Thwhistlethorpe, Froggy
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Thwhistlethorpe, Froggy

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Thwhistlethorpe, Froggy Empty Thwhistlethorpe, Froggy

Post by Froggy Thwhistlethorpe Thu Mar 30, 2023 11:27 pm

Thwhistlethorpe, Froggy Image

Froggy Thwhistlethorpe
Appearance: Froggy is 5'6 with dark  brown eyes that are constantly housed in thick-lensed black framed glasses. His hair is a dark chestnut and is naturally styled in a careless fashion. His face is highlighted by a strong jawline that hides his age in a manner his height refuses to. While in school, he wears a modest looking school uniform. Outside of school, his fashion is a little more lavish, hiding very high quality dress shirts and vests under corduroy, linen or tweed jackets. In either scenario, his shoes often stand out being very posh and very polished.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Facts Known About Character: Froggy always has glasses on, and at least two spare pairs with him at all times just in case one gets broken and cannot be immediately repaired. He introduces himself as Froggy, because of his childhood nickname "Froggy Four-Eyes". He is well versed in potions with an interest in alchemy. He often hangs out with herbology students and will trade or purchase ingredients from them. He has dodged any divination topics and questions so often that others have noticed.
Rumors Known About Character: It has been said that Froggy has the "gift" and will see visions about people hence the need for his thick lenses. He is the heir of some wealthy royals from either the muggle or Wizarding worlds, nobody seems to know his heritage or whether he is pure-blooded. The reason he is so naturally good at potions is that when he sets out to create a potion, he will first talk to the not yet made potion and as it's being made it will talk and guide him through its specific brewing process.
Bio: Froggy comes from muggle parents that can trace latent magical abilities back a few generations. This generation, though, there is only one family member, a cousin on his mother's side, that attends a magical school. Froggy does indeed come from money that is made in both worlds, his father being the head of a major grocery supplier in both Europe and North America. He is unsure about how his family's wealth is generated in the magical world but Gringott's is always at his beck and call. He knows his family is important, in some manner.

Ever since he was little he would often space out whilst staring at someone. Froggy would recount strange tales "predicting" their futures which would, more often than not, never come true. One small quirk about his visions though, was that if he never told the subject about what he saw, the chance that it did come true was practically zero. However, if the person believed what he told them would happen, it would manifest itself to happen,  often to the detriment of all the people around them. Once he told his muggle friend that he should be careful because he saw him get beat up by a bully. To prepare for the fight, his friend practiced fighting with everyone so he could be adept enough to fight back. Well, when the time came, the so called bully was getting revenge on his friend for beating up his little brother--and that was a mild example. The glasses he now wears help to focus his eyes to not see these visions. He believes that not knowing is the best option. If people knew they could make what he saw come true, some truly devious and intelligent people could make it happen in such manipulative ways that it would seem as if Fate itself was being altered.

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Froggy Thwhistlethorpe
Froggy Thwhistlethorpe

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Thwhistlethorpe, Froggy Empty Re: Thwhistlethorpe, Froggy

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Mar 31, 2023 1:30 am

welcome aboard. i like him. so I'll accept him and sort him to Slytherin.

I have an adult potions guy that he might get along with, btw.
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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