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Zelia Juniper

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Post by Zelia Juniper Sat Mar 25, 2023 3:57 pm

Zelia Juniper EgMFK2v
Zelia Juniper

Name: Zelia Juniper
Age: 45
Class: Witch
Blood: Half-Blood
Occupation: Herbology Professor

Mother: Arasne Juniper
Father: Elias Juniper
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Other: A Pet Cat named Grimsby

Playby: AI Art
Hair: Black and Curly
Eyes: Brown
Height: Average
Build: Average
Skin: Olive
Clothes: Green robes, big witches hat, adorned in leaves. She almost always has dirt smudges on her clothes and leaves that change colors depending on the season.
Overall Appearance: Zelia is a Witch who has spent most of her life around plants. Her wild hair is curly and black though starting to show signs of wanting to grow grey. She has a kind smile that can very quickly turn into a glare against students misbehaving. Her regular dress is a simple green robe that's adorned with leaves along the edges. Her hair is almost always filled with leaves of varying colors, and leaves and plants hang off the sides of her hat. There is very rarely a time that Zelia is not covered in dirt, though when she does manage this feat, she is still covered in her leafy accessories.

Nationality: English
Good Qualities: Kind-Hearted, Quiet, Gentle
Bad Qualities: Stern, Has little tolerance for misbehavior, Has VERY high expectations for students
Likes: Everything plants; she adores leaves and the changes in the seasons.
Dislikes: Misbehavior, Nosy People, Pickles
Fears: Confronting her past, Being cornered, Goblins
General Personality: Zelia is a pretty laid back person. When in normal situations, she's very kind-hearted and willing to listen. However, the second someone steps out of line; she is the first to send someone to detention. She has zero tolerance for misbehavior in her greenhouses. Especially since many of the plants in there could actually kill a student, she's very protective of her plants and doesn't always understand that her students don't love Herbology as much as she does. When outside of her greenhouses, she's very quiet and pleasant. She loves to sit on the grounds in the evening or have a glass of wine in the staff rooms with a good book. She's always willing to give extra lessons to anyone interested and expects her students to have the highest grades they can achieve in her classes.

Early Years: Zelia grew up an only child to Arasne and Elias Juniper. They were a quiet family that had a small cottage on the edge of a small muggle hamlet. While they knew a few wizarding families nearby, there weren't any children her age, so Zelia grew up helping her mother attend to the garden and spending evenings with her father and his telescopes. Her mother was a potion maker for some of the nearby families, and her father was a researcher, focusing on the divination of the stars for the Ministry of Magic. He was rarely home, but when he was, he made sure to teach little Zelia all about the stars.

Hogwarts Years: When in Hogwarts, Zelia was almost the exact opposite she is today. A Slytherin girl with a penchant for getting into a LOT of trouble. She was always getting into something that would cause a mess. Even back then, she was obsessed with plants however and spent a lot of time in the greenhouses or wandering into the Forbidden Forest to find interesting things to bring back to her dorm. She loved the plants that tried to bite and often had something that could sting you on her bedside table. She graduated with high honors in Herbology and Potions, taking an odd interest in Transfiguration on the side.

After Hogwarts / Adult: When Zelia first left Hogwarts, she was engaged to the boy of her dreams. A childhood sweetheart who had spent many a wandering night in Hogwarts, off in corners and getting into trouble. While at first, Zelia and her fiance settled down in small jobs to get settled, when Zelia was 23, they decided to go on a two-year sabbatical to visit and explore the wonders of the wizarding world. They left their home in the care of their family and wandered off.

A year and a half into their trip... Zelia returned without her fiance. She spoke very little about what happened, but it was clear that a terrible accident had occurred. Her fiance was dead, and Zelia was alone. She left her parent's home and moved into a small apartment above a shop in Diagon Alley. Here she took up a job for a store that sold potion ingredients of all kinds. She immediately took to taking over the greenhouses and helping tend plants that were much more dangerous and, therefore, rare and expensive to sell at the shop. She worked here for many years, growing to love her clientele and expanding the plants the store offered to help draw in more and more customers.

When Zelia turned 30, she decided to step away from the store and took up a variety of jobs. From a potion-maker at St. Mungos to researching in the field for the Ministry of Magic, she didn't stay in any particular job for very long. She seemed to start to wander, unable to put a pin in where she wanted to be. She did that for nearly 10 years, wandering from job to job every couple of years, experiencing many incredible things but never finding a place to settle. That was until she got a job offer for an open position at Hogwarts. She was thrilled and excited to start something entirely new and teach the young minds of the next generation her love of plants and all the incredible things she had learned in her life. She took the position and started at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Alias: Molly
RP Experience: Uhhh Lots
Other Characters: Chase Moor
How did you find us?: *shrug*
RP Sample:
Zelia Juniper
Zelia Juniper

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Zelia Juniper Empty Re: Zelia Juniper

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Mar 25, 2023 5:27 pm

She looks fine to me, Chase. Give me a moment to get her sorted into grads. Smile
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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