Cheshire, Cassiopeia
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Cheshire, Cassiopeia

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Cheshire, Cassiopeia Empty Cheshire, Cassiopeia

Post by Cassiopeia Cheshire Sat Mar 25, 2023 11:54 am

Cheshire, Cassiopeia Tumblr_p7wkli7mSF1uoc6xgo5_400
Cassiopeia Celestine Cheshire
Name: Cassiopeia Celestine Cheshire
Nicknames: Cassie, Cas
Age: 28
Class: Witch
Blood: Halfblood
House: Ex-Gryffindor
Occupation: Astronomy Professor


Mother: Astrid Cheshire (nee Moonwell), 45, healer, Halfblood
Father:  Drake Cheshire,  48, Auror, Halfblood
Brother(s):  Scott Cheshire, 32, Ex-Slytherin, unknown job, halfblood
Sister(s): Claire Cheshire 30, Ex-ravenclaw, unknown job, Halfblood, 
Daughter: Danielle Cheshire, 3, child, halfblood
Other:  Aunts, Uncles and their children and so on.


Play By: emily Osment
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: Average
Build: Slim
Overall Appearance:  She was born with blonde hair, which at times is a bit curly, she loves to straighten it when ever she is the mood for it. She has dark brown eyes, which always stand out next to her hair color, she did heritage these from her father. Awhile her hair color is from her mother. The girl is around 167cm and it doesn't make her be tallest one out there for sure. She has never complained about her height. She loves to wear heels when ever she gets the chance. When it comes to her body then she is quite slim, she loves to keep her body fit. 
When it comes to her clothes then she is wearing whatever seems to be in fashion right now. She prefers to wear skinny jeans, t-shirts and jackets. She tends to wear dresses only when she has to, if there is som party or so. The skirts she wears barely, only when she is mood for it. She prefers these days heels but isn't against wearing sneakers or any other shoes too. 
She barely wears makeup, mostly on lipgloss and mascara. She actually loves to paint her nails when ever she gets to chance. She barely wears any jewellery, just earrings most of her days.


Nationality: American
General Personality: Cassiopeia has become someone who is nice to everyone around her. She is very sweet person. She is a very friendly one and if needed she can be quite mean too if you hurt her or people she cares about. Then she can end up being quite bitch. There is time when she even uses too much sarcarsm in her words, without really noticing it. That doesn't make her to be the bad person, she will always protect people from bullies. She might seems like she is awful one when she isn't.
Cassie has become quite brave one and isn't afraid to stand up for others. The girl just can't stand when others bully others, she just doesn't get the point of it. She never liked it. She herself avoids it as much she can, if she hurts someone with her words then she will always apologize for it for sure. She hates to see people hurt. This young woman believes that everyone has their own reason to be different and not everyone is prefect. There is always more in the people than you can see at first, so she has learned not to judge person by the cover, what she sees at first. 
To be honest she can pretend to be fine even if she isn't and wants to actually cry. She always seems to be cheerful and has a smile on her face, she just doesn't want to let people seeing her to cry. It doesn't mean she is always happy as she seems. Only very few people have learned what goes on behind the mask, those are people who she trusts. Getting her trust isn't always easy task, you have to work for it very hard.
Over the years she has becoma very adventures one and loves to explore new places. She loves to do things her own way and she can't always stand still for very long time. She always has to do something and she has never one to study or read things for too long. She just doesn't have patiance for it. She loves to spend time with her friends and family when ever she can and do something together with them. 
Cassioipeia is quite a smart girl, even if it might not always seem like it. She has never been one to get much attention in classes but she could use her smartness skills out of class to get out of the trouble. She never answered at school when there were questions being asked. She at young age figured she likes astronomy. She had always had a passion for that class. 
Well, you decide, but she's a smart girl. She knows more than she shows. She likes attention, but being smart isn't something she wants to stand out for. She barely uses her brain in class. She keeps quiet even when she knows the answer.

Early Years: Cecilie was born as the last kid to Drake and Astrid Cheshoire, she has two older siblings, sister and brother. She seems to get along a good with his siblings, even yeah they have had fights here and there over the years but they still have remained close. She loves her family and will always be there for them no matter what. She isn't some spoiled kid for sure, her parents try to treat their kids equally. They never made any of them better than others. 
Since Cassie was the youngest one then she wasn't always include into her siblings games, so she had to begin to spend time herself and find her own firnds. She began to love to spend time outside and go to adeventures. She became quite independent at young age for sure. She always took care of herself and knew how to behave, even if at first people didn't believe it. She often managed to make new friends on her adventures and did let them join them to her other ones. She barely stayed indoors, she was always outside whene ever she could. As years went by she was not afraid of anything really, that's what she kept saying. Even if she's afraid to lose people close to her. 
She had gone about magic her whole life, it was no secret in her family. Her first signs were when she was like 5 years old girl, when she made the leafs around her to fly. 
Hogwarts Years: On her first day at school she was sorted into Gryffindor house. Where she made quite the many new friends over the years. She was someone who kept her grades good, even if she never seemed to study much. She just had quite good memory and her smartness could be handy. Anyways she went always on some adventures, which caused her have some denetions over the years. She was someone who seemed to get in trouble here and there, even if from some she managed to talk out. She was at times using her smartness away for good too. She was never one to stand out in classes but other hand when it came to exams she was good in them. She ended up graduating with E's and O's. 
After Hogwarts / Adult: At first when she finished Hogwarts she wasn't sure what she could or where she should to work. She took some time to decide on it. She some point ended up going to college to study how to be professor. She just figured it would be a good idea. At the same time she workd as waitress at a local bar. She just wanted some extra cash and not ask money always from her parents. She graduated her school but at that time year she ended up pregnant. She gave birth to beautiful baby girl. She never talked about the baby father, as she wasn't sure who he was either herself. It happened one night when she had too much to drink. Anyways she has raised the kid since the alone. Now when the baby girl could go to kindergarten finally she ended up taking the offer to join as Astonomy professor at Hogwarts. So ever since this year she has been working here as professor.


Alias: Krissu
RP Experience: So 10 years Very Happy
Other Characters: Cecilie Montez
How did you find us?: returning member
RP Sample:

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Cheshire, Cassiopeia Empty Re: Cheshire, Cassiopeia

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Mar 25, 2023 9:39 pm

i think the app is fine. You might want to include somewhere a little info on how an American ended up in Hogwarts and not in Ilvermorny. It could be interesting sub plotting for you down the road. Just a suggestion. I'll have you sorted in a moment into grads
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