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Elldir, Thaorson Ian

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Elldir, Thaorson Ian Empty Elldir, Thaorson Ian

Post by Thaorson Ian Elldir Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:33 pm

Elldir, Thaorson Ian Harrison+ford+young



    FULL NAME: Thaorson Ian Elldir

    NICKNAMES: Ty, Ian

    AGE: 28


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Thaor attend Ilvermorny

    WAND: Willow wood, unicorn tail hair core, 10 1/41 inches reasonably plyable

    PLAY BY: Harrison Ford.  Ty is a chip off the old block


    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    HEIGHT: 6’.0 even.

    BODY TYPE: Somewhat muscular.  

    GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Thaor looks enough like his biological father that they are often easily confused. Those who know his father often believe that his father has taken to youth potions.  Few people have accepted the fact that Thaor Sr. is deceased.  Thaor often must deal with his father’s reputation as well. That doesn’t always come as an advantage for him.  Thaor is more muscular than his father, and does not have the aversion to staying in shape that his father did.


    GOOD TRAITS: loyal to a fault  to those he loves
    Exceptionally intelligent
    Good at deductive reasonlng
    Patient,  not easily angered
    Generous to friends and family
    Manages to look good without much effort
    Good at Defense Against the Dark Arts and all sorts of defense—magical or muggle

    BAD TRAITS:Insomniac, and he’s gotten used to it.
    Doesn’t take much effort into his appearance
    Annoyed easily by stupidity
    Outraged by betrayal
    Workaholic tendencies
    Slightly compulsive. Relies on routine to keep him feeling like everything is going well.

    CHARACTER LIKES: homecooked meals
    Being seen as and accepted as himself.
    Small groups of people
    Collecting weaponry
    Friends or dates who can see themselves as equals to him—not above him or beneath him.
    Puzzles of all sorts—and that makes him a bit mechanically inclined.

    CHARACTER DISLIKES:being mistaken for his father
    Dates who are pushy or come on too strong
    Lip biters—people who have to bite their lips to deal with their anxiety—it’s a pet peeve
    Most muggle processed foods
    Anything pretentious or overdone.  Too much is just too much.

    GOALS: To establish enough of a sense of family that he feels that he is valued and belongs someplace just for who he is. Or not because of who he isn’t.

    QUIRKS: Has to do his morning routine in the same way every day or it makes him feel that he’s forgetting something and bugs him all day long.

    BOGGART: Thaor fears more than anything else that he will inherit some of his father’s dark arts nature

    PATRONUS: an owl.  His best memory, ironically enough, is a fragment of a memory of a campfire, roasting marshmallows with his mother and a man he believes to be his father.  He never sees Thaor clearly, but he believes its him. The man in his memory is so warm and nurturing that he wants it to be his father.

    DEMENTOR: Finding out his father’s true nature and his dark secrets

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Thaor desperately wants a mother and a father figure who both love him unconditionally.  He hasn’t talked about it because, at his age, he believes he’d be laughed at.

    PERSONALITY: Thaor likes people.  He’s outgoing to a certain extent, and friendly. He is more comfortable with a small group of friends than a large crowd.  His friends thought he was brilliant in school, and he loves puzzles of all sorts. He can be detail minded—except about his clothes. He prefers to dress simply, to live simply,  and—when he cooks—to take a few simple ingredients and try to make them into something tasty.   His idea of a great evening is a date that will go to the St. Mungos gym with him, tackle the climbing wall with him, and then enjoy perhaps a steak prepared on the grill or some Chinese stir fry, followed by a game of chess and some quiet intimate conversation.


    FATHER: Thaorson Kam Elldir

    MOTHER:  Diana Evelyn James

    SIBLING(S): none

    OTHER: none

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    PET(S): A cantankerous barn owl named Gerald

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: An odd necklace he was recently given in Paris and told not to lose it. A stranger in the dark passed it to him and told him not to lose it.  It appears to merely be an old Spanish dubloon on a chain, but he wears it anyway, even if he doesn’t know what it means.(OPTIONAL)


    Early Years: Ty grew up in America with his mother, Thaor Sr sent them money each month to keep them quiet. Ty only has one memory of his father, and that is when Thaor Sr. Ty and Ty's mom went camping, and roasted marshmallows on the campfire.

    Ilvermorny Years: Ty went to the Ilvermorny when he turned 11. He had a small group of friends and was a firm believer in the fact that it's quality not quantity that matters most. In his first year Ian found a Chinese puzzle, and began collecting puzzles. Thaor Jr was good at all of his classes except for potions, he was dreadful at potions. Ty was exceptionally good at Care of Magical Creatures, top of his class in fact.

    Adulthood: After Ty graduated, he traveled the globe with a small group of his friends, researching magical creatures, before finally settling down in London, and applying for the Care of Magical Creatures post at Hogwarts


    OOC Name: ThaorOTHER CHARACTERS: Thaor Sr.
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Elldir, Thaorson Ian Empty Re: Elldir, Thaorson Ian

Post by Robert Lupin Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:48 pm

Oh, gosh, I'd forgotten we'd given him a doubloon amulet. LOL. At some point, he needs to know what that's for, doesn't he?

I'll sort him to grads in a minute. Smile

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