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Peaches & Pretty Girls

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Peaches & Pretty Girls Empty Peaches & Pretty Girls

Post by Margo P. Richards Tue Dec 28, 2021 3:04 am

Margo stared across the courtyard, speechless. The peach she had brought from lunch rested in her limp hand, hovering in front of her face. She suddenly came to and pulled out her mobile, texting Johnny Murray.

girls are just
the best

It was Marcie Melvins - of course it was Marcie Melvins. Sporty, unassuming Marcie with the short, floppy hair and the strong shoulders. She looked like she would be the girl with the skateboard in an American 90s movie.

A few Hufflepuff girls her age passed away, interrupting her angst and she talked to them for a moment, learning she had, indeed, forgotten to do a Charms essay. Wonderful! They asked after a party Ducky Baker was throwing and once the details had been passed on, they left her to her devices.

Marcie and her friends were gone. Ugh. Why were there so many pretty people in this school?

She leaned back, lying on one of the benches and bringing the peach to her lips. She should be working on the essay, or getting ready to be humiliated in Potions, or trying to track down Molly. But it was one of the first warm days of spring and the sun felt so good.

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