End of an era?
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End of an era? Li9olo10

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End of an era?

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End of an era? Empty End of an era?

Post by Jess Potter Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:27 am

Reports are coming in that the Order of the Phoenix, secret vigilante group turned empire has been brought crashing down. It is reported that during the recent battle at Hogwarts Order Leader Jess Potter was kidnapped and held captive for several weeks before the secret headquarters of the Order was forced out of him.

In the hours that followed the Death Eaters stormed the Headquarters and the Order was quickly overwhelmed. Soon after casualties flooded into St Mungos, being treated before rushed out in the morning.

Who will stand up to the Death Eaters now? They control the schools, and the Ministry was only saved last time because of their Order defenders, now they stand alone, how long can our government hold out? Where does the future lie? And what is going to happen next?
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