SWENSON, Anelle Sydney
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SWENSON, Anelle Sydney

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SWENSON, Anelle Sydney Empty SWENSON, Anelle Sydney

Post by Anelle Swenson Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:19 am

Name: Shayla. Or Gin, whichever.
Gender: Moose.
Age: Sixteen.
How you found Potter's Army: Google, a long time ago.
Any other characters on Potter's Army: Ginevra Amara Malenki
Have your read the Plot?: mhmm.
Have your read the Must read threads?: once upon a time.

SWENSON, Anelle Sydney Lucy159
Name: Anelle Sydney Swenson
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Status: Half-blood
Year AND Age: Fourth year, fifteen (early birthday)
Preferred houses: umm, it doesn't matter? you choose, please..
Canon or Original: Original.
Play-by: Lucy Hale

Height: 5'7
Hair: Straight, brown.
Eye colour: Green(ish brown- depends on lighting)
Skin: a tanned ivory.
General Appearance:
Anelle has always been right in the middle of being pale and tanned. Depending on the lightening, she has different aspects. Her hair is the only thing on her that doesn't seem to change, always staying the nice and simple light, chocolate brown. Her eyes are what change the most. On some days they're green, others they're brown. To put it simple, she calls them hazel. On most days she finds that they are green, but whenever she hits a certain light you can't really tell, as they're a perfect mixture of the two blending together into one. Wearing simple clothing, she likes to keep up on what's new and 'trendy.' It's very unlikely you'd ever find her in something bizarre and statement making. She follows trends, she doesn't make them. However, she isn't the type to go out and buy somethiing because someone else did. She is her own person, and just follows what she likes from magazines, instead of other people she knows personally. She likes to be the example within her fellow class/school mates. There isn't anything that Anelle really dislikes. She'll wear skirts and dresses (though she prefers dresses) though is comfortable in jeans and short shorts as well. There isn't anything she feels out of her element in, as she has adapted to her body well- or so she makes it seem.


  • making up excuses
  • swimming/anything with water
  • flying/sports
  • anything vocal/languages


  • trusting people
  • herbology
  • being sneaky/stealthy
  • chocolate


    butterflies, shopping, confidence, dancing, make-up, guitar, literature, all sorts of magic, boys, girls, trolls, charms, history, new things, clothes, money, night, unicorns, keeping people guessing/attention.

being called out on things, herbology/all plants, goodie-two-shoes, love, liars, fakes (even if she is somewhat of one), uncureable illnesses, vampires, eagles, people testing her patience, singing, drawing, nosy people.
Motto: 'no use defending words you'll never say'
General Personality:

    Anelle is not your typical girl. She likes to keep you guessing, and believes that being a mystery is a turn-on for the guys out there- as well as the guys. Thoughs he isn't fully aware of her sexual status and feelings towards girls, she knows she enjoys all attention and therefore passes it off as overall lust for eyes on her. Anelle is very good at playing herself off as innocent. She is the type who bats her eyelashes and makes you think twice about something she did wrong, and if it was even her fault in the first place. You could easily say she does use her looks to her advantage. Don't get her wrong though, Anelle can be a very sweet girl. She's loyal, determined and though she has a low self-image, she doesn't let anybody see it, and yet does a very good job at helping other's with their low image without making people question who she can relate so well, or know how to handle it and make them feel better about themselves. Anelle isn't exactly the type to go around throwing stink bombs into the classrooms during exams, though she does get thrill on acting out every once and awhile. The girl can surprise you with her abilities, and that's exactly what she lives for: keeping you guessing, wanting to know what she's all about. Anelle is a girly girl at heart. She loves nature, shopping and gossip- to an extent. She hates natural disasters and war, dislikes overly designer iterms and hates when gossip ruins somebody's life.

    For those lucky enough to get to know a decent amount about Anelle Swenson, they'll see a girl who is genuine. For those who are kept on the outside- which are all but three lucky individual friends she adapted to quickly when arriving at Hogwarts- they see a mixture of sides from the girl, like you would from a bi-polar patient not taking their medicine, minus the mood swings that scared the shit out of most. Anelle doesn't like getting angry, and resists until a point where you across the invisible line she draws. Whenever she's called out on being shallow to an extent, depending on who by, she can't handle it. She has to defend herself and snarl. While when others do it, she just rolls her eyes and ignores it. This, unfortunetly, happens when she believe's she's better than the person. The girls are out there, and she just happens to be one of them. In her mind, being on top is better than letting people drag you down. Though she loves unusual things, like trolls, she also has a repultion against vampires. Anelle feels that vampires are over-rated, whereas trolls are somewhat.. cute and not looked into enough. Like her, even though when somebody tries to get inside she pushes them out.

Family Information:

  • Mother - Desiree Rachelle Beniot-Swenson
  • Father - Shawn Carmelo Swenson
  • Brother - Carmelo Luca Swenson


    Born on the day of December 25th, Anelle was a Christmas baby, accompinied by her twin brother, Carmelo. Anelle was born eight and a half minutes before her younger brother, which dibbed her the 'normal' name (also including the fact that she was a girl, not a boy), and her brother the 'italian' name. You see, the Swenson family had always passed down the name Carmelo, even though it wasn't part of their heritage. As far as Anelle was informed growing up, her great grandfather had a phase where she fell in love with the italian culture and ever since, he had kept it going through following generations. Anelle grew up teasing her brother for it, as she was the only one with the French name, which wasn't unusual considering she originated from France. Having the usual sister/brother relationships, they both were always fighing and yet deep down, Anelle knew that her brother was there for her, and he knew vice versa. Though Anelle was more of a social butterfly than her brother, she learned to hiide the fact that she was getting overly into the whole popular-and-able-to-get-attention thing so that her brother wouldn't frown upon her, as that was the last thing she wanted to happen. Moving to England at the age of nine, Anelle attended a muggle school and continued to learn how to do things like fly at her grandparents, who lived in the wizarding world, where as she moved back and forth between the two worlds to keep her parents sanity on her knowledge both words. Moving from place to place - not just world to world - Anelle was taught sevearl languages. She learned to speak French, English, Spanish (just for the fun of it) and Italian. The last just to be able to please her grandpa, who took strongly after the love everything Italian.


    At the age of eleven, Anelle was sent a letter. She was to be attending Hogwarts come September. Excitment blew through her automatically. There was so many new things that involved going to a new school. Going to gather her school supplies the next day, Anelle also went with her mother to go shopping. She just had to have the perfect outfits for days where she wasn't wearing her uniform! Her mother had, after all, told her that the perfect outfit made the perfect day. Whether that was true or not- Anelle was subconciously aware that it wasn't- didn't matter, it gave her an excuse to look good in the latest things. The first year passed quickly. She was sorted into --insert house here-- and felt that she fit in perfectly. There were no complaints, even though she wasn't sorted into the same house as her twin brother. Anelle meet three people she got along with right off the bat, who she trusted for reasons she still cannot understand in her fourth year. As for everybody else, Anelle learned to adapt her mind games to have fun with it. Classes came decently easy to Anelle- minus herbology- god did she hate moving plants! - and though she did have normal teenage issues, she likes to think that she has it easy compared to the people she secretly looks down on/is jealous of for reasons she can't understand. Though that's a whole new story, one that she doesn't bother to let loose, nevermind play games with.

Short Roleplay: Skipp.
Anelle Swenson
Anelle Swenson

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SWENSON, Anelle Sydney Empty Re: SWENSON, Anelle Sydney

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:09 am

accepted and sorted into ravenclaw
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