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Welcome to Potter's Army

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Kaden Phoenix Whittemore

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Kaden Phoenix Whittemore  Empty Kaden Phoenix Whittemore

Post by Kaden Phoenix Wed Apr 13, 2022 5:15 pm

Kaden Phoenix Whittemore

Name: Kaden Phoenix
Age: 42 years old
Class: Wizard
Blood: Half blood

Mother:Sophia Grace
Father:Benjamin Joseph
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Other: A black and white Cornish Rex, Cat named Milo

Playby:David Gandy
Hair:Dark brown
Eyes: Vivid blue
Height:1.91 M
Build:Lean, muscular, natural athletic build with well defined abs.
Skin:Moderately pigmented brown skin, never burns, always tans.
Clothes:Likes comfort and practical, except at work where he
Overall Appearance:

He wears meticulously cut Saville Row suits, but he’s also not afraid to inject some quirk into his wardrobe with Jeans and a tee shirt along with a leather jacket. A fixture in Kaden’s off-duty wardrobe he will wear it with some smart tailored trousers, or even a cotton waistcoat when he's at home relaxing.

Good Qualities:Punctual, polite, caring
Bad Qualities:
1: He could be described as having OCD,
2: Hates being called a sissy because of his job,
3: Gets emotional with patients should something goes wrong, but will quickly bounce back.
1: Being a nurse at St Mungos
2: Going to coffee shops
3: Likes Wolves
1: Alcohol
2: People who ask questions during movies
3: When a fitness instructor says,"You're here, the hardest part is over!" at the beginning of class
1: Has a fear of public speaking for fear of being embarrassed.
2: Claustrophobia, fear of small spaces.
General Personality:

Early Years:
Born in England he grew up like any other child , out playing football and going to school. He is the only child of Sophia and Benjamin Whittemore both doctors at the Cambridge University Hospital. One as a  paediatrician and the other a Surgeon. Once they had Kaden his mother became a stay at home mum, that as until he got his letter, then she went back to work as he was away in school. The were both proud of him, but most of all his father as he had been the one with magic in his family.
Hogwarts Years:
He made friends in Hogwarts mostly in Ravenclaw his house. He studies and passed his exams with high scores every year. But his phobia's kicked in after he had been bullied and locked in a closet But all in all he had an uneventful school life, each year making new friends but always staying on his own. The end of the year exams came and he passed those too, choosing to be a healer and work at St Mungos.
After Hogwarts / Adult:

Now and adult he has his own apartment close to the hospital where he works thanks to his father. He helped in all the wards, accidental magic, long term care, Isolation Wing for Contagious Diseases,Delivery Rooms, Surgical Suites, Intensive Care, Paediatrics, Trauma Wing and dealing with Non-contagious Diseases,   he was there helping, not all at the same time but he would move from one to the other when needed if they were short staffed. He loved his job as he got to meet and help people on his own terms and he loved to see there smiling faces as they left the Hospital once cured or healed.

RP Experience: 20+ years
Other Characters: Jessie Tyler
How did you find us?: long time member of the site
RP Sample: *See Jamie Tyler
Kaden Phoenix
Kaden Phoenix

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