MORGAN, Vesper Rhiannon
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MORGAN, Vesper Rhiannon

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MORGAN, Vesper Rhiannon Empty MORGAN, Vesper Rhiannon

Post by Rhiannon Morgan Sat Mar 25, 2023 9:11 pm

Name: Vesper Rhiannon
Age: 20

Mother: Annabelle Lloyd (muggle, a former ballerina, now a tutor)
Father: Rhys Morgan (a wizard; a writer focusing mainly on books for young wizards, but he has also published several novels in the muggle world via Annabelle’s connections)
Brother(s): none
Sister(s): Elyse Morgan, older sister.
Other: none

Playby: Amanda Seyfried
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Pale blue
Height: 6 ft 2 i.
Build: Athletic, slender
Skin: Pale. Light freckles coat her cheeks, nose and shoulders.
Clothes: A mix of professional and comfortable. Due to her work, Vesper relies heavily on suits that stretch well enough to move around with ease. She favours darker tones, thus filling her wardrobe with deep purple, crimson, brown, grey and black materials. As her career demands her to move around quite a lot, she is hardly ever seen in anything else but low-heeled shoes.
Overall Appearance: Standing at 6 feet tall, Vesper is often towering above others. She carries herself with a straight back, stern expression and well braided hair. Her inquisitive nature makes an appearance in a way she always studies the room and the people as soon as she enters. She’s someone who takes great pride in looking presentable and Vesper works hard for it, too. Annabelle’s career has made an impact on her own upbringing: Vesper starts her day with an exercise and ends with a workout (albeit the last part is determined by the length of her day). She is, by no means, chiseled, but her healthy habits have had an impact on her stamina and body build.

Nationality: English
Good Qualities: patient, observant, disciplined, inquisitive, critical, analytical, good listener, means well.
Bad Qualities: highly too inquisitive, her critical thinking can overshadow other details, sharp tongued, stern, expresses high expectations towards herself and the others, can retreat into herself when something goes wrong, her body language and expressions are not always on the same track as her intentions (and allowing emotional vulnerability to overstep rational thought while performing her duties).
Likes: handcrafted items (Vesper is an avid knitter and crocheter herself), books, mysteries, structured and orderly environments, rules, setting and meeting expectations, planning and scheduling.
Dislikes: chaos, loud noises and ruckus, (extremely) carefree individuals, procrastination, judging without possessing evidence, pointless crime.
Fears: failing an objective, loud noises, loneliness.
General Personality: It was, perhaps, her mother’s upbringing that dug out Vesper’s love towards discipline. She knows when to wait, when to give it all to finish her job, and she knows when to keep herself quiet, detached and focused solely on the objective. And whilst everything Annabelle taught to Rhiannon is visible to an eye, the hidden parts came from her father. Just like Rhys, Vesper is also a good listener, she means well (even if her body language does not display as much; for example - she can sound dull and annoyed when she compliments), and she ins inquisitive: highly so. When she was a child, curiosity would run so that Vesper could pursue it. She’s always been eager to learn everything about anything, and the very same trait followed her well into adulthood.
However, as demanding as she is towards herself, she can subject others to her criticism. While she can mean well, her observations are not always welcome. Her fallouts, whenever she fails at something, come often in two forms: she will either demand complete and absolute isolation from the others to dwell on her shortcomings and analyse the failure or she will withdraw completely from the rest, opting to instead mull in silence and avoid all contact.

Early Years: Vesper grew up surrounded by parents who seemingly contradicted each other in every aspect: Rhys was a creative writer who could and would often leave things unattended; he could start something only to leave it undone. Vesper had witnessed him many times avoiding his duties in favour of something else entirely. Her mother, Annabelle, was the epitome of control, however. Her movements, even while doing something as simple as washing the dishes or swiping the floor, were always controlled and flawless. Somehow, they made it work and somehow (much to Rhiannon’s delight) they never even fought about each other’s habits.
Due to her mother performing quite often during Vesper’s childhood, the young girl spent quite a lot of time watching the rehearsals or plays. After her fourth birthday, Annabelle began teaching Vesper how to dance. Her older sister, Elyse, had already established herself as a talented young ballerina as well, hence surrounding Rhiannon with music, discipline and practice did not take long. According to her mother, she expressed talent when it came to dancing, and she would have probably pursued in her mother’s and sister’s footsteps (albeit not in ballet for it was determined at a very young age that she was taller than even her partners) had her magical abilities not expressed themselves.
By the age of 11, she was sent to study in Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Years: Vesper was sorted into Ravenclaw, apparently following her father’s footsteps. She was a curious student, opting to spend most of her time at the library, studying with other kindred spirits. She also discovered that quidditch was the type of sport she enjoyed a lot: it was a good mix of discipline and self-control while also heavily relying on teamwork and communication. Her personal favourite lessons became were DADA, quidditch and potions.
After Hogwarts / Adult: After graduating, Vesper spent a year traveling around the land, exploring and studying. Part of the first year after graduation she spent with her father, who also decided to venture around to gather more inspiration for his books; the other half of the year was spent with her mother and at the studio she’d arranged for herself. After turning nineteen, Vesper finally participated in intensive auror training. After successfully passing the selection, she landed a job at the Ministry of Magic, pursuing the job she’d wanted: she became an auror. This was where the personality she’d both inherited and developed at school came in handy: she was always precise, her desire to have control over any situation and her analytical nature have made her a good auror.

Alias: Once I was known as Mis. I really do not have a nickname. You can refer to me as Moira.
RP Experience: Years.
Other Characters: Used to be Miseria and had several other characters.
How did you find us?: I do not remember.
RP Sample:
Rhiannon Morgan
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MORGAN, Vesper Rhiannon Empty Re: MORGAN, Vesper Rhiannon

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Mar 25, 2023 9:26 pm

She looks fine, Mis. I'll have her sorted in a moment into grads. Smile
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