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PODMORE, Freyja Empty PODMORE, Freyja

Post by Freyja Podmore Tue Apr 04, 2023 3:10 am

Name: Freyja Michelle Podmore
Age: 16
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Member Name: Kim

Playby: Hattie Watson
PODMORE, Freyja Tumblr_p4f1b2VGbQ1vkbx44o3_250

Facts Known About Character:
  • Very defensive when it comes to her friends
  • Extremely loyal
  • Incredibly outspoken
  • Cronis is her best friend

Rumors Known About Character:
  • She is dating one of the Yaxley twins (false)
  • She looks for constant validation (mostly false; does want validation from her father)

Old Bio: https://www.pottersarmy.net/t22164-podmore-freyja

Early Years: Being the oldest of two kids is hard. Especially when you're a girl. And from a Pureblooded family.

That being said, life wasn't so bad for Freyja Podmore when she was born into the family she was. She was the first born but since she was a girl, her father had undoubtedly been disappointed because she wasn't a boy. Y'know, because of the heir to their family blah, blah, blah. It didn't mean she wasn't loved though, it just meant that her father couldn't do anything that he had originally wanted. It didn't get any better when her younger sister was born because that still meant no male heir.

Still, life for the Podmore girls wasn't bad. Their parents always tried to keep them happy, give them affection and be good parents to them, regardless of what their father felt because neither of them were male. Freyja was still made to take on the role of heir, obviously, being the first born. But not one of the siblings was in the shadow of the other, which was the good thing.

From a young age, the girls were introduced to other pureblood families, to people they should be friends with. For the most part, they were friends with most of the children from the families they had been introduced to. There were always a couple exceptions, though. One of them being the oldest Mulciber child, Walter, who often got on her nerves (even as they got older) and the other was the oldest Yaxley, Cronis (who ironically became her best friend). She didn't think either of them were bad, they were just annoying to her and it seemed Anabelle Mulciber thought the same way about both of them, which was kind of sad because one was her brother, but she couldn't change her mind when she thought the same thing.

Her sister seemed to really hit it off with the two younger Mulcibers and they all became close rather quickly.

As they got older, the Yaxley twins, Cronis and Evander, Freyja and Anabelle (who later decided she wanted to be called Hit) all became closer, especially with their entrance to Hogwarts coming up soon. Walter had been the first to go to Hogwarts with Hit being unable to go due to her birthday being after the cut off for those who entered that year, meaning she would be entering the same year as the other three which really excited Freyja. The two girls had grown very close so it was really exciting to think that they'd be starting school together.

Hogwarts Years: When the time finally came for the four eleven year olds to go to Hogwarts (though Hit was already on her way to being twelve), their nerves were at an all-time high. Not just because of the fact that they were going to a new place but because of the sorting they'd heard so much about. Hit was expected to be a Slytherin, as was Cronis, Evander was to at least not be a Hufflepuff (she didn't understand why at the time), and her.. Well, she didn't really know. Her parents didn't really seem to have a preference either, but she wanted to at least be in the same house at one of her friends, so she supposed she wanted to be a Slytherin as well.

The time for the sorting came faster than she had expected after the train ride to Hogwarts and Hit was up first. Freyja stared up at Hit, her fingers crossed that she got what she was hoping for and she wasn't sure if she was to be happy or upset when the hat yelled out Gryffindor for her friend.

Probably upset.

But while Hit seemed shaken, she didn't seem upset at all. Had she been secretly hoping for Gryffindor? Soon, her own name was called and she stood up stiffly, almost tripping over her seat as she went up to be sorted.  She hadn't known what she wanted, but the only thought that ran through her mind was that she wanted to be with Hit, at least. And sure enough, the next moment she heard Gryffindor be shouted once again and she jumped off toward her new house's table to meet up with Hit. She knew there had to be a reason she was sorted into that house, though, so she wasn't worried about being there for the wrong reasons. She'd heard the hat never made a mistake.

The last few names were called, Cronis' and Evander's being a couple of them, and they were sorted into Slytherin and Ravenclaw respectively. Evander seemed really disappointed that he had been sorted into Ravenclaw while Cronis somehow seemed more full of himself than usual. After the ceremony, when they all met up, Freyja confirmed that Cronis was being conceited when he called Hit a "Gryffindork" and she punched him in the arm for it.

Though, for the most part, they ended up being separated it didn't change their friendships. They met up as often as they possibly could and up until their fifth year, Freyja was extremely close to Hit only.

Fifth year was the year things changed between her and Cronis and they got closer than either of them had ever expected to be, and while Hit plays it off all the time, she was sure the other Gryffindor was hurt by her sudden change in attitude toward both of them. She gradually grew more distant from Hit though not enough that she didn't speak to her. They just couldn't be considered best friends anymore. But there was a big reason for that.


The Slytherin had gotten his heart broken. As ridiculous as it might sound, Cronis hadn't know how to handle having his heart broken (though he brought it upon himself) and Freyja had been the only one who had been there for him the entire time because she had also gotten to know the girl that he'd ended up dating. In fact, it was because of her that they'd even started dating, so in a way Freyja felt obligated to help him through it. As a result, she's been really protective of Cronis since then as she's the only one who's ever really been able to see that side of him. But what she really wants is to prevent him from ever being hurt like that again.
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PODMORE, Freyja Empty Re: PODMORE, Freyja

Post by Robert Lupin Wed Apr 05, 2023 10:44 am

She looks good to me, Kim. I'll accept her and sort her to Gryffindor. Smile

PODMORE, Freyja Pbucket
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