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Death by Poltergeist

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Death by Poltergeist - Page 2 Empty Re: Death by Poltergeist

Post by Margo P. Richards on Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:03 am

He was shaking his head and her hands were slipping up and down his face but she nodded fervently along, feeling f*cking inspired by his genius. Together, the two of them were unstoppable. And while that usually mean unstoppable as they plunged over the cliff of unforeseen consequences, that didn't apply now! This was foolproof. Shit, this was THEM-proof!

She turned. "Accio parchment!" More snacks came pelting at them, but there was a small paper bag full of candy that came, so she grabbed that and bent down to begin writing. "Okay, let's see. Who's the smartest person we know? Do you think your sister needs any favors?"

That's when the door opened. Margo looked up and smiled brightly. "Christy!"

Oh. Yeaaaah.

She slowly looked at Johnny, remembering that he was a Hufflepuff, they were in the Ravenclaw tower, and that there were rules. Lame.

Margo stood. "Okay, so, I hear you. But. To be fair. Johnny was assaulted by Peeves and I'm on my period and I think we deserve some grace."
Margo P. Richards
Margo P. Richards
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Fifth Year Ravenclaw

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Death by Poltergeist - Page 2 Empty Re: Death by Poltergeist

Post by Johnny G. Murray on Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:05 pm

It was pretty impressive how Margo managed to summon both parchment and sweets in one go- Accio really was her spell. He opened a new packet, stuffing the gummy sweets in his mouth and chewing as she spoke in a deja vu of their previous conversation. Everything was the same and yet everything had changed. The rest of the year no longer read like a warning of all the pitfalls he would inevitably fail to avoid. All options seemed open to them now. Their OWLs were there for the taking. The future was bright. Somehow, he, Johnny Murray, had discovered Lumos.

The first attempt to reply came out muffled, so he chewed hurriedly, swallowed, and tried again.

"Zoey's too smart. We won't understand anything she says, trust me. Better off looking here." He allowed himself to think back to his classes and people who seemed to have some idea of what they were talking about. The thing was, it was hard to know who was right and who was wrong when you yourself barely had a clue.

"Maybe Ravenclaws? You lot are the brainy ones, aren't you?"

But he didn't get a chance to consider specific names as an older student joined them- the Ravenclaw Seeker, Whittle. Even without the tie (crap, where was his tie???), Johnny apparently had enough of a Hufflepuff air about him that he instantly stuck out. It came as no surprise that even by appearance alone he couldn't pass for a Ravenclaw. It made sense, in a way. No one would look at Margo and think she was a Slytherin.

His instant reaction was to freeze, noting the prefect's badge, then stand up and just as abruptly fall back down onto the sofa the second he shifted his weight to his left leg, a pained grimace on his face. When had his foot stopped working? Still, he tried to hide his suffering and nodded solemnly along to Margo's very valid points from his seated position, doing his best to look harmless.


There was a sheepish throat clear and he directed a bewildered gaze at Christy, though it darted toward Margo as he spoke. "Yeah, I um- I think he's broken my foot."
Johnny G. Murray
Johnny G. Murray
Fifth Year Hufflepuff
Fifth Year Hufflepuff

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