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Lucas Cromwell

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Lucas Cromwell Empty Lucas Cromwell

Post by Guest Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:10 am

Out of Character:
Name: Markus (Or just call me Mark)
Gender: (Self-explanatory.)
Age: (A rough idea is nice.) 21
How you found Potter's Army: my best friend Sophia told me about it
Any other characters on Potter's Army: (Be honest. There is no character limit, just please let us know how many you have.) None
Anything else: (Optional.) Looks like a awesome siter! Wink

In Character
Lucas Cromwell 8372-lucas
Name: Lucas Cromwell
Nicknames: Luke
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Year AND Age:5th AND 15
Preferred houses: Hufflepuff or Slytherin
Birthday: Feb. 14th
Canon or Original: Original
Play-by:[/b ] Lucas Grabeel
[b]Blood Status:

Height: 5'5
Hair: blond hair either spikey or straight depending on his mood
Eye colour: blue
Skin: white, alittle muscular
Other distinguishing features: has a scar on his elbow when he broke his arm

Personality: Luke is the type of person when you first meet him he's very shy but once you get to know him he' very out going and down to earth type of guy. Lucas is very loyal and will do anything for his friends and family no matter what it is. He is very stubborn and he can a bit of a troublemaker at times when he needs alittle fun. Lucas can be very emotional and tends to flip off the handle about the tiniest little things that are done wrong or not the way he wants them. Although he's very smart and clever and loves a challange any day.
Skills: Potions, DADA, telling if people are lying to him
Weaknesses: Girls, Charms, hi emotions at times
Likes: Quidditch, DADA, Potions, causing trouble
Dislikes: backstabbers, liars, lazy people
Motto: Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there!
Family Information: Lucas is the youngest son of Marnie and Calvin Cromwell in the Cromwell Manor. Lucas doesn't have any sisters only brothers Markcus Cromwell(24), Keegan Cromwell (20), Ethan Cromwell (17). Lucas grandparents died in a house fire when Luca was a year old and his aunts and uncles he doesn't see very much but they are alive and well.
Background: Lucas Calvin Cromwell was born Feb 14th 2005 (if my math is right) on a cold wintery day of Feb. Being around his older brothers made him tough but he till gets emotional at times but he keep it from his brothers. At the age of eleven Lucas was appected into Hogwarts School and was sorted into Hufflepuff ((if that happens)) for his loyalty like his parents and brothers. The Cromwells had in Hogwarts School for generations Lucas great grandparents were the first in the Cromwell line to go. Of course they were all orted into different houses but Lucas family had been sorted into Hufflepuff ince his parent started school.
Short Roleplay: Lucas was walking through the crowded corridor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly heading towards Potions. Lucas was so excited about going to his favorite class he was leaping for joy and pratically skipping down the corridor. As he reached the classroom he smiled and greeted the teacher and headed toiwards hi normal seat. As he saw Sophia he smiled and waved. "Hey Sophi, you look tired and excuse me for saying this but horrible!"said Lucas as he sat down beisde her. As she told him she did homeowrk and Head Girl duties last night he shook his head. "Silly Sophi, you never stop studying do you?"Lucas asked chuckling as he got his stuff out for class.

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Post by Sophia Granger Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:20 am

I'll say Accepted and sorted into HUFFLEPUFF but lets see what the others think! Wink

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Sophia Granger
Sophia Granger
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Seventh Year Gryffindor

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Lucas Cromwell Empty Re: Lucas Cromwell

Post by Ne'Os Emof Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:25 am

as a Mod and a Admin posted before hand saying Accepted i agree to Hufflepuff as well.
Ne'Os Emof
Ne'Os Emof
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Slytherin Graduate

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Lucas Cromwell Empty Re: Lucas Cromwell

Post by Guest Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:32 pm

Indeed Accepted

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Lucas Cromwell Empty Re: Lucas Cromwell

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