Here's to New Beginnings
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Here's to New Beginnings

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Here's to New Beginnings Empty Here's to New Beginnings

Post by Colin Firethorn on Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:07 pm

Colin glanced over towards his little staff. He took a deep breath nervously--yes, they were his little staff. Aunt Polly, rest her soul, had seen to it that his dream had come true. It was either that or let Kellam inherit everything Aunt Polly had wanted him to have, and Colin wasn't having that. Colin would open the club just to keep his nasty cousin from getting a single sickle. The will hadn't said he needed to keep the place open, only that he had to open it. Well, here it was, opening day, and he had filled his promise to her. He had tuned and hung some of his guitars, a banjo, and a mandolin on either side of the small stage as useable decorations, and he had checked the little sound and light system himself. He wanted it to be a place locals came to showcase their talents or to listen to locals who did.

Nick, the bartender was shining up the well varnished raw wood bar top, and one server was straightening the pictures on the brick walls, pictures of Hogsmeade in days gone by. The other server was making sure the tables were set and that the wooden bowls of peanuts and bar mix were set out. Colin had put an ad in the Prophet--"One Free Beverage with Coupon." It was designed to help encourage folks to try Brew out and maybe order one of their amazing burgers.

His parents and aunts and uncles were thrilled for him. They'd given him a full collection of all their recordings. He was sure no one his age had ever heard of the Firethorns, but Colin liked their old 60's rock music recording, so he'd put it on for background music. He was hoping to book a skiffle band--something very much like the Lonnie Donegan stuff he so loved.

He'd had a good selection of brews, alcoholic and non alcoholic put on tap, and everything looked like people should be breaking down the doors, but they weren't. His heart sank.

"Hey, Mate," Nick shouted at him. "You forgot something."

"Oh, no. What'd I forget?" Colin asked, suddenly panicking.

"Unlock the door," Nick laughed. "Relax. You've got this, and if you don't, we've got you."  Colin nodded and hurried over, unlocked the door and opened it, using an old brick as a doorstop to keep the door open to the warm breeze.
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Colin Firethorn
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