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Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Sixth Year Ravenclaw
Clair Sauvage
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Re: Let's not be friends or else this might never end

on Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:20 pm
Clair shrugged. He didn't think he ever said anything terrible, just what everyone else was thinking. Or the truth, whichever one was worse.

"Course we can't," he replied. "I'm not normal, and you're certainly not normal, so how would that work?"

He dropped the serviette on the table and draped his arm around Charlotte's back.

"You always react, babe," he said. "And not just a little bit, either. You practically scream. Can't afford to do that if you're gonna be with Christian."

"The Zabinis are like, hardcore purebloods," he went on. "If Christian introduces you to his parents, they'll do the same thing to you that I do, only a lot nastier. I'm just teasing you, they'll make it personal."

Clair leaned away a little to look down at Charlotte as she said she'd thought wizards were freaks.

"You thought magic was a curse?"
Seventh Year Ravenclaw
Seventh Year Ravenclaw
Charlotte Waldorf
Seventh Year
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Re: Let's not be friends or else this might never end

on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:28 am
For the few moments, Charlotte was totally confused. Why they can't be normal friends?
But then he explained and Charlotte started laughing for the first time today.

"Okay, I guess you are right" she shook her head.
Clair really can be nice sometimes. Charlotte had no idea what to think about him.
In one second, he is that guy who always messes up with people and in the other, he was the funny friend. It was really hard to have the opinion about him.

"And why not?" she looked at him curiously.
"I can be whatever I want and do whatever I want. If Christian has something against it, then maybe we are not for each other." She shrugged. There is no guy who would make her change her personality.

"I guess you are right. That is the reason why I don't want to meet them." She paused for a moment and frowned. It was so sad when you already know that your boyfriend's parents would hate you only because of your blood.
"I mean, I know that they probably just want all the best for their son, but I can't change my blood. It's not something that is supposed to be the reason for breaking up or something like that. I just hope they will understand once" she shrugged and took another bit of her toast.

"I did think having magic is a curse. You must understand me, I grew up without knowing magic is real and in one moment my parent just threw me in this school." Charlotte was honest about that and it's probably for the first time.

"What about you? I don't know anything about you except you can be annoying as hell" she smiled and looked at him.
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