Breaking the Rules/ Discovering the truth
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Breaking the Rules/ Discovering the truth  Li9olo10

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Breaking the Rules/ Discovering the truth

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Breaking the Rules/ Discovering the truth  Empty Breaking the Rules/ Discovering the truth

Post by Cecilia Attwood Sat Jun 03, 2023 5:56 pm

Daniel had made the journey to Hogsmeade to visit his brother, grateful for the week-long respite before his upcoming assignment in America. He arrived on a bustling weekend, the village overflowing with students darting in and out of stores and chatting animatedly in groups. As he observed their carefree behavior, he couldn't help but wear a bitter smile.

The painful thought of what could have been with Maline lingered in his mind, and the chain around his neck felt heavy with the weight of regret. He imagined a child of theirs, now among the students before him, and the bittersweet feeling tugged at his heartstrings.

Finding a quiet spot on a bench, Daniel settled in to watch the students as they reveled in their freedom, soaking in the joyful energy of their youthful exuberance. Though he couldn't help but feel a tinge of envy, he was also grateful for the respite from the harsh realities of his profession. For now, he would simply enjoy the peaceful moment and reflect on what could have been.

As he sat there watching the students go about their activities, Dan couldn’t help but notice a girl with long dark hair, and pale skin. It was as if he were looking at a ghost, or as if his sister had been frozen in time. “Samantha?” he said to himself, narrowing his eyes as he watched the girl. It couldn’t be Sam, as she had passed away fifteen years ago, so who was this girl?


For months, Cecilia's roommate Vee had been plagued with visions of a mysterious man. When Vee revealed that she had seen him in Hogsmeade, Cecilia's curiosity was ignited. Who was this man? Why was he appearing in Vee's visions? And why was he in Hogsmeade?

As the day approached for the next student visit to Hogsmeade, Cecilia's eagerness to uncover the truth only grew stronger. Despite not having permission to leave the castle, she was determined to find a way.

Early that morning, she set out from her dorm room, her mind racing with thoughts of how to slip past the castle's watchful eyes. She paced back and forth next to the towering stone wall that separated the school from the path to the village, her lip caught between her teeth in concentration. And then, in a sudden burst of inspiration, she drew out her wand and cast the Disillusionment Charm upon herself, causing her to vanish from view.

Feeling a rush of exhilaration, Cecilia crept stealthily along the path towards Hogsmeade, her heart beating wildly in her chest. She knew she was taking a huge risk, but the lure of uncovering the mystery was too great to resist.

Once Cecilia reached the edge of the village she allowed the Charm to fall, reappearing in a group of students who were also on their way to the Village for the day. This was the first time she was visiting the small town outside of the first and last days of each school year. The first time she would have a chance to venture into the shops, and sit down in the Three Broomsticks like her friends. But, first she wanted to find this mysterious man.
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