what could have been....
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what could have been....  Li9olo10

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what could have been....

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what could have been....  Empty what could have been....

Post by Cecilia Attwood Mon Apr 03, 2023 11:08 pm

Cecilia was a solitary figure, rarely seen outside of the walls of Hogwarts, and even then, only within the library or the Ravenclaw Tower. She had always been a shy and introverted girl, having grown up without the comfort of a family to rely on. But everything changed when she discovered her magical abilities and was accepted into the wizarding world. Hogwarts became her refuge, and the books in the library her escape from reality.

Cecilia's life was like a fairy tale, filled with magic and wonder, but it was also tinged with sadness. She was haunted by the knowledge that she had been abandoned as a baby and that her mother had died during childbirth. The only connection she had to her past was her last name, Attwood, given to her by the woman who had found her.

Despite her struggles, Cecilia found solace in the company of her fellow Ravenclaws. They provided a sense of belonging that she had never felt before. But deep down, she longed for something more - a family to call her own.

As she made her way towards the lake, lost in thought, the overcast sky mirrored her melancholy mood. The cool breeze and the sound of lapping water provided a soothing backdrop for her contemplations. Sitting on the sandy shore with her knees pulled up to her chest, Cecilia let out a heavy sigh, wondering what her life would have been like if she had known her father, or if someone had been there to care for her when she was a child.
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Cecilia Attwood
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