeschooled before Hogwarts and was taken care of by her babysitter mostly. She doesn’t know any of her other family members so her babysitter became one of her best friends. Her babysitter was a muggle.

    Both of Ashley’s parents met back in acting school. They started dating in their first year at the England Film and Acting School and stayed together ever since. They both became actors so that made their relationship stronger. They got married straight after they graduated and had been happy ever since. Stephen proposed to her at the spot they met, the lake the day before they graduated.

    Ashley is an only child born on February 23. She never knew about magic. Her parents and she grew up in the muggle world. She was homeschooled in her early years and was raised mostly by her babysitter. Her parents and she weren’t close because they traveled a lot for work but when they are together, they get along well. She is spoiled because she is an only child. She experienced her first magical ability at age 5. She summoned a picture book that her parents had put on a high shelf away from her. The parents were not around to see it so nobody realized she had magic in her until she got her letter.

    She did not have a lot of friends because she was shy. Just her babysitter. They got along very well. Ashley told her everything. Especially when she was upset with her parents which was rare but happened. She did not have a real eventful childhood. She mostly stayed home with her babysitter and did schoolwork or read. On occasions, she would travel with her parents when they went and filmed movies but other than that, did not do much. When she got her Hogwarts letter, she was extremely excited and cannot wait to start her first year at school.

    Hogwarts Years: Ashley is just starting Hogwarts and cannot wait to see what is in store for her.



    YOUR NAME: Jessica

    RP EXPERIENCE: Was part of a few schools a couple years ago then stopped. Just got back into and a member of a few other schools.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: google, online Hogwarts.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To have fun and graduate through Hogwarts.

    Ashley Henry walked into the King’s Cross station. She just had said goodbye to her parents and was a little sad about that but was still extremely excited to start her new adventure at Hogwarts. She knew she was going to Hogwarts since she was younger. She definitely needed a change of scenery though. She looked around her at all the people bustling around her to catch their train. She laughed at the Muggles because they had no idea that she was a wizard going to start her first day of Hogwarts. She began to walk toward Platforms 9 and 10.

    Her parents told her how get onto Platform 9 ¾ already so she wasn’t too worried about it. It was magical. It came natural to her. She finally reached the platforms and centered herself in from of the barrier. She pushed her cart with her trunk on it and ran through the platform. She looked around and saw a sight that took her breath away-the Hogwarts Express. She had heard all about it from her parents but it didn’t do it justice. It was beautiful. She smiled and walked toward the train. She stepped in and saw all the students running around and saying last minute goodbyes to their parents. She was so excited and could not believe the day had arrived for her to leave the house. The train was going to leave soon.

    She walked down the train to see if there were any empty compartments. She finally found one near the end of the train. She put her stuff up on a rack in the train and took her book out of her purse to begin reading. The train began to move and she began to become sleepy. She had stayed up all night the night before just because she was so excited. She put her book down and said to herself, “Maybe I will take a little nap.” She fell asleep and dreamt about her new home….

Ashley Henry
Ashley Henry

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HENRY, Ashley Rebecca Empty Re: HENRY, Ashley Rebecca

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:05 pm

I really enjoyed reading this app! It was lovely!
Welcome to Potter's Army - accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw! ;D
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