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Montgomery, Felicia

on Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:53 am




AGE: 15



WAND: 10 inches, phoenix feather, rosewood +  inflexible

PLAY BY: Emily Osment


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Felicia has long curly blonde hair, what is most of times loose, when needed she can put it in the ponytail too. She did get her blonde hair from her mother. She has brown colored eyes what she got from her father. She is slim girl for sure. Her weight is around 50 to 60 kg. Her height isn't very much, she is just only 5'6". She doesn't seem to grow much anymore.

She tries to follow fashion so good as she can. She is girl who likes to wear skirts and dress more than pants for sure. She more likely even will wear high heels than any other shoes.

Her makeup tends to be so natural as it can. She doesn't like to wear lots of it for sure. Just mascara and lip gloss is all for her for sure what she needs.


+ Loyal
+ Kind
+ Honest
+ Smart
+ Adventures

- Stubborn
- Selfish
- Impatient
- Sneaky

+ Nature
+ Animals
+ Reading
+ Adventures
+ Try out new things

- Spiders
- Rats
- Other small bugs
- Being center of attention
- Dogs (she just is afraid of them, she isn't exactly sure why)



FATHER: Oliver Montgomery, 64, Ministry Worker, Living, Halfblood

MOTHER: Serena Montgomery, 62, Healer, Living, Halfblood

Ashton Montgomery, 18, Auror, Living, Halfblood
Seth Montgomery, 11, 1st year student soon, Living, Halfblood

OTHER: There is few cousins and aunts and uncles but they aren't really important for her.




EARLY YEARS: Felicia was born as second child to Oliver and Serena Montgomery. She has three years older brother Ashton, with who she doesn't get along very well and they aren't close for sure. Four years after her was born her other brother Seth, with who she doesn't get along very well too. Both of her brothers are different from her and they don't really wanna spend time with her. She isn't close with her parents too. Parents spend too much time at work for sure.

Felicia likes to read books but they needed to be interesting for her or else she will stop reading them. She usually can't stay still for long unless is interesting book what she is reading. She has quite many unfinished books actually. When girl isn't reading she is exploring and is on one some adventures, what are fun for her.  She is someone who doesn't like to spend inside for long, she likes to spend time outside more for sure. Like lake or some other lovely place.

HOGWARTS YEARS: When girl was eleven she received letter from Ilvernormy and this wasn't no surprise for the girl. She knew already when she was six that one day she will go to there because since then she have shown signs of magic. So she was excited about going there for sure.

Her first year there wasn't so good since she had hard time to make there friends but this didn't make her unhappy for sure. At same time she did discover so much about magic and also she did explore there castle for sure. Over years she made few friends for sure. She of course did keep her grades up so good as she could. When weird things began to happen around her school she wasn't sure what she should to do. She knew they needed to keep together and help each others out so much as they could. She was really worried about how she could get to go back to home or what will happen now next. She really hoped she could find answers for the problems soon, she hated not knowing what will happen next.

ADULTHOOD: Not here yet.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Krissu or Kissu.


HOW YOU FOUND US: Member Here Already.

MAIN CHARACTER: Aria Haywood or Cecilie Montez.

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Elijah Krum
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Re: Montgomery, Felicia

on Tue Aug 23, 2016 5:03 pm
Hey Kris!

Felicia is looking good but there are a few things we just need to tweak together, first.

If you could, do you think you could change the thread title so that it reads Surname, First Name rather than as you have it now. It will make it easier for people to find her app later on when she's sorted.

As a character, she looks good but the app itself needs a bit of a re-read and some spell-checking done to it. The appearance and history passages don't read fluently in parts and it's a bit confusing in places, especially where you repeat phrases.

Other than that, she looks good! So, almost ready to go - just give the app a bit of a think, have another read over it and just tweak it a bit here and there. Then we'll be ready!

Re: Montgomery, Felicia

on Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:30 pm
Okay. I tried to fix it so much as i can. Not sure if it worked.
Elijah Krum
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Re: Montgomery, Felicia

on Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:59 pm
Lovely job! Accepted and sorted to Ilvermorny!
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Re: Montgomery, Felicia

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