when we were young
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when we were young

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Post by Molly Minerva Weasley Wed Apr 19, 2023 5:20 pm

They say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet
You don't have to drink right now
But you can dip your feet
Every once in a little while

“Why can’t we ask?”

“We’ve got stuff to do.”

“So, we ask and then we study.”

“We ask and it’ll be a thing.”

“No it won’t. Besides, they owe us.”

“How so?”

“...I don’t know! For the privilege of having hot lady friends.”

“Oh so do I owe you for being my hot lady friend?”

“No because you’re my hot lady friend, so it evens out.”

“You’ve always been so good at maths. Unfortunately, you’re rotten at History of Magic and we have an exam. Focus up, babes.”

“Ugh fine. But can you say that thing I came up with?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Please! It’s a great motivator.”

“...You Mar-go, girl.”

“I love you.”

Molly Weasley was trying to be better at studying. In that, for the first time in her student career, she was actually doing it. Before this year, she’d mostly been able to pass her classes without much extra effort, much of it had been either intuitive or something she could quickly knock out over the week. But as she got older and the content got harder and her social calendar began to fill up, she’d found she was less breezing through her classes and more… being tossed in the storm.

So she struck a deal with herself. Her weekends could be free to pursue any and all impulsive whims and hedonistic pleasures. But during the week, she actually treated school like work.

Margo… had not been taking the change well. She didn’t have the attention span to sit and re-read notes, and Molly did not have the interest in reading aloud for her benefit. It’d created a natural, and likely healthy, break for the two friends to go their own ways some nights, make new friends, pursue new interests. Margo had found her way into the debate club and Molly had picked up photography. Margo was sliding by in classes with the kindness of her peers, and Molly was surprised to find she was actually somewhat clever.

One thing that had not changed but rather shifted was now their time spent with the Yaxley twins now included studying days. They were a somewhat natural set of four, though it had not been Molly that had formed the friendship. In the way that it was a foregone conclusion that she and Margo must always be together, so was it viewed that twins must be best friends. It was this thinking, plus the fact that she considered them both ‘total rides’, that had convinced Margo to befriend the Yaxley boys. And Margo’s way of befriending had been informing them they were now friends and sitting with them for a week at lunch until the boys were gaslit into just accepting their new chums.

Molly would be the very first to admit, Margo was somewhat clever in her own way.

It was one of those off hours on the weekend where Great Hall was mostly empty save for a few others who’d had the same thought to avoid the other crowded parts of the castle. Molly had plans later and despite her deal to herself knew that a few hours of studying on a Saturday morning would earn her an even later night of debauchery tonight.

Molly had been mostly leading the way, Margo claiming the weight of carrying books on a weekend had slowed her down, but as she spotted the twins she was suddenly weighless, bounding ahead, the flap in her stylishly ripped jeans flopping against her leg.

Molly slipped into her seat next to Evander as Margo sat across from him, next to Cronis, in time to hear,

“Okay but before we start, you have to promise to come to a party with us tonight?”

Molly’s one pointed look was enough for Margo to throw her hands up defensively. “What?! I got excited! I’m sorry!”
Molly Minerva Weasley
Molly Minerva Weasley
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