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Stephen Meyers
Fourth Year Gryffindor
Fourth Year Gryffindor
Stephen Meyers
Fifth Year
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Stephen Meyers: Relationships Empty Stephen Meyers: Relationships

on Fri May 12, 2017 10:25 pm
Stephen Meyers: Relationships Nickrobinson-300x300

Stephen Edwards Meyers


Father: Edward Meyers
37, Halfblood, Ex-Slytherin, Employee at the Ministry - NPC
Undoubtedly complicated was the best way to describe this. The relationship with his father was always very distant but it wasn't always like that. Stephen remembers of a time when they were, not very close, but closer. Edward was that kind of playful father, but after a certain time he just stopped and changed completely. He was always busy with work and they grew apart. However, it became worse. After Stephen came to Hogwarts they just stopped talking and there was never a letter between the two of them. Stephen believed that the fact that he turned out to be a Gryffindor, showing how different he was from his father's side of the family, was the reason why the void in their relationship deepened. Yet, Stephen tried to please him in any way he could as he tried as well he was deserving of his friendship, if not parenting.

Mother: Elizabeth Meyers
38, Halfblood, Ex-Ravenclaw, Owns a clothing shop at Diagon Alley - NPC
In contrast to Stephen's relationship with is father, the one with his mother was always very nice and soft. Elizabeth was always very caring and Stephen grew closer to her than he did to his father. Unlike him, she had the time and the means to take care of his children. Stephen never really understood how she and his father had ended up together being so very different but the truth was that they fit and completed each other. Elizabeth was just that light in the family and she was the one Stephen would turn to if he ever had a situation no matter how odd it could be.

Sister: Adriana "Gilly" Meyers
8, Halfblood - NPC
This was just a lovely one. Stephen had turned out to be that supper protective old brother and Adriana was just as lovely and playful as her mother and father had been once, respectively. Stephen used to read to her once their father stopped doing that himself and after one of the many books he came out with her little nickname: Gilly. It stuck but only him and their mother, sometimes, called her that. When Stephen went to his third year in Hogwarts Adriana started writing to him and their bond grew even more when they started writing back and forward to one another ever since then.

Grandparents: Stephen and Julia Meyers
55, 53, Halfbloods, Ex-Slytherins, currently unknown professions - NPC
Never having the chance of properly knowing them, their relationship barely lives. Stephen had had some contact with his grandmother for a time but as she came she left leaving him with nothing to remember her. His grandfather was always a mystery to Stephen not having any memory of him at all.

Grandparents: Daniel and Marian Jackson
57, 57, Halfblood, Muggleborn, Ex- Hufflepuff, Ex-Ravenclaw, former Professor, housewife -  NPC
These had always been a part of Stephen's life in a way or another. Most festivities such as Christmas were spent at their place and Stephen really liked those visits because it always ended up with his grandfather showing up some old tricks he had learned in his time in Hogwarts or telling some old stories about the same time as well. The couple always loved their visits as well, but they became rarer as Stephen's father became busier and busier. Yet they came to visit once in awhile.





Jonathan Finch-Fletchley - Third year Hufflepuff - played by Kim
Aleksa Carlevaro - Fourth year Slytherin - played by Kim
Medusa Hunt - Fourth year Ravenclaw - played by Mars
Sterling Hart - First year Hufflepuff - played by Caleb
Apollo Zabini - Sixth year Slytherin - played by Addie
Poppy Levski - Third year Gryffindor - played by Khaat
Gretel Elkin - Fourth year Slytherin - played by Jackles
Julian Kapur - Sixth year Gryffindor - played by Jackles
Dariela McLaggen - Sixth year Slytherin - played by Nadia

OOC: The characters listed above are to be added in their right category once the current RPs are clearer about them. To apply just post below or send me a PM. Haven't plotted before? Let's talk!
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