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loosing myself

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loosing myself Empty loosing myself

Post by Riyann Elling Sun May 14, 2023 8:25 pm


Finally the school year was over and Riyann needed a minute to relax, and she had a few months where students were not looking to her to set a good example of how to be an upstanding citizen. So tonight she was going to head out on the town. Find a way to relax and wind down.
Dressed in a flowy red dress that was just a little too short and a little too low cut for work, black heels clicking as she walked down the streets of muggle london. She had made plans with one of her childhood best friends, the girl she had grown up next door to before getting her Hogwarts letter, to meet up at one of the hottest new night clubs. Surely she wouldn’t run into anyone she knew from her secret magical life tonight.

“Hey Sam!” She greeted another blonde girl with a kiss on each cheek. All the muggles that were important to her knew the story that she worked for the boarding school she had been shipped off to, a great way to explain away the long periods she was missing from home.

“Riy!” the other girl squealed, hugging her friend as they joined the queue outside the building, the music flowing out of the. “God I’ve missed you!”

Unfortunately Riyann couldn’t tell her friend the extent of what she had experienced the last month or two of classes, having to fudge some of the details. Thankfully the girl accepted her half explanations, blowing the stories off as normal teenager transgressions. “Drinks first? Then find some cuties to dance with?” her friend nodded as they showed the man at the front of the line their id’s before heading inside.

One shot down and the girls were in the middle of the dance floor dancing and gyrating with complete strangers, their worries melting away in the bliss.
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