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Jason Hel [Finished] Empty Jason Hel [Finished]

on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:56 pm
Out of Character:
Name: “Twist”
Gender: Male
Age: 16
How you found Potter's Army: Randomness ftw
Any other characters on Potter's Army: None
Anything else: Yeah… I’m from Portugal (reason why I didn’t put my real name here… you wouldn’t understand it)

In Character
Jason Hel [Finished] Josh_Franceschi_by_erenaaa
Name: Jason Hel
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Year AND Age: First year; 11 years old
Preferred houses: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw
Birthday: September 5th
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Josh Franceschi
Blood Status: Pure-blood

Height: 145 cm
Hair: Long, black hair
Eye colour: Black
Skin: Caucasian
Other distinguishing features:

Personality: Jason is the type of person who'd sacrifice himself for someone who he loved. This could be a lover, family or a dear friend which he holds compassion for. He is commonly considered as a gentleman and is often mistaken to be of royalty; a noble of some sorts. He is always positive and while not looking happy on the outside, he is regularly happy on the inside. He loves to relax, he loves to have private time and he is somewhat of an observer; taking in things that normally would be over looked by others. He enjoys female company, long moonlight walks on the beach and with his gentleman nature, flirting and getting to know women better.
- Flying
- Potions
- Bass player
- Cooking
- Love for his friends
- Snakes
- Every Kind of Insects
- Muggle world
- Chocolate
- Quidditch
- Girls
- Every kind of insects
- Snakes
- Bullies
Family Information: The Hel family… Not much to say about them. Pure-blood wizards though not very successful, the Hel’s are known for their amazing skills with potions and flying. Most of the wizards belonging to this family are related to sports due to another great skill that every Hel has; the skill to fly. All of the Hel family members have a great balance and strength (even if they look thin) and combine those two ability when in flight, that gives them advantage over other people when it comes to Quidditch. Besides these characteristics, The Hel’s are always friendly and have good manners. A fine family indeed.
Background: Born September the fifth in a rainy day in the crowdie city of London, Jason Hel is a pure-blood kid that since his early age demonstrated the true skills that all of his family members have. Having a rather monotony life, Jason started to hate the Nature and the wild life, hating all kinds of insects and snakes. By not going out, he quickly became a very shy kid that hated animal contact. However, things changed during his growth and he quickly became an outgoing kid that enjoyed everything he laid eyes on. He also became rather gentleman and began to love feminine company.

Now, he studies at Hogwarts, hopping to become more than just a Quidditch player. Will he make it? Only time can tell you that.
Short Roleplay:
The wind was blowing softly in the young and pale face of the kid that walked the streets of Islington with a confident look on his expression. The usual mist was somewhat softer that in the other days, to tell the truth, it was almost inexistent. Jason could see the other peoples face and now he would bump in to them because he couldn’t see where he was going. This time the youngster was going to eat something for lunch; he had nothing better to do. The avenues where sort of empty, only a few faces were seen, normally buying stuff for their own lunch. With his hands stuck inside his pockets, the shadow wandered for those empty streets until he finally found the small yet cozy restaurant that he had been looking for almost twenty minutes. The Islington Restaurant. The frontage was white and black with circular details, indeed a great work of art for such a simple building. A small chimney stood on the top of the flat roof, throwing the black smoke whose origin was the food that at that moment was made for the customers. He took three, four steps and entered the restaurant and his eyes stared some empty tables as he decided where he would eat. He finally found an empty table, two simple seats by the window. The waiter didn’t took long to attend his request “A simple soup would do” he said pointing at the desired soup with a gentle yet friendly tone as he sat back and enjoyed the warm environment of the restaurant.

He got up with a smile on his face from the satisfaction that meal had proportioned to him and walked with that same smile to an old and chubby man that wiped his hands to a white and long cotton napkin. His name was John and was Jason’s uncle. “Hey uncle...” He said patting him in the back as a sign of their friendship. “So you liked it?” the vague question was referring to the soup he had just eaten. A simple “yes” with his head did the job for him when answering that query. Still the purpose of coming wasn’t all just to eat. “Hey I was thinking… since you know so many people that come to your restaurant, you wouldn’t happen to know if there are empty spots for me in Hogwarts?”

Jason Hel [Finished] Empty Re: Jason Hel [Finished]

on Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:51 am
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