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This is weird Li9olo10

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This is weird

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This is weird Empty This is weird

Post by Michelle Cuffe Sat Apr 01, 2023 8:22 pm


Michelle had walked into the common room after Maddie had hugged her and told what she felt about Mason. And she was also curious why did Alex ran away from Mason. She looked at her fellow housemates and saw bit horror in their house. "What happened here?" she asked and could see Mason looking at her and shaking his head.

"Nothing you to worry about," Mason ended up mumbling.

Michelle didn't buy it. "Tell me now," she said in commading tone.

Mason sighed and lead her sister away from all those ears. He didn't want everyone hear it. "Well, he was threating me basically. He wants to hurt me by trying to hurt you and Maddie," he said with sad voice. What was first time Michelle heard it.

"What? How?" Michelle asked. She was so confused now.

"He wants to date you both. To get on my nerves. So I basically punched the wall next to him and that made him run there. He just is all talk mostly," he tried his best to explain things. He would never let nobody hurt his sister or Maddie. He cared about Maddie.

"I get that you want to protect me, but why Maddie?" Michelle asked from her brother, she eyed her own brother. Something was off for sure about it. She has sensed it for awhile, when ever Maddie is the topic.

"Because I care about you both," he said barely in audible voice but Elle did hear it.

"Care how? as sibling?" Michelle tried really hard to get bottom of this.

"Not as sibling. But yes I care about her. Even if I don't show it out," he said. He hated that he had feelings for his sister best friend.

"You like her?" Elle kept going on. So this was something she didn't mind. She had told just same thing to Maddie.

"Maybe," Elle heard Mason to muble there.

Which made Michelle take take deep breath. "I won't be mad if you do. I can't force you do not have them. It's your own free will. I'm here if you need me to. You will always my brother, don't forget that," she ended up saying. Almsot same words as she had told Maddie just few minutes ago.

Mason looked at her sister and just didn't say anything there now. He had no clue what he felt to Maddie. This other day he just looked at her, there was thought to kiss her but he didn't do it. Just when he was caught by Maddie he looked away.

Michelle just waited patiently, didn't began to pressure him to tell her. "Just tell me when ever your ready. I know there is more. Just don't make it more awkward please," she said to her brother.

Mason ended up just standing up and going to his room. The boy needed to thing about it all.

"This is weird," Michelle mumbled and wondered what was going on with her brother. She will get bottom of this one day.
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