spring sprang sprung?
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spring sprang sprung? Li9olo10

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spring sprang sprung?

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spring sprang sprung? Empty spring sprang sprung?

Post by Wanda Montclair Mon May 15, 2023 11:55 pm

Spring had breathed life into the weary students, enticing them to escape the confines of the stuffy castle. Craving sunlight and a reprieve from impending year-end obligations, they flocked to the serene lakeside. Wanda, surrounded by her cherished companions, graced the scene with a contented smile, finding comfort against the legs of a friend on a nearby bench. With her book open on her lap, she raised her eyes to meet one of the boys, a mischievous spark gleaming in her gaze as she playfully challenged him, "And pray tell, how would you go about achieving that?"
Mel was still dressed in the outfit she had worn to class that day, a black skirt with buttons down the front, and a white button down top tucked into it. She had kicked off her shoes before crossing her ankles and tucking her feet behind her, to maintain an air of decency.

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