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MARSH, Addison Li9olo10

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MARSH, Addison

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MARSH, Addison Empty MARSH, Addison

Post by Addison Marsh Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:55 pm

Name: Lizzy
Gender: Female
Age: 19
How you found Potter's Army: I don't remember but I found it back in 2008 looking for Harry Potter Role Plays
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Elizabeth Potter
Have your read the Plot?: well duh...
Have your read the Must read threads?: Yea...


MARSH, Addison Jude_law-1

Name: Addison Marsh
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: 18, Graduated
Preferred houses: Graduated From Durmstrang School
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: Jude Law

Height: 5' 11
Hair: Blonde, Wild
Eye color: green
Skin: White

General Appearance:

He would often wear suits that make him look good with his wild blonde hair and sexy green eyes. He is very tall and has strong muscles after all his work outs. He may appear nice to you but don't get too close or you might end up those who had fell for his charm or possibly dead. He would wear glasses when he is at his job sometimes to look very innocent person like anyone else. For those who he may be working for better watch out since his innocent face isn't going to last forever.



He can get things he wants in his way which is why you must think twice before you know about him
Drawing wonderful


Classical Music
His father


Being Serious


Being Good
Things getting in his way
Ignorant People

Motto: Think twice about what you know about me.

General Personality:

Addison may appear as a nice guy but he isn't really. He has killed people in his past and probably will again. For a guy who may be evil himself but doesn't support any dark forces. He is one man on his own job. If you are one of those girls that fell for his charming innocent face, then you better be careful and make sure he doesn't kill you. There may be a few people that he trusts but sometimes it might be betrayal. Ever since he was a boy, he drinks and is professorial at drinking. He doesn't believe in the devil but he is evil to those who know him well. Maybe one girl will possibly be the one that he doesn't even want to kill but that girl would have to work with him in order to not let it happen.


Family Information:

John Marsh -- Father, Brother to Lydia
Marie June -- Mother, Married John

Robert Marsh -- Great-Grandfather
Arielle Page -- (1960 - 1981) -- Great-Grandmother
Robin Marsh -- (1978 - 2022) -- Grandfather
Lucy Marsh -- (1979 - 2010) -- Grandmother
Danikin Potter -- Uncle
Lydia Marsh -- Aunt, sister to John
Elizabeth Potter -- first cousin
Nick Potter -- half cousin


Addison John Marsh was born on January 10 to John Marsh and Marie June Marsh but even though he was rasied motherless because his mother Marie died at his birth. This is where Addison evil story begins. Coming home to a father John who was often drunk and even give alcohol to baby Addison while in mourning of John wife Marie and blames Addison for her death. A year after his birth, his cousin Elizabeth was born to his father sister Lydia and yet John never went to his sister funeral because he was too drunk to know that his own sister had died 2 days after Elizabeth birth. Growing up, his father had taken him to places like a local bar after muggle school was finished, where Addison had seen people rape women and had seen people kill others too.

When Addison was 8 years old, a friend of his father had given him a small knife and order him to kill the woman in the heart. This would be where his first kill was. Without a scream, the woman was asleep and felt the pain of dying. Ever since this first kill, he had enjoy killing others. At his reward, Addison was given a drink of whiskey where he would remember the best times of his life.

Durmstrang: (One paragraph - only if your character is not a first year.)

Addison was 11 years old when he got his letter for Durmstrang since his father before him went to the school, so did his grandfather before him. It was a family tradition to go to Durmstrang school. He got into quiddich very well where he became a seeker in his 3rd year at Drumstrang and where he also became captain in his 6th year. He was like any normal student who came to Drumstrang but he learn the honor roll since kept all his classes on the perfect grades where some would say that his heart is at Drumstrang. When he was 15 years old, he was one of the hottest guys in the school where many girls from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic would flirit with him but it wasn't until he turn 16 where he would take the girls out and have sex with them while protecting them from getting pregnant which he was in no mood to have kids. There were only 3 girls that he had murdered because they became pregnant and no one had ever thought he would be a murder of a crime.


As the world goes on, Addison graduated from Drumstrang school when he was 17 years old. One day he plans to kill his own father John. Who knows how many people he had kill besides the woman in the local bar and the 3 girls that became pregnant with his kid. He wasn't going to let anything stop him from getting in his way. People have even hired Addison to kill their enemies and pay him a lot of money, much with luck the job never fails for him. Now he will apply for a real job some where, where they will think he is the nice guy but isn't after all.

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Addison Marsh
Addison Marsh

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MARSH, Addison Empty Re: MARSH, Addison

Post by Addison Marsh Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:10 am

I am done, ladies and gentlemen.
Addison Marsh
Addison Marsh

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MARSH, Addison Empty Re: MARSH, Addison

Post by Jess Potter Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:56 am

Just a little more for general personality and appearance, and i'll accept that.

Also, an ex-durmstrang person, i like it, we don't have many foreign schoolers on this site.
Jess Potter
Jess Potter
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Post by Addison Marsh Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:07 am

How this Jess? I fixed what you asked me to do.

I know there may not be many people those who graduated from drumstrangs but why not? Since he not going to school but working in the world of wizardry.
Addison Marsh
Addison Marsh

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Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:14 pm

accepted and sorted into grads
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Gryffindor Graduate

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MARSH, Addison Empty Re: MARSH, Addison

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