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Elizabeth Lyonheart

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Post by Elizabeth Lyonheart Wed May 19, 2010 1:15 pm

Name: Liz
Gender: Female
Age: 19
How you found Potter's Army: Was lurking around Forumotion till I managed to find the site Smile
Any other characters on Potter's Army: This is my first one Smile
Have your read the Plot?: Yes~
Have your read the Must read threads?: Yep yep yep!

Elizabeth Lyonheart L_8d1792ccdffc4011a9ef22b68b27c975
Name: Elizabeth Coralie Lyonheart
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year AND Age: 5th Year - 15
Preferred houses: All houses are brilliant so I don't exactly have a preferred house Smile
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by: A lovely girl named Penelope Mint from DeviantArt

Height: 5"3
Hair: Jet Black, Curly although she straightens it from time to time
Eye colour: Green
Skin: Pale
General Appearance:

Elizabeth Lyonheart is short. Not the short where they look taller than some people, but the short where people say, "you're in what year? You sure?"

Liz has a look that you could consider mysterious and alluring, having cat-like facial features have always brought people around the Castle to that conclusion and that had always managed to confuse the little lass. Some may also perceive her as scary and creepy for the fact that her pale skin and her long tresses make people think that she's a living doll.

The petite girl is often seen wearing dark colors, simply because she had never took pastels or light colors to fancy even when she was young. Settling herself with dark tones such as murky green or purple to black, the girl always made it her thing to NEVER wear anything bright with the exemption of a few light colors such as white, yellow and beige. As what type of clothes she usually wears, Elizabeth usually wears dresses, and she favors loose shirts with quirky sayings on them, mixing them along jeans. She wears a bit of makeup, she keeps her eyeliner and her lip gloss close just in case she needs it. As flaws were concerned, her greatest flaw up to date would have been her height, and her figure. She considered herself too short and too skinny, something she didn't exactly want people to think.

Oh yes, her favourite shoes (she only has 3) are her black combat boots. She finds they make excellent weapons against unguarded shins.

Good listener
Art -in every form-
Playing the Violin

No one listening to her
Her hot temper
People thinking she's inferior

Drawing, Listening to metal/hiphop music, video gaming, creating gothic lolita dresses that make her look like a doll, dressing up, makeup, the dark arts, listening into other people's topics,having the right answer, or completely proving someone wrong, observing, her dunnies collection, the dark arts, dragons, snakes, horror and gore, candy, she's interested in Quidditch but she's never played before, every magical animal in general friendly or not.

flies, drinks that scald her tongue, food that has gone off, frogs, not getting her way, FROGS.

Motto: No one can make you inferior with out your permission.
General Personality:
She's a bit of a tom-boy, a bit of a girly-girl, and a bit of a loner. She is usually laughing really hard and speaking incoherently around her friends, or singing completely random songs, or keeping her eyes down in embarrassment because she's managed to do something horrifyingly stupid, or say something really dumb. When she's on her own (which happens a lot, because she wouldn't know where her friends would be) she grows quiet but not sad. She likes to keep her own company. However, leave her alone with a boy she likes she'd be as nervous as a kid on his first recital out of millions of people. She would either be stuttering or try to act cool and epicly fail. Despite the happy outlook this girl has, she also has some flaws in her personality, flaws that she considers brilliant. She doesn't pay attention to what people think or say about her because frankly she didn't care.

Elizabeth is really patient when it comes to people, although when they have hit her last nerve, she tends to lose in and she would try to ruin the life of the subject of her hate. Make sure everything is according to her plan and ensure that everyone will certainly remember what happened to that person and at the end of it all, not one soul must know she did it. She enjoys morbid and sadistic thoughts that would come place on her head from time to time and she takes it as an opportunity to write and express herself. She's had a little itch for control for awhile now, she had power cravings from time to time. Having morbid and creative ideas from inside her head as she looks around her surroundings. She calls them relapses so she wasn't too sure what that's about. She's also very stubborn, and very lazy, procrastinating is one of her favorite past-times.

People who haven't really had the chance to talk to Elizabeth would think that she is mysterious, different and even creepy. (And that's only because of the way she looks.) People see her as serious and studious but truth be told, she isn't exactly the brightest crayon in the coloring box. Although despite that Elizabeth had always been independent and self-sufficient.

Family Information:
Mother: Astoria Emerillie Nee Lyonheart
Father: Israel Lyonheart


You know how when you're an only child, most people would tend to think your parents would give you more attention? Well guess who didn't exactly have much.

Born and raised by Pureblooded wizards working for the Ministry as Unspeakables, Elizabeth never really had the attention she would have wanted from her parents. Although she had lived a "luxurious" life (They weren't actually VERY rich, just well-off) whilst she was young, she never really had the benefit of getting to know her parents.

They constantly spent hours and hours working in the Ministry, only having their maids to tend to her...to give her the attention they couldn't.

Whilst they were away and since she wasn't allowed to go outside, Elizabeth with two maid's ready to do anything she'd ask was forced to stay at home, and play dress up with them instead. She never really thought of it as solitary confinement. She was contented at the situation although there were times she wanted to go out. As she got older, Liz got more demanding, and more cocky for her own good. When the Lyonheart family went to soiree's, the young Elizabeth Lyonheart would often go towards children and boast about how much power she held over them and how much she can do pretty much anything she'd ever want with out getting told at, hoping this would get her accepted by a group of kids in the party. Nothing never went to Elizabeth's favor. The children merely scowled at her and left her alone to play by herself.

When she received the acceptance letter to Hogwarts, she was excited! Her parents were too and when she was actually there, she had changed. She learned how to be more normal. (XD)

As she went to Hogwarts, people don't tend to notice her. She was like one of those extras you would see in every movie, the camera only catching her walking away as the main characters of the story were focused. She usually spent her time in solitude, or she would be gagging around with her close friends, may it have been just talking around by the fireplace or talking nonchalantly by the grounds.

Short Roleplay:

"This is frustrating..."

Elizabeth Lyonheart was walking along the cold corridors of Hogwarts after having finished her studies in the library. History of Magic was depressing her and her parents having not sent her anything about how they were, made her even more depressed than how she was as of the moment.

As she walked along the halls of Hogwarts, with her arched eyebrow she began to examine her surroundings, students bustling trying to get to classes as some were too busy sucking each others faces off. That quite disturbed her but nonetheless she continued walking along. She wasn't too sure on where to go on this fine afternoon considering her friend's were on Hogsmeade and she had already been everywhere she wanted to be. The owlery, the library and the loo. Other than that, she really didn't think she knew where else to go.

She gave out a deep sigh as she turned to a corridor before colliding with someone HARD. Elizabeth was on the floor now, and as shocked as she was, she just eyed the person and glared. Did this person really just hit me? She thought as she continued glaring at the person across her, her messenger bag one full of papers was now empty, the floor flooded by parchments.
Elizabeth Lyonheart
Elizabeth Lyonheart

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Elizabeth Lyonheart Empty Re: Elizabeth Lyonheart

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed May 19, 2010 2:44 pm

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw!

Welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing you on the boards soon!

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