Cruz, Tiffany Rebecca
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Cruz, Tiffany Rebecca

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Cruz, Tiffany Rebecca Empty Cruz, Tiffany Rebecca

Post by Tiffany Cruz Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:43 pm

Cruz, Tiffany Rebecca Tumblr_m608psOtM51rri87i

Tiffany Rebecca Cruz


FULL NAME: Tiffany Rebecca Cruz

NICKNAMES:  Tif, Fany, Reb, Becca, Becky.

AGE: 13



CLASSES: Charms, DADA and Potions

WAND:  Alder wood, Unicorn core, 10 inches, brittle.

PLAY BY: Bailee Madison




COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: quite tall for her age.


GENERAL APPEARANCE: She has brown hair, little bit over her shoulders, what are most of times a little bit of curly, their stright if she straightnes them, her mother also has brown hairs like her. She also has brown eyes, what are very beautiful ones and she get them from her father. She is quite thin girl but she is taller than most of girl in her age, she is 4'9". She doesn't weight so much, just 39kg.
She most of time likes to wear dresses and such girly things. You can see her wearing pants now even more, she just have become to love them again. She used to wear them a lot when she was much yoinger but now dresses and skirts. But yeah in classes you can see her wearing her uniform for sure but in her free time she doesn't wear it.
She doesn't wear so much make-up yet or even jewellery, only when it's important day like parties and such, then you can see her wearing these both.


01. Smart
02. Brave
03. Loyal
04. Kind
05. Friendly
06. Patient
07. Creative
08. Hardworking
09. Wisdom
10. Intellect
11. Can be mean sometimes.
12. Strubborn
13. Punctual
14. Smiley
15. Caring
16. Sweet
17. Honest
18. Trustful
19. Independant
20. Quite mature
21. Patient

001. Reading books
002. Studying
003. Sleeping
004. Hanging with her friends
005. Rainy days
006. Cats
007. Dogs
008. Animals in general
009. Ice Cream (Strawberry one the most)
010. Being honest

0001. Loud music
0002. Spiders
0003. Spoiled people.
0004. Bullies
0005. Very sunny and warm days
0006. Chocolate
0007. Mean people
0008. If somone hurts someone close to her
0009. Snakes actually too
0010. Onions

1. To graduate Hogwarts with O's and E's.
2. To find boyfriend, later on husband,
3. To find a job
4. To have family
5. To be good mother

Bitting nails when nervous.
Tapping leg on floor or other places when nervous sometimes
Playing with her hair when bored.

BOGGART: To lose someone close to her.

PATRONUS: She had little sister named Jessica.

DEMENTOR: Lost all her friends, when they get to know that Tif is going to go Hogwarts.

VERITASERUM: So many to choose. Very Happy

MIRROR OF ERISED: To finish Hogwarts and after that have a good life

She is always friendly and kind with others, even if she has get hurt from her previous friends. Also she is quite sweet one. She can be mean too sometimes if you are mean with her or you just annoy her to much too long time or hurt somoene with who she is close or bullie. She is also very loyal to her friends, she never tells anyone secrets out, even yeah her friends did it at the end. She doesn't wanna be like them. She is also very smart and brave little girl. She also very patient with others people, she can wait them for a long time if needed. She is very hardworking girl and she likes to study very much. She never misses deadlines.


FATHER: Micheal Cruz [34 years old]

MOTHER: Helena Cruz [32 years old]

SIBLING/S: Jessica Cruz [4 years old]

OTHER: there is aunts, uncles, their children and so on. just too many to point them out right now.

BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn




Cat named Becky.


Early Years: She was born in middle class family. She had always mostly everything what she wanted. She had good friends and did get along with everyone. When she was nine then her mother gave birth to her sister Jessica. One day suddenly when it was almost her 11 birthday day, she got letter from Hogwarts. Her parents and also her was surprised because in their family is no wizards at all. They decided at the end that: Tiffany will go to Hogwarts. But when her friends heard about it, they suddenly stopped hanging out with her and she never saw them again basically. Also they began to tell out Tif's secrets quietly.

Hogwarts Years: Her first year here was good but at first it was hard since she was muggle and she didn't know anything about it here. She had no idea that she even had magic in her and in this school she first time even used magic and learnt it to use. She did make some friends after few days and with them help she get to know this place more and more. They really helped her and she is very glad that they did.
Second was already much better. She knew already little bit about magic and she did learn at home in summer alos from the books more about magic and about history of magic and also about this school. She really did like to help her friends and they helped her when she struggled. They also had quite much fun.
Soon will start her third year, she isn't sure what will happen this year but she hopes it's so good as her first two or even better.

Adulthood: She isn't yet that old. Very Happy




HOW YOU FOUND US: Friend told + i have here already charries.

MAIN CHARACTER:  Jessica Wendorf

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I needed someone who is younger than 16 Very Happy


Tiffany Cruz

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Cruz, Tiffany Rebecca Empty Re: Cruz, Tiffany Rebecca

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:34 pm

she looks fine to me, kissu.

accepted and sorted into ravenclaw.
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