TAYLOR, Roxanne Delilah
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TAYLOR, Roxanne Delilah

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TAYLOR, Roxanne Delilah Empty TAYLOR, Roxanne Delilah

Post by Roxanne Taylor Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:11 am

TAYLOR, Roxanne Delilah 328706436




    Roxanne Delilah Taylor

    "I've always been pretty fond of my name. I've gotten mixed reactions on whether it suits me or not but what the hell, I don't really care. Roxanne is my great grandmother's name and she's one heck of a woman so I don't mind bearing her name in the slightest; I'm actually really proud of it. The name means "graceful rose." I'm not really sure if I would consider myself graceful anywhere but the Quidditch pitch but it's a poetic idea nonetheless. Roses, in their archetypal definition, are defined as the symbol of peace and love. I don't really find this to be a suitable description of my character as I wouldn't consider myself to be the most peaceful or loving person. I highly doubt my parents were too concerned with the meaning of my name fitting the personality of their infant child however. Delilah was a name my father chose from one of the historical books he happened to be reading around the time of my birth. There was a powerful witch named Delilah that had a large part to play during one of the Goblin Rebellions and was a key ingredient for the triumph of the wizards. The meaning behind the name is "night" and while that's a pretty boring meaning, I still find the name to be beautiful. I would think it's pretty obvious that my surname came from my father. The name Taylor anticlimactically means "tailor." One would think that maybe I'd have a certain aptitude for sewing but it's quite the opposite. Hand me a needle, thread, and some fabric and you'll probably only find bloodstains covering an inadequate piece of work. So yeah, overall I like my name even though it may not perfectly describe me."


    Roxy, Delilah, Taylor

    "My parents are actually really stringent about calling everyone by their full names. Nicknames have never really been a part of their personal lexicons. But when you have a brother whose a year younger than you, they sometimes have difficult articulating a name as long as Roxanne. Hence the nickname Roxy. This name has transcended from only being used at my household to being a common name at school as well. Most of my friends and housemates call me Roxy because Roxanne can sound overly formal in some situations and contexts. I actually only have one person in my life who consistently calls me Delilah or some variation of it. When my best friend at Hogwarts, aside from my brother, discovered my middle name he thought it was just the coolest name ever. I'm not really sure why but that was about five years ago and he hasn't gone back to Roxy since. Taylor is a name I normally hear from people I either know as an acquaintance or out on the pitch. For some reason I always feel as though people just forget your first names out there."






    Ravenclaw or Slytherin


    Ivy, 8'', Merperson Hair, Sturdy

    PLAY BY:

    Mila Kunis











    "My hair may very well be my favorite physical attribute. It's dark brown even though a lot of people try and tell me that it's black. Those people can just screw off, it's brown. It falls down to almost the middle of my back and I like it this length best. I remember back in my second year I decided to chop everything off to above my shoulders and I absolutely hated it. I also made the mistake of getting bangs that years as well and let's just say I won't be repeating that anytime soon. My hair has a natural wave to it and if I'm feeling lazy I just leave it that way but if I happen to get up early enough, I'll straighten it. I hate wearing my hair up because I get awful headaches. I generally only do so when I'm playing Quidditch or studying.

    "I have blue almond-shaped eyes but I don't really think there's anything all that special about them. Sometimes they change colors depending on the color of clothing I'm wearing, ranging from a vibrant blue to a dull gray. I have naturally long eyelashes but they're kind of thin. Thank the higher beings for mascara. I also have this weird compulsive obsession with plucking my eyebrows on almost a daily basis. I'm not really sure why, I just do. I've always been told that I'm good at conveying emotions through my eyes but I'm not really sure of the validity of such claims.

    "I stand above most girls my age at 5'6'' which is a little taller than average. Sometimes my height makes me feel kind of awkward, mainly because I had my major growth spurt during my third year. I was an early bloomer. The shitty part was that I didn't start developing my lady parts until the end of my fifth year. I'm average sized, maybe a little curvier than most. I have a pretty athletic build though due to playing Quidditch for several years. I also kind of have an obsession with working out. Morning runs? Yes please.

    "My biggest insecurity is my nose. I think it's too long and pointy. I hate it. To make matters worse, when I was I think seven years old, my brother got a little worked up after one of our Quidditch matches and he hit me in the face with his broomstick. You guessed it, it broke my nose. So now I have this bump on the bridge of my nose and that only adds to my insecurity. I also think that my nostrils flare out more than they should and it's just ugly.

    "I'm a Pureblood wizard. I only wear robes. This whole fad of bringing in muggle style clothing is ridiculous and I for one won't be a part of promoting that sort of activity. I am absolutely in love with bold colors, vibrant purples, royal blues, lime green - I love anything that makes a statement. I generally won't do those kinds of colors with regular robes, maybe dress robes, but my shoes are actually wear I show my flare for the vibrant colors. I have so many shoes that I don't even know what to do with them all. All of my robes and shoes are clean and I absolutely cannot stand wrinkles. Cleanliness is next to godliness; I fully believe that cliche."



    Fun loving


    Trust issues
    Over thinks things
    Doesn't understand her emotions


    Collecting things
    Wizard's Chess
    Being challenged
    Observing people
    Witty retorts
    Corny jokes
    Pureblood Supremacy
    Morning Runs


    Being unproductive
    People who don't apply themselves
    Dealing with emotions
    People who wear their hearts on their sleeves
    Her insecurities
    People who don't embrace their inner child
    Hot weather
    Being cooped up indoors
    Being barefoot
    Drugs other than alcohol
    Small talk
    Those lacking in the common sense department
    Smell of hospitals
    Old people
    Open-minded folk


    Do well on NEWTs
    Find an awesome career
    Live it up at Hogwarts
    Write an article for the Prophet
    Finish the history section in the library


    Sneezes in threes
    Cracks knuckles
    Sometimes snorts when she laughs


    "I'm absolutely scared of vampires. They're creatures that come out at night and feed on your blood. I don't see why anyone would not be scared of 'em. I don't really feel like I need to offer any further explanation than that. Ever since I found out about them, I think I was maybe four, I've been petrified of them. I have no idea what I would do if I ever encountered one."


    "My patronus takes the shape of a panther. Throughout history the panther has been a symbolism of power, courage and protection. I'm not sure that I would classify myself as a protective person, unless it's someone I dearly love, but I think everyone would choose to imagine themselves as courageous and powerful. The memory that I need to evoke a patronus is actually the memory of reading a letter that my brother wrote to me when I first went to Hogwarts and he was still at home. He told me how much he missed me and loved me and I guess that was the moment that I realized blood was truly thicker than water. I came to the realization that I could have someone stable in my life that would love me unconditionally and could relate to things I was going through at the time. To this day he's still the best friend I could ever ask for and he means the world to me."


    "My worst memory? That's an easy one. When I was six years old my grandfather died. So we weren't exactly all that close, how close can a six year old and a sixty year old really be? But he was still the first family member that died while I was alive. It wasn't even hearing the news at first that really bothered me. As a child, it's easy to imagine that they aren't really gone forever and forever is a difficult concept to grasp at that age as well. It wasn't until I saw his body at the funeral - I wasn't aware that it was going to be an open casket. Seeing him that way was horrifying and it's still something I see sometimes when I close my eyes. I didn't even say goodbye to him, I didn't know how. I regret that. Once I saw them bury him in the ground, I knew he was never coming back. I would never hear that laughter of his that could fill an empty room or see that mischievous twinkle in his eye. I've never been good at goodbyes."


    Pine needles
    Spring rain
    Apple pie


    To be close to the top of her class and find an amazing job that she loves.


    "School is important to me. Education is fundamental."

    One can take her fondness of learning in one of two ways. She does love to learn new things and finds herself incapable of researching an interesting subject. However, this could have something to do with her argumentative nature. She enjoys playing devil's advocate but in order to argue something, even something you don't believe in, you need to know something about the subject at hand. You could also see this as part of her ambitious nature. Though she has no idea of what she wants in the future, she only knows that she aspires to be something great. Her school marks are also something which gains her favor from her parents, so she could have an ulterior motive because of that. All in all, while she does love to learn things, she may be doing so in order to strengthen her debating skills, it could be part of her vague yet ambitious plans, or she could be simply trying to get her parents off her back.

    "I like to think of myself as an independent person."

    Naturally, she is an independent person. Though to be perfectly honest, there are two people whom she depends on for her sanity. Her brother is the single most important person in her life. She depends on him for emotional support. She also views him as one of the few people in her life that she can truly count on through thick and thin. At the end of the day, even if they argue, they're family and at the end of the day they have to love one another. She wouldn't necessarily count herself as someone who values her family above all else but at the core she is definitely one of those people. Her family means the world to her. The second person that she depends on is her best friend at Hogwarts. They met early on in their schooling and they've been attached at the hip since then. He's one of those people who just understands her and despite her many flaws, somehow loves her at the end of the day. However, aside from these two people, she depends on no one else because of her trust issues. Generally people have reasoning behind trust issues, such as bad relationships between their parents or something horrific that happened to them during their childhood, but she has none of these. She just finds people to be corrupt by nature and finds it hard to believe that there could be numerous people that would stick by her through thick and thin.

    "I'm both loyal and honest to a fault. I find it so strange when something that is generally considered a virtue is a fault when it is taken to extremities but I tend to be someone who can't do something all the way. It's either nothing or everything with me."

    Let's take this one step at a time. Roxy can prove to be one of the most loyal friends you've ever had but you have to enter her 'circle of trust' if you will before she becomes that person. If she truly values your friendship, and it goes beyond just a party friend or something, she will never speak an ill word against you. You know how friends can put you in difficult situations sometimes? Those ones where they trust you with a secret but honestly the moral thing to do would be to expose them? She will take that secret to the grave. If you've reached that level with her, there's nothing that could make her betray your trust. This can prove to be a fault because once you've reached this level of trust, it's hard for her to see the evil in people. As far as honesty goes, she is definitely that friend who will tell you if you look fat in that dress. She's honest, which is an amazing trait in a person, but when combined with her less flattering traits of bluntness and tactlessness, it may not be all that flattering. People should only come to her with problems if they want her honest to God opinion on the matter because she will give nothing less. Some people will see this as a redeeming quality, someone who has no filter, and others will see this as a character flaw. If you want someone who sugar coats things, really...don't come to her with your problems. As far as extremities go, she isn't the type of person to do something halfway. At all. She either goes big or goes home. All of her character pluses and flaws follow this theory. One can always count on her to have a flair for dramatics. She has a big personality and she isn't afraid to show it.

    "I know I have commitment issues but I don't necessarily see that as a flaw."

    Dating? Psh, whatever. That word is hardly in her vocabulary. It isn't because she just wants to slut herself around but she finds dating at this age to be superficial. She fully believes that guys at this age are just trying to get some. She prefers a guy to just be straightforward about their lustful desires rather than sugarcoat it with a fake need for a relationship. Yes, she's a virgin so she doesn't put out to the fullest means, but she's definitely hooked up with more guys than may necessarily be deemed as appropriate. She's the ultimate tease in that area. It's likely that her reasoning behind her hatred of dating could be rooted in her trust issues but it also comes from the fact that a lot of her close friends happen to be male. She helps them figure out how to get girls to fall for them so they can screw 'em, she listens to their masculine talks about wanting to get some tail, and she has no qualms with that unless she applies it to herself (which she generally doesn't). She views most males, and some females, as shallow beings ruled by their lustful desires. She doesn't necessarily look down on those people but she also knows she doesn't want to sleep with someone unless she feels like it means something.

    "Come on, let's go for a run."

    So physical activity may seem like it shouldn't be a major component of someone's personality but Roxy honestly cannot exist without regular exercise. She's that person in class who is constantly fidgeting, either bouncing her leg up and down or cracking her knuckles, just to get her body moving while in class. If she doesn't go for her regular morning run, she feels out of whack the entire day. This has to do with her need for physical activity as well as her need to be outdoors. Quidditch is everything to her because this gives her an outlet both for her need of exercise, her longing to be outdoors, and it just gives her an outlet for aggression and other natural teenage emotions.



    Michael Lee Taylor, 43, Unspeakable


    Lucinda Ann [Smith] Taylor, 42, Housewife


    ____ _____ Taylor, 15, Student








    Upper-Middle class








    Early Years:

    "My mum and dad met when they were younger due to an arranged marriage. They both come for pretty prestigious Pureblood families who are extremely traditional to say the least...just in case the arranged marriage didn't clue you in on that. Thankfully they were actually compatible and I don't have parents who are constantly bickering with one another. Also, just a side note, my parents do want me to marry well but they are giving me the freedom of choosing my spouse. Just in case you were wondering.

    I was the first born and was completely spoiled, as I believe most first born children are. I wasn't necessarily planned but they still accepted me with open arms. I don't remember anything before my little brother was born a year later. My mother told me that I completely adored him from the moment he was born and constantly tried to be around him as much as possible. My earliest memories are from when I was about four or five years old and the two of us would be out playing in the woods near our house. This was at our house in Carlingford. We lived in Dublin for the first three years of my life but like I said, I don't remember that far back. I had a pretty average childhood I'd say. My mum was always at home, my dad was always at work and my brother and I were the best of friends. Sure, we had to suffer through some stuffy formal dinners with other Pureblood families, but they weren't all that bad."

    Hogwarts Years:

    "Of course the first major milestone in my life was going to Hogwarts. I think that's the biggest memory from any witch or wizard's childhood. I actually met my best friend to this day on the Hogwarts Express. I wasn't all that nervous when it came to the sorting ceremony because there was truly only one house that I absolutely hated with every fiber in my being, Hufflepuff. I was fairly certain that there wasn't a chance in hell that I would be sorted into that house given that I'm not exactly one of the kindest people who has ever walked the planet, far from it. During my first few years at Hogwarts I made a lot of shallow friends and some rather close ones. I focused a lot on school but I made sure to leave time for social activities as well. After my first year I immediately jumped into Quidditch, I was a reserve player my second year and then a steady member from then on out.

    After my fifth year, I realized that I needed to figure out what I was going to do once I left Hogwarts but to this day I still have absolutely no idea. I definitely started partying more after my fifth year and have a soft spot for firewhiskey. I love going to parties and it's definitely my kind of scene. School work still takes the front seat however, education is the primary reason why I attend Hogwarts. As of right now my best subjects are Potions and Charms, so I'm not sure what kind of career I could have with either of those subjects. I really blow at Care of Magical Creatures, I don't have that maternal instinct necessary to take care of or care about animals. I thought that taking the class might help but nope, still terrible with animals. I've had one boyfriend and that was during my third year but I couldn't really handle the commitment and we broke up after only a month. Um, I'm not sure what else would be significant enough to add here, so I'll just stop now."





    9+ years


    a friend told me about this site a while ago and i just not got around to checking it out




    Throwing the quaffle through the hoop, Landon pumped his fist in the air signifying victory for his side. Of course, this was only a game between friends and not for the actual Gryffindro team but it still felt awesome. Losing always put him in a sour mood. Needless to say, he was an extremely competitive person. He landed, receiving some high fives from his teammates as he grinned like a small child. As he began storing the quidditch balls back in their cases, he listened absentmindedly to the conversation the other boys were having. Just as he was latching in one of the bludgers, they were tough little shits to put away, he heard one of them say Emele's name and suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be in Hogsmeade with her right then. Due to his surprise, he had managed to let go of the bludger which escaped from him but he didn't have the time to chase it.

    Landon handed his broom to another Gryffindor, asking him to stow it away in his room. Damn, she was going to be really mad at him. She definitely couldn't stand it when he forgot they were meeting or was late. He was absentminded and punctuality wasn't a word he fully understood. Glancing down at his watch, he realized that he was already fifteen minutes late. He tried to make himself feel better by rationalizing that she knew him well enough to know that he would probably be late, and had hopefully taken her time in getting down there as well. He doubted it but he still somehow felt better about the whole thing. He'd just buy her lunch or a butterbeer or something and all would be forgiven. She always forgave him for stuff like that...which was good since it unfortunately happened quite frequently.

    He quickened his stride, trying to get there as quickly as possible. In all honesty, he probably should have just flown down there. It would have been a lot quicker. Was that allowed? Why hadn't he thought of that before? That would be making quite the entrance down in Hogsmeade. He was tempted to go back and get it but given that he was almost there and already late, it wasn't worth the effort. He made a mental note to remember to do that next time. However, it was very likely that he would end up forgetting. Go figure.

    As he rounded the corner in Hogsmeade, he saw Emele leaning against the brick pillar they had decided to meet at and he gave her a sheepish grin as he saw the look on her face. He knew she wasn't happy with him. He dug in his pocket, hoping he'd have some sweet in there to offer her as an apology but nope. Of course he didn't. "Sorry, Em. I uh, was playing Quidditch and didn't realize how late it had gotten," he began, deciding to not mention the part where he had completely forgotten that he was supposed to meet her in the first place. Giving her another grin he offered, "Lunch on me?" And just in case that wasn't enough, he added, "You know you're my favorite, right?"

Roxanne Taylor
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TAYLOR, Roxanne Delilah Empty Re: TAYLOR, Roxanne Delilah

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:53 am

Really good app. I love her. I can't wait to see her on the boards!

Welcome aboard, btw!

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!

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